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gloria  ✨ “With a smile and a song...” 🕊 Puerto Rico 🌺 🌜 Daydreams Defeating Depression 💪 🎀 1920s - 1960s Exploring 🦋 🍩 Munchies

Day 3: ⭐️ Gabriel García Márquez ⭐️
Colombian 🇨🇴 Favorite Works: A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Love in the Times of Cholera 📖
Gabriel García Márquez is widely hailed as one of the greatest authors of the 20th century. This is because of his masterful works of fiction, including short stories and novels, most in the genre of magical realism, and for his journalistic writing. While he was not the first Latin American author to win a Nobel Prize for his works, the popularity of his works helped bring Latin American authors’ perspectives to the wider world audience. ☔️
His works are deeply moving and help me understand people and the present while transporting me to other worlds. 🔹
Photo 1: Gabriel García Márquez posing with a copy of his magnum opus, One Hundred Years of Solitude.
Photo 2: Gabriel Garcia Márquez at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Stockholm in 1982. He won the prize for literature this year.
Photo 3: Gabriel García Márquez celebrating his 87th birthday in his Mexico home in the year 2014. ◽️

Day 2: ⭐️ Lucero ⭐️
Mexican 🇲🇽
Favorite Telenovela: Soy Tu Dueña, Por Ella Soy Eva 📺
Favorite Songs: Mi Refugio y Libertad, El Privilegio de Amar 🎤
Lucero has been in the entertainment industry for 38 years as an actress (on television, film, and on the stage), singer, and hostess. She is known as “La Novia de America”, for her far-reaching fame. Her on-screen appearances made her a household name in Mexico and beyond; her novelas being some of the most popular novelas that @televisa has ever made. Her role as a philanthropist is also part of what has made her such a beloved artist to so many people. She’s worked extensively with Teleton Mexico and USA, non-profit organizations dedicated to providing expert care to children with disabilities. 🌸
To me, and many others, she is the queen of Mexican telenovelas. I think I’d have an actual heart attack if she made another novela or series with Fernando Colunga. I’m just going to say it - they are the reigning king and queen of telenovelas. Her charisma and talent will surely ensure many more years of success for this beauty. 💫
Photo 1: Lucero in her music video for her 2018 rendition of Viva Mexico.
Photo 2: Lucero pictured with Fernando Colunga in a promotional photograph for the huge worldwide success, the 2010 telenovela Soy tu Dueña.
Photo 3: Lucero dressed in full charro while singing mariachi music in her first live recorded concert, Un Lucero en la Mexico, from 1999.
Photo 4: Lucero in the intro to her 1995 novela Lazos de Amor - one of the best, most widely successful, and most recognizable novelas of all time. In this novela, she played triplets - one one was the kind, good one, one was blind and innocent, and one was the capricious villainess.
Photo 5: Lucerito photographed in 1982 for her first full musical release, El. ◽️
#lucerinas #lucerinos #lucerinacolunguera #fernandocolunga

Day 1: ⭐️ Ricky Martin ⭐️
Puerto Rican 🇵🇷
Favorite Songs: SO MANY... aside from Livin’ La Vida Loca (which is still a major bop) - Tu Recuerdo; Te Extraño, Te Olvido, Te Amo; Vuelve; Tal Vez; Raza de Mil Colores; Basta Ya; Fiebre 🎤
He’s recognized the world over for his talent as a singer, entertainer/showman, and actor (on stage and television). He helped put Latin artists on the world stage. His role as a humanitarian is extremely important. He has a foundation that aims to fight human trafficking, especially of young people. He worked to raise money and awareness for the plights in Puerto Rico and Mexico after their respective natural disasters in September of 2017, even personally going to both places and working to rebuild. He is also an important figure to the LGBTQ+ community, having come out as a proud gay man and supporting causes related to helping this community. 💪
Ricky Martin has always been a part of my life. My mom has adored him since before I was alive. I’ve grown up listening to his music and following his life and career. It has been a privilege to watch him grow and succeed, and see how he’s used his position as an entertainment icon to help others in need and stand for what’s right. I love him and who he is as a person. 🕺
Photo 1: Ricky Martin photographed by Doug Inglish for OUT Magazine, promoting the 2018 television limited series American Crime Story: Gianni Versace.
Photo 2: Ricky Martin performing “The Cup of Life” at the 1999 Grammy Awards.
Photo 3: Ricky Martin (center) pictured with his Menudo bandmates. He joined the Latin boy band in 1984. ◽️

#HispanicHeritageMonth or #LatinxHeritageMonth begins tomorrow! 🦋
It runs from September - October 15th. 🦋
I love being Puerto Rican and a part of the larger Hispanic/Latinx community! 🇵🇷🌎
I love how, even though all Hispanic/Latinx cultures have things that make all unique, how we have so much in common. 🦋
I’m naive but I think we should, while recognizing our differences and celebrating them is also important, how the similarities of our cultures, without comparisons, should be celebrated too - that we should band together as the beautiful and diverse and lively community we are. 🦋
In my opinion, you can be proud of who you and that doesn’t have to be the same as thinking others are less. 🦋
This month is important for us as a minority group. Because of this, I wanted to do something, in my own way to celebrate us. 🦋 I will be posting about a different influential Hispanic/Latinx person every day. 🦋
❗️Please keep in mind: I’ve tried to make a list that includes people that are relevant and important but I mostly chose people I’ve been exposed to in my life. Just because I don’t post someone from your country doesn’t mean that I’m not acknowledging you, I’m just never been exposed to a said artists. 😘
I hope that at least one of you gets inspired by any of the people I post about, looks into any of their careers, or even becomes a fan. ❤️
Little Me was very excited that mom begrudgingly let me wear lipstick for the first time. 😃
The beautiful @becomingfelicity inspired me so... ALL POSTS FROM HERE ON OUT WILL HAVE A SPANISH TRANSLATION OF THE CAPTION WITH IT OR IN THE COMMENTS (if the caption is long like this one). ❤️
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TRIGGER WARNING: Death & suicide...

Today is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay. ❣️
I applaud all of you so much for trying to the best of your ability to stay alive. You are enough. Your strength and bravery are inspiring. Stay strong. Bask in the sun even if you’re only seeing in black and white. ❣️
If you see someone that looks off, is stressed, who smiles but it just doesn’t reach their eyes - smile back at them - that may be everything: the difference between light and darkness.❣️
Street art by @dallasclayton ❣️

Cielito Lindo 🐘
One of my angels, my Titi, turns the big 9-2 today! 🐥
Her presence in my life and her love are some of the ultimate gifts I’m blessed with. 🐥
Her strength and hope give me strength and hope too. I thank her for inspiring me to dream and for always encouraging me to work hard to accomplish my goals. 🐥
She’s photographed here in the mid-1940s. 🐥💗
#aunt #greataunt #titi #oldphoto #vintagephoto #1940s #puertorico #puertorican #1940sphoto #vintage #vintagegirl #vintagegal #family #familyiseverything #familyhistory #lifestory #nostalgia

It me - running away from my responsibilities and into the holiday season! ✨
Autumn and the start of the holiday season always fill me with new hope and joy! May these next few months be everything good that you want them to be! ✨
My soul is ready for the magic! ✨
❓I want to becoming a cooking/baking fiend and make all the pumpkin-y, cozy fall foods or treats! What’s your favorite Fall-time food/treat?!✨
Gif from Jean Cocteau’s 1946 film La belle et la bête made by siochembio on tumblr! 🌫
#labelleetlabete #labelleetlabête #jeancocteau #1940s #autumn #fall #fog #foggy #enchanting #princess #castle #run #runforestrun #nostalgia

Happy #NationalDogDay to my sweet girl, Miley, and to all other pupperonies and their owners! 💗
She got a haircut recently so she looks like a little rat. 💗
Also, peep the gourd bandana because we’re both too excited for Fall! The pet groomer always puts a fun bandana on her after her haircuts! They’re usually off 5 minutes later because she doesn’t like them. 😂
❓Do you have a pet? What type of animal is it and what’s its name?! 😍
#dog #doggy #doggo #pup #pupperoni #yorkshireterrier #yorkie #yorkiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #yorkielife #yorkielove #puppylove #yorkiegram #fall #fallready #autumn

One day I will stop posting photos from this museum visit... today is not that day... 😹
I didn’t get dolled up this week but I’m hoping to do so next week - after all, no one really needs an excuse to get dressed up, right?! 😻
I hope all of you that are back at school are having a great start to your school term! 🤞
❓ To those of you back at school, what class are you most excited about? I like all my classes this semester but am especially excited about a course called Theory and Methods in History which is taught by my favorite professor! 😊💗
#miami #miamilife #miamilyfe #miamitourist #tourist #vizcaya #vizcayamuseum #vizcayamuseumandgardens #museum #vintagegirl #vintagegal #vintagefashion #vintagestyle #vintage #retro #retrostyle #1950s #1950sfashion #retrofashion #retroclothing #1950sstyle #ootdsocialclub #vintageinspired #fashion #pinup #jackieandjohnnyclothing #nostalgia

Happy first day of school to all those going back today! 💛
I hope we all have a great semester! 💛
❓Are you in college? What are you studying? I was a biology major for a long time but finally switched to history which is what I truly love. 💛
Photo by Allan Grant, Florida, 1947. 💛
#1940s #school #university #college #collegestudent #collegelife #1940scollegelife #vintage #vintagephotography #allangrant #nostalgia

School starts the day after tomorrow and I already miss those fun Summer days. 😳
I wore this dress to Vizcaya and mom took a bunch of photos of me so you’ll still see a few more. 😊
#miami #miamilife #miamilyfe #miamitourist #tourist #vizcaya #vizcayamuseum #vizcayamuseumandgardens #museum #vintagegirl #vintagegal #vintagefashion #vintagestyle #vintage #retro #retrostyle #1950s #1950sfashion #retrofashion #retroclothing #1950sstyle #ootdsocialclub #vintageinspired #fashion #pinup #jackieandjohnnyclothing #nostalgia

These pumpkin pancakes were amazing- hopefully my first of many delicious pumpkin-flavored foods/drinks this season! 🧡
I’m so excited for fall and winter! They’re my favorite times of the year. 🧡
May the rest of this year be full of love, the realization of goals and dreams, and all the happy things! 🧡
#pumpkin #pumpkinpancakes #greenstreetcafe #greenstreetcafemiami #fall #autumn #miami #miamibeach #miamieats #eats #sweets #miamisweets #miamitourist #tourist #miamilyfe #miamilife #coconutgrove #coconutgrovemiami #goals #dreams

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