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Soap & Body Shop🤩 🛁  Welcome to our magical soap shop

🌸Cuteness overload! 🌸Butt Naked Whipped Soap at Main Street in @disneyland #soapshop#whippedsoap#cutenessoverload

At the happiest place on earth with the best soaps on earth! #seasaltandorchid#soap#barsoap#handmade

Every soap bar is handmade and unique! This batch of Galactic Cotton Candy came out more vibrant than usual 🤩🦄🚿

It’s hump day! We are half way there! Finish the week off strong and complete that task you have been putting off! For me it’s organizing my closet 😏😬 Comment below what task you are going to crush before the weekend!! #juicystrawberry#whippedsoap

Grab a jar of Monkey Farts Whipped Soap! #monkeyfarts#whippedsoap

Cocobanana Whipped Soap smells like creamy coconuts + ripe bananas! Hawaii in a jar 🌸🌸

Cocobanana Whipped Soap is a dream 🥥🍌🌺🚿 #cocobanana#whippedsoap

Bathroom Essentials! Fruity Pebbles Whipped Soap! Be a fabulous host next time you have guests and surprise them with fruity pebbles whipped soap 🦄🍭🤩

All of our whipped soaps are blended with pure golden jojoba oil, avocado oil, and Grapeseed oil! To help combat acne and bring moisture to your skin! #beglorious

🍊ORANGE BAR 🍊checkout our latest bar soaps! Link in bio 👩🏻‍💻

Fruity Pebbles Whipped Soap 🤩🍭 #soaparmy#fruitypebbles

Marie Antoinette “Let them Eat Cake” Bar Soap
MADE with real activated charcoal (many skin benefits)
SCENT - Sugar Cane, Coconut Milk, Vanilla Orchid & White Musk

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