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Jessica Blouin, Kaden & Cypher  Glockenmai Rari - "Kaden" 16.2 TB Gelding πŸ’• "Cypher" - 37" Mini Gelding πŸ’• Use the code "Jessica10" to receive 10% off your order at Trinity Tack!

it's 2am; she went for a pee, partied for a few now she's back out 😴 #puppylife

we got a puppy 😍😍😍

I started Kaden on knock-off comfort gut (it costs me $20 instead of $120 for literally the exact same thing πŸ˜‰) and it made his dapples come out?? (He's also covered in sap on his shoulder) he was very, very filthy (hadn't done anything in a week) but holy dapples! πŸ™ŒπŸ» #princessgayden

Ringo and boots have become the cutest of friends 😍


look at this cute lil chunk 😍

they are good friends #cypherthetub

My new helmet makes me look like a rice farmer 🍚

Cypher loves the new mare so much he destroyed the electric fence πŸ™„

my kittens escaped the tack room some how. they're still very timid and I wanted them to get a little more settled in before releasing them. Mouse (the small one) is still super super tiny. πŸ˜“ Boots is super skittish so I will probably never find or catch them now.

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