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Glossy  Glossy is a publication from Digiday Media about fashion, luxury and how they intersect with technology.

Anna Wintour has swapped her heels for sneakers as Vogue makes a bid for street cred with a new Nike partnership. The magazine teamed up with Nike to help design and promote two pairs of limited-edition Air Jordan sneakers, which are reimagined versions of the classic Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 3 SE. The exclusive pairs will drop on July 21 and September 7, respectively, and retail for $200 at select stores including Kith, Nordstrom and Hirshleifers. Remaining stock will be released on the Nike Snkrs app. Read at more at

Gen Z is a distinctly different type of customer than millennials; they grew up online, eschew email and Facebook in favor of Instagram and YouTube, and consider brand transparency and diversity to be absolute necessities. Read more at

As direct-to-consumer e-tailer Brandless expands with a suite of beauty tools and clean skin-care products, it’s hoping to land on the bargain beauty sweet spot. Read more on

Stella & Dot, the direct-selling accessories company, is adding a full apparel line to its inventory assortment today after a year of testing the category. With it, Stella & Dot’s 30,000 global sellers (called “personal stylists”) are being equipped with AI-powered guided selling tools in order to help them reach more customers and drive company revenue. Read more at

Alibaba’s first smart store is open, and Guess is acting as its retail guinea pig. The new Guess store in Hong Kong is outfitted with Alibaba’s FashionAI technology, which combines in-store shopping with inventory and personalized data sourced from Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall e-commerce marketplaces. Every customer who walks into the store checks in with their Taobao mobile IDs, used to track items that are tried on, saved for later, or purchased, and personalize product recommendations online based on that behavior. Read more at

Flesh is Revlon’s first foray into brand incubation, since the brand was funded and is owned by Revlon but was developed using outside resources like a product manufacturer and design firm. It also provides Revlon with a quick and easy way to reach the millennial consumer who is more interested in inclusive and premium beauty brands than ever before. Read more at

Packaging has become a central component of product development rather than a secondary afterthought, and is made to enhance the user experience and communicate the personality of products. Read more at

According to president Libby Wadle, Madewell doesn’t rest or rely on past strategy simply because it worked before. Despite its ownership, Madewell’s brand mindset mimics that of a digitally native, direct-to-consumer brand. Data and speed inform the design process, marketers work alongside merchants to funnel feedback to designers, and new store locations are carefully deliberated, as are retail partners and collaborators. Read more on and listen on iTunes and Stitcher 🎧

LeSportsac, which was founded in 1974 and acquired by Japanese holding company Itochu in 2011, relaunched its website in January of this year, overhauling the experience alongside the brand’s motions to boost direct sales. It worked with AI firm Nosto to build out a real-time data feed with insights into customers' site behavior and demographics, which is informing email marketing and social media advertisement strategies, as well as design and collaboration decisions. Read more at

Macy’s is upgrading its pop-up shops, driven by the way millennial consumers are discovering beauty products: through technology. Read more at

In 2011, while running a boutique in San Francisco, Rati Levesque noticed her customers were becoming more interested in the items in store that were on consignment than the new products she carried, despite their higher price point. That’s when Julie Wainwright approached her with the idea of The RealReal, an online marketplace for authentic luxury consignment. Levesque was convinced to join on as chief merchant, and two weeks later, she shut down her store to work on the startup full-time, out of Wainwright’s house. Listen on iTunes and Stitcher. 🎧

With the increase of livestream shopping to facilitate cross-border shopping, savvy Chinese customers are eager for the American shopping experience — including beauty. Read more at

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