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GloriaFX  Award winning #visualeffects #colorgrade #2D & #3D #animation #conceptart #creativecompany based in Los Angeles

Do you want to know the recipe for the successful work of GloriaFX?
It's not so difficult: to the talent and experience, add a little raisins, spice up the character, make it artfully and gracefull❤
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What do you know about the video production? We want to give you a chance to take a look BEHIND THE SCENES one of the most favorite project fully made by GloriaFX.
Creative, Production, Edit, VFX and Color grading made by @gloriafx
Check it out and don't forget to subscribe and like the video!

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🔥🔥Hot work🔥🔥
Awesome film campaign for one of the best video games on the planet @easportsfifa
Starring: Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Mbappe
Director: @_brthr_
VFX: @_brthr_ @gloriafx
DP: @nicolasloir_dop
Producers: @papanusnus @kdrake04 Cel Tom
Creatives: @jeppevidstrup @simonceknowles @luapk Tim AD: @rawdster
Prod Design: @thisisbenansell
Co-editor: @thomasgcarter
Additional Photography: @jackfiltness @cristiano @neymarjr
#visualeffects #gloriafx #gloriafxteam #vfx

There are many exciting movies, but we already have this one to celebrate! "What They Had” - one of the most GloriaFX’s favorite projects. We are so proud to be a part of such beautiful, touching and truthful work, which screened in the premiere’s section of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.
Directed by Elizabeth Chomko
Starring: Hilary Swank, Michael Shannon, Blythe Danner, Robert Forster
VFX by @gloriafx
#visualeffects #gloriafxteam #vfx #gloriafx #visualeffectsmovie

Making of: The Vamps - "Kung Fu Fighting"
Once GloriaFX teamed up with Frank Borin and Gina Leonard to create this awesome music video for The Vamps and look what we got😍
We were pleased to be a part of this project!
Directed by Frank Borin
Producer Gina Leonard
VFX by @gloriafx
#vfxmusicvideo #gloriafx #gloriafxteam #vfx #visualeffects

VFX inspiration: Concept art
We have compiled collection of concepts and this selection includes awesome artwork created by our great team. Check it out!
#visualeffect #vfx #gloriafx #gloriafxteamv

Making Of: Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo
Really sensual music video ❤
The video actually feels highly magnetic. The singers were pulled to each other, but something hinders them in the same time.
Finally, they got over this invisible barrier to get close and be able to touch each other.
VFX by @gloriafx
Director Tim Erem
Starring @nickjonas @tovelo
#vfxmusicvideo #visualeffect #gloriafxteam #gloriafx #vfx

VFX Test: design of 3D wolf model 
Before we use an effect in a video, we need to test it first.
This is test for short episode we've been working on (modeling, wool, rigging, animation). Check it out!
#visualeffect #vfxtest #gloriafx #gloriafxteam #vfx

The art of making videos can be a complex and demanding process.
In this project, using 3d modeling – were created unique televisions period with 50s to 2000s. All of these TVs were collected in one wall and were arranged in chronological order. In the screens were inserted send Plates. Also was created a huge hangar in which was installed a wall made from TVs. Were done association captured TVs with 3d TVs, matched hangar background, using compositing. Adding to the screens Plates , grout extra reflections.
So check  it out how GloriaFX team took care of the creative and technical components  of the project❤
#visualeffect #commercial #vfx #gloriafx #gloriafxteam #greenscreen

I love it. We love it! New AWESOME music video by Kanye West & Lil Pump ft. Adele Givens ❤
Directed by Kanye West & Amanda Adelson
Starring Kanye West @lilpump Adele Givens
VFX by @gloriafx
Executive producer: Spike Jonze
Producer: Kathleen Heffernan
Co-producer: Laura Klein
Production designer: Tino Schaedler
Director of photography: Sam Levy & Jason McCormick

#visualeffects #gloriafx #gloriafxteam #vfxmusicvideo #newmusicvideo

GloriaFX. Concept art. Where does the video begin?
Before the director takes hold of the camera, before the team of 3D animators sits behind computers, the modern concept artist takes a pen and tablet and starts to create. It is at this time that the visual flesh of the script is acquired. Here we offered the filmmakers several options for the appearance of the scenery and other technical details and did exactly what was in accordance with the aesthetics of the videos. This is one of the most important stage in the work on the video. This is real magic ❤
#vfxmusicvideo #gloriafx #gloriafxteam #production #colorgrading #vfx

Only with love. That's how we can describe our VFX work for your project. Only best solutions. Only best result. Only GloriaFX. We turn your visual effects dreams into reality.
Jordan Smith - Only Love
Director: @ivannaborin
Starring @jordansmithlive
VFX by @gloriafx

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