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It's hard to put into words just how much the @GoPro family means to me, but here's a shot.

Being nomadic for 5 years means that most communities are transient, and it's hard to find a collective group of people whose lives and bodies of work are like fans to your flames.

With each event I'm encouraged, challenged, and humbled by the praise, support, and overall love these people flood my ears with regularly.

As someone who often finds herself in rooms and questions how she got there, I can't help but just send a note of gratitude to everyone at GoPro for the friendships, the opportunities, and the ability to keep dreaming beyond my wildest imagination.

This one life we're given is too damn precious to waste it around people who don't make seismic waves in your ocean.

Always down for the tsunami with this crew 💙

#GoProCreatorSummit | #ExperienceDifferent | #ExploreAlberta | #GoProHero6 | @TravelAlberta

That awkward moment when the water is clearer than your future 😭

Spent almost 5 hours exploring Banff's National Parks and tried my hardest to get sick of this view.

No such luck.

Canada is really bringing out my adventurous side and Alberta is a wanderer's playground 😍

Special thanks to my girl @theblondeabroad for snapping the perfect angle of this shot!

#GoProCreatorSummit | #GoProHero6 | #ExploreAlberta | #ExperienceDifferent

Day 2 of the #GoProCreatorSummit and we took to the skies with @alpinehelicopters + @travelalberta to see the beauty that is Alberta from above.

Not gonna lie, you Albertans are spoiled rotten! Between the nature and friendly vibes, can y'all make me an honorary Canadian?

On Cloud 9 with all the fun and activities with the @GoPro family this week.

Check my stories for all the behind-the-scenes fun from Day 2!

Photo Credit | @theblondeabroad | #GoPro | #Hero6 | #ExploreAlberta | #ExperienceDifferent

HOW GOT DANG STUNNING?! But also, the lake in the background 😂

Is Alberta ready for this foxy fro and faux fur hood combo in all its glory? Stay tuned.

But so stoked to swap continents this week to hang with @gopro to #ExploreAlberta for the first ever #GoProCreatorSummit!

I flew in a couple days early with @theblondeabroad to hit up some gems of this region with @TravelAlberta.

50 special GoPro family members will be joining the rest of the week and I can't wait to reunite with some of the most inspiring and creative souls around the world!

GoPro events are always the highlight of my year, so stay locked to my stories for all the fun we get up to!

Who's been to Banff, Alberta before? I've officially joined the cool club 🙌🏾 Photo Credit | @theblondeabroad | #GoPro | #ExperienceDifferent | #GoProHero6 | #Hero6 | #TravelAlberta

If you didn't tear your pants, scrape your big toe, or have a mini meltdown on a 12-hour hike, did you even Trolltunga?

In between my body crying tears (I think most people call this sweat) and mild hallucinations from exhaustion, I think what I enjoyed the most about this hike was how I never gave up and found ways to seek pleasure in the small things and keep me going.

Despite an 8-year old kid skipping past me on the 13th kilometer (what a jerk 😭), the sight of a fresh stream of water ahead or the beauty of the sight behind me that I ascended, always put me in a positive state of mind.

The same could be said about life. How easy is it to get discouraged and want to quit when all you can think about is how much further you have to go?

How often do we let external factors that have nothing to do with us effect our trajectory?

How much longer does our journey become when we compare our path to everyone else's.

There goes Glo making a life lesson out of a selfie again 😂🤷🏾 But my point is, this smile you see is the result of me not getting in my own way, pushing myself more than I'm used to, and achieving a goal.

Whatever that goal is for you, let this be a reminder that anything in life worth having, won't come easy, and if it comes easy, it's not worth having.

Check my stories for how long the line can be to get on the platform of Trolltunga! I've heard the worst was 4 hours, but then again if you climb all this way, your @$% is probably going to wait 😂

@GoPro #Hero6 #ExperienceDifferent #GoProAmbassador #GoProFamily

What would you think if I told you I shot this at 2AM?

The north of Norway in the summertime means that your days are filled with 22 hours of sunlight, which confused my body and brain into wanting to stay up later and do alllll the things.

I even broke my usual style of photography and focused on the beauty ahead of me, instead of with me, and I love how it came out.

Trondheim was a last-minute decision on my Scandinavian Summer adventures with @Eurail and I am SO glad I came up here.

The blur effect in the water can be achieved with a long exposure shot. This specific frame was taken on a 25mm lens with a 30 second exposure.

Note, you can ONLY take these kind of shots on a tripod. The longer the expsoure, the more risk for the wrong kind of blur and movement.

But I enjoyed the process, the time, and the patience needed for this. And because it took twice as long as my normal shots, I can appreciate it more.

Though I don't take this declaration lightly, I'm happy to announce Norway as my new favorite country, knocking Japan down to the #2 spot.

Go see my Instagram stories for more on why this place is number 1 in my heart 🇳🇴

Velkommen til Norway! But if you’re a Lion King fan, let’s just call it Pride Rock 😉

DISCLAIMER: This cliff is on an incline, so you can only fall backwards, and there's ample space to my left.

I strongly contemplated posting this picture for a couple reasons.

1. I never want to encourage people to put themselves in danger for the sake of a photo.

Angles are deceiving, so only people who've done this hike know that this cliff angles so high upwards that you can't even see below you.

2. In light of the passing of 3 beautiful souls in the travel industry (Rest in Paradise @mindy, @wanderlust, and @rykergamble), the timing just felt off.

Every now and then, I’m driven to post or not post something because I’m afraid of the backlash it’ll draw, but to be honest, the only way to avoid criticism in any form is to do nothing, be nothing, and say nothing.

This 12-hour hike was easily the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, and even a couple days later, my body still reminds me how much it hates me for it.

But it’s that glorious pain you feel after a kick@%$ workout. After you beat your arch rivals in triple OT. After you run your first 5K marathon.

This feeling is so damn sweet and I wanted to share this photo that captures so beautifully the view I worked so hard to get.

This hike is called Trolltunga, literally translating to “Troll’s Tongue”. The legends say there was a troll that would mock the sun and stick its tongue out at it, and then the sun turned it to stone.

But if you’re a party pooper and also don’t think Santa Claus is real, then the other version is that Trolltunga is a 10,000-year-old rock formation created from glacier erosion.

I’ve been in Norway for 5 days now, basking in all of her glory, unplugged from social media a bit.

Norway is hands down the most naturally-beautiful country in the world and I feel so privileged I got to discover so much of its beauty with @eurail.

Special thanks to @trolltungaactive for hosting me on this unforgettable experience. There are few moments in life that take my breath away to this degree. I’ll remember this day forever 🇳🇴❤

The way I judge a city's progressiveness is through their elderly population and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the most talkative of the Swedish bunch, lies in the older demographic.

I was getting some groceries at the store and a woman came up to me and said how pretty my dress was, and how it made her smile.

A feeble man welcomed me on the metro and shared a couple of his favorite restaurants.

Also, whenever they approach me, they always speak in Swedish, which I actually appreciate because it's a sign that they're aware and accepting that someone of my ethnic background could have been born and raised here.

Again, Stockholm is INCREDIBLY diverse. Way more diverse than other big cities like Barcelona, Athens, or Dublin.

I keep finding myself in awkward situations (like yesterday) but I'm learning how to just mind my business 😅 #sohard

A taxi pulled off with a woman passenger and her suitcase in the trunk, except he forgot to close the trunk.

I waved my hands and hollered for him to stop, but he didn't see me. The rest of Stockholm did, though. And like yesterday's situation, they saw the situation but didn't feel the need to say anything.

The Bystander Effect (Google this, very relevant) is prominent, and while it's not how I'm used to living, it was a culture shock to try and adapt it for a few days to blend in with everyone else.

But man, once they get some alcohol in them, they're like an open book.

Sweden is part of what they call the "Vodka Belt" along with the other Nordic and Baltic countries, and of course Russia.

Public drinking, unlike Copenhagen, is forbidden, so I made sure my flask wasn't in plain view 😌

Alcohol over 3.5% can only be purchased at licensed restaurants and bars, not at liquor stores like in most countries.

Over a century ago, they even had to carry around a book that tracked their alcoholic consumption per month. Such interesting laws that obviously died over time but may be telling of their drinking culture today.

Stockholm, overall, was a nice change of pace, but now I'm ready for the Norwegian beauty up north!

Let the good times with @Eurail continue!
#CreateYourOwnStory 📖✏️🚄🚉

I learned from my friend @lolaakinmade (check my stories for our fun reunion!) that Stockholm is pretty massive; spread across 14 islands!

I stayed on Gamla Stan, because I was keen to be somewhat central and close to this iconic plaza as well as Götgaten for the nightlife, its bar-hopping shopping, and good eats.

I joked about Swedes being shy yesterday, but I experienced it to another level today as my allergies have been a little crazy lately, and I must’ve gone a good 3-4 hours, talking to multiple people, running errands, and showing my face everywhere, when I finally discovered I had a small trail of dried mucus under my nose that only the devil himself could’ve plotted. It was NOT of the Lord.

Though people smiled in my face, not a single person made me aware of it, and I just feel so collectively betrayed by this country 😭

Alas, I got my crusty self back together and walked out the restroom with my head held high, already having dropped any last bit of dignity that remained.

Next time God feels the need to humble me, I pray He chooses an alternative route. I’ve never felt so mortified. And crusty. Goodnesss, I thought this heathenry only happened to 4-year-olds.

Alas, be honest with me, if you saw a complete stranger with a booger or crusty nonsense on their face, would you say something?

Please answer wisely, I’ll be blocking accordingly. Thanks 🙃

Hej från Sverige! What a warm welcome to a new country with this 10:30PM sunset of my dreams! Stockholm, Sweden is my next stop on my @eurail Scandinavian Summer adventures, and as per usual, here are some first impressions:

1. Nobody rocks a man bun like the Swedes, so men everywhere else, just stop trying, mmk.

2. Stockholm is way more multicultural than I thought it’d be. I don’t know why I had this assumption that it’d be homogeneous, and well, hella vanilla, lol. But it's not.

And as soon as I saw a herd of black people (East and West Africans) I knew I’d be able to re-stock up on hair care products, and that I did! Vision’s Shop is the name by the way.

3. Swedes are extremely shy — and not just shy, but also a bit awkward. The amount of times I’ve been on the metro and caught people staring at me, only to pretend they weren’t, and then for me to keep catching them again, made me like 🧐

Especially men. I don’t get it. I wanted to let them know that I could see them staring, but they were so awkward about pretending they weren’t. So I ignored it.

Nothing malicious of course, you can just tell that they’re curious, but they’d rather eat dirt than strike up a conversation I guess 😅

As someone who naturally greets strangers regularly, I had to learn to undo some of my extroverted tendencies.

Don’t get me wrong, the minute you need help, they’ll speak to you in IMMACULATE English and their walls come down immediately. They just need some warming up to.

I’m told a big reason for this is that when it’s freezing in the winter (or 80% of the year rather), people put their heads down and just walk until they get from A to B with little regard for the distractions or people in their way. Understandable.

4. The weather is an anomaly right now. It’ll be scorching hot during the day but soooo cold during the evenings.

5. Everything seems so seamless. The amount of places that have signs saying “WE DON’T ACCEPT CASH” is crazy. Most debit cards by now should have the wireless chip that lets you tap the machine and a receipt is printed in milliseconds. So futuristic!

Who’s been to Stockholm? What were some of your first impressions?
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Copenhagen, in the summer, is arguably one of the best European cities to be in.

On an average day, I would get approached up to 10x by people of all ages who simply wanted to chat, share a compliment, or hilariously talk politics.

I don’t know if it’s because I look approachable, but I love it, and hope this continues around the rest of Scandinavia.

Day-drinking is totally a thing here. So is public drinking, as people will walk the streets at any hour of the day with a cup of beer or wine, and it makes you feel like you're just on a big college campus, on your way to a day-long party.

I’m here during graduation season, so a tradition the Danes have is that they will load up a group of high school graduates into this party bus that blasts music as it rides, and the bus makes stops at each of the student's houses, where the parents are waiting to load them up with more beer and food, and honestly, I fell in love with Copenhagen even more after learning that.

World Economic Forum consistently rates Denmark in the top 3 happiest countries in the world (in fact, Scandinavian countries take the top 3 spots every year) and I’ve concluded it’s likely due to these 3 reasons:

1. Healthcare and education are free. While Denmark is a country just under 6 million, and the U.S. is almost 327 million, this system likely wouldn’t work everywhere when scaled, but it’s admirable to see a society where everyone benefits and succeeds.

2. Piggybacking off of #2, there is virtually no homelessness. I’m sure this has to do with #1, but in every major capital I’ve been to, homelessness is rife, but in Copenhagen, if it exists, it’s at a minuscule level.

3. They’re fit. Whether it’s dozens of people doing morning runs while I’m on my 6AM photoshoots, or half of the population that bikes daily, you can tell that this collective healthy way of living translates into great habits in other areas.

This photo was shot in Nyhavn and to get this amazing reflection in the water, just go any time before sunrise or after sunset.

Thanks to @Eurail’s Global Pass, I’m en route to Stockholm on a first-class train into Sweden! Let the Scandinavian Summer continue!
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Freetown Christiania is a “hippie” town completely independent of the Danish government and devoid of any laws the capital of Copenhagen abides by.

In fact, as soon as you leave, you see a sign that reads, "You're now entering the EU." But every Dane I’ve met told me to go to Christiania for free weed — which initially turned me off to visiting altogether.

Maybe this comes as a surprise, but I’ve actually never smoked weed nor do I plan to. I don't smoke anything for that matter. Just not my vibe.

But then I met this tall glass of milk 😌 who told me that it’d be a missed opportunity if I didn’t at least see it up close.

So I did. I hopped on my bike and made my way over.

I was warned that photos weren’t allowed in most areas, especially not of the people that lived there, so the photo above was just taken on a random street in central Copenhagen for this story.

Christiania is a former military base that was basically abandoned until 1971, until a group of “hippies” broke down its barriers and started squatting there.

Almost 1,000 people live there today, and you can feel the communal vibe as soon as you step in.
People sleeping on the grass, a man stumbling down the road, a couple smoking on a bench, and street art decorating the walls of every corner you turn. “Hej!!! *insert rändøm æøå here"* a cheery man began speaking to me in Danish. I greeted him back with, “Hej!” then apologized that I didn’t actually speak Danish.

I loved his spirit. One thing about hippies is that you will never guess what they’re thinking — because they’ll always tell it to you.

They are free-spirited, kind-hearted, and honestly, probably too blazed to ever give you problems.

So I’m sensitive to the fact that when I encourage people to visit a place, it could bring the wrong type of energy and destroy its sacredness.

Christiania is a funky little community, but if you go, please be respectful of the people living there, come in the late afternoon to enjoy the live music, and support the locals by buying souvenirs (whether smokeable or not). Who's been to Christiania before? What was your experience?

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