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Amazing view 🌟 Ryten Hike in Lofoten, Norway by @christinhealey

The lofoten islands have some of the spectacular white sand beaches with turquoise green aquas that can rival the Caribbean if not for the icy water. Remember to tag your photos with #glooby to be featured in our feed.

Amazing Santorini 😍 Greece

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The breathtaking Melissani Cave 🌟 Greece by @kyrenian

The caves can be found on the island of Kefalonia in Greece. It is located near the town of Sami and the caves are surrounded by forests. It’s a truly magical place.

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We are excited to announce that we have partnered with @nakedplanet to allow you to book sustainable hotels and flights from and to the destinations featured on their Instagram feed.

Glooby is a travel search engine that enables users to find and compare prices on airplane tickets and hotels, while indicating the most fuel-efficient flights and eco-labeled hotels.

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In this photo: A misty, moody, early morning along the Great Wall of China taken from Mutianyu, a couple hours drive from Beijing (PC: Β©Dan Montalbano | 500px)

Specracular scenery 🌟 Bora Bora by @jydo5.travelife

Curious about going to Bora Bora? Just click the link in our bio and you'll be able to compare hotels directly in that location. Now also available on @nakedplanet

Who would you swim with? 🏊 Panglao, Philippines by @gberds

The island Panglao is just a few hundred meters from the island of Bohol. Panglao is a popular tourist destination with many seaside hotels along the white beaches.

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Beautiful Mount Fuji πŸ—» Yamanashi, Japan by @capkaieda

In 2013 Mount Fuji was added to the World Heritage List as a Cultural Site by UNESCO. The mountain offers the delights of appreciating scenic beauty and there are various tourist spots where you will be able to fully enjoy the pretty landscape.

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Aloha beautiful Kauai 🌟 Kauai, Hawaii by @christinhealey

Kauai in Hawaii is called the ”Garden Isle” because it is by far the greenest of the islands and thus the most lush in all of Hawaii.

Curious about going to Kauai? Just press the link in our bio, and you’ll be able to compare hotels directly in that location!

Magical swimming pool 🏊 Tu Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa by @gberds

The Sua Ocean Trench is located in Lotofaga village, on the south coast of Upolu island in Samoa. The pool offers swimmers a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

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Amazing nature πŸƒ Mooney falls, Arizona by @johnonelio

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Perfect view of the greater Himalayas πŸ—» Shimla, India by @jydo5.travelife

At Wildflower Hall, guests can refresh with nature walks, rafting, cycling or yoga. The hotel has an outdoor terrace with jacuzzi, with magnificent views of the Himalayas.
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Crystal clear water in Miniloc Island, El Nido, Philippines 🌴 Photo by: @darkside006

This destination has been named the Best Beach and Island destination in the Philippines. This responsible traveler stayed at @elnidoresorts. This resort is embracing a strong commitment to sustainability and works in a wonderful way to preserve the nature to all who visit. 🌿 This resort is of course available on Glooby!

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