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NEW ANALYSIS - 12 step analysis of Mesud Pezer 21.15m indoor National Record throw by his coach Vésteinn Hafsteinsson. Check (or link in bio) and learn how to throw the shot very far #shotput #globalthrowing #coachvprotip #throwscoach #coachvesteinn #vesteinnhafsteinsson

NEW ANALYSIS - 12 step analysis of Daniel Ståhl 69.72m World Lead throw by his coach Vésteinn Hafsteinsson. Check (link in bio) and learn how to throw very far! #globalthrowing #discusthrow #vesteinnhafsteinsson #coachvprotip #throwscoach #coachvesteinn

Thank you GERD KANTER for an amazing career! All the best discus throwers in the world were honoured today to compete at your last meet! #gerdkanter #globalthrowing

Last training session with GERD KANTER

Vésteinn Hafsteinsson and Gerd Kanter started their cooperation in 2000! Their successful cooperation produced 8 major championships medals, including World Champion and Olympic Champion title. They ended their cooperation in 2012 after winning a bronze medal at London Olympics 2012. Now, 6 years later, Gerd has decided to end his career and yesterday Vésteinn and Gerd had their last training session together. There was a lot of fun with old stories, technique nuances and of course throwing the disc very far!

Gerd will have the last competiton in his career this Thursday in Tallinn. Among others, Fedrick Dacres, Daniel Stahl and Simon Pettersson from Global Throwing Management will compete. Other athletes in the ring are Andrius Gydzius, Martin Kupper, Piotr Malachowski, Robert Urbanek, Daniel Jasinski, Martin Wierig, Hanner Kirchler and Ola Stunes Isene. Honorary guest Robert Harting.

Estonian National TV will have a live coverage from the meet. Meet starts 17:00pm local time. Link for the meet

Prior to Kanter’s farewell competition, there will be a special ‘Gerd Kanter Legacy’ conference held at the Tallinn Film Museum at 5.00pm on 12 September. The conference will be conducted entirely in English and all of the speakers invited to participate have been influential in shaping Kanter’s long and distinguished career.

Athletics enthusiasts, media representatives, coaches, sportspeople and young athletes will find the conference particularly insightful and are invited to attend. The conference will be streamed online by Estonian Broadcast Television and viewers can watch the conference on a non-geoblocked stream from 5.00pm local time tomorrow -

FEDRICK DACRES 67.97m and Continental Cup winner 2018!!! Huge congratulations @fedrick_dacres and coach @reckless_control #puma #globalthrowing #continentalcup #iaaf Next stop for Fedrick is Estonia and participation at the last meet of discus legend Gerd Kanter on 13th!

FEDRICK DACRES 68.17m meeting record and win at IAAF Challenge Zagreb 🇭🇷 tonight! Next stop for Fedrick Ostrava 🇨🇿Continental Cup and then on 13th September in Tallinn 🇪🇪where legendary @gerdkanter will compete for the last time in his career #puma #globalthrowing #continentalcup

Fanny Roos 18.42m today in Berlin @istaf_berlin. Outstanding performace for Fanny with lifetime 2nd best result. Just yesterday she competed in Tampere and won at #finnkampen with 17.95m! Great weekend for Fanny #globalthrowing #shotput

Simon Pettersson 63.61m and silver in Finnkamppen! #globalthrowing #nike #finnkampen

Daniel Ståhl 68.00m and win at Finnkampen #globalthrowing #nike

Fedrick Dacres 68.67m Diamond Race Champion!!! Congratulations to @fedrick_dacres and coach @reckless_control #puma #globalthrowing

Daniel Ståhl 69.72m world lead 🇸🇪💪 #globalthrowing #nike #ateasverige

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