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[Bio] @clintonpoems: Today we're excited to feature our first poet from the Caribbean, Clinton Sammy Jr. Hailing from the land of bongos, beaches and good times, Trinidad and Tobago, Clinton has always been passionate about Poetry and been writing since he was only 9. Diving into his life, it has not been an easy journey for him, Clinton was rejected from a poetry club at school at a very young age but his strong perseverance has paid off. "I never quit poetry, simply because I find my freedoms there", says Clinton. He mastered the art of poetry and prose in shorter versions and today at 18, Clinton writes about real-life experiences, divinity, love, healing and confidence in self. His idea of sharing art online is to motivate others and brighten up their days - it's a charm, Clinton and we must say it's working.
Clinton Jr hasn't authored any books yet, but in the process of putting together his debut poetry collection soon. Something to keep an eye out for.

Clinton adores King David, yes, author of the book of Psalms and is deeply inspired by people, faces and interactions. "I don't have an ideal place to write, I'm just always writing," He quoted.

Interesting facts:

Clinton has an addiction, not for anything harmful but laughter! ;)
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[Bio] @blakeaudenpoetry: Blake Auden, 35, a writer cum story teller was born in North of England and frequently travels between England and United States mostly. Blake has always been a writer but we all have that moment that sparks our thoughts. For Blake, it was when he read Tennyson's poem as a kid. "I've written on and off my whole life, but I decided to really focus on my writing in the past year", He said and we're glad he did. Blake writes beautiful typewritten poems and muses mostly on love, heartbreak, empowerment and loyalty. He makes sure to portray human emotions and stories in as few words as possible.

Blake draws inspiration to write from stories and his conversations with people. He makes sure to put in humongous effort to distill the core emotions of these stories in his work. At this point, we're pretty sure every poem ever written by Blake has a story to tell.

Blake hasn't authored any books yet, but is hopeful to put his work together in near future. We wonder what the title would be!

When he's not writing, Blake loves to create music and keeps the creativity flowing while painting. Here are some more interesting questions Blake answered for us:

GPC: What's your ideal place to write?

Blake: My ideal place to write is either the English countryside or a New York City hotel, depending on the type of story I’m trying to tell.

GPC: What are you currently reading?

Blake: Dante's Inferno

GPC: Your favourite poet?

Blake: Tennyson

GPC: Tell us something very interesting about yourself?

Blake: I was named after William Blake, so I think I was always destined to by a poet.

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[Bio] @liamgreywriting: Liam Grey is just 17 but definitely has a story to tell. Liam is ethnically a Russian and an Azerbaijani, adopted at the age of 2 from Kazakhstan and was raised in Canada by his Mother. Liam dived into writing two years ago and has unique perspective on it. "Poetry is Prose with more character, more opportunity for expression", He says and is inspired by the thought, "What lies at the core of our being." .
Liam predominantly prefers to write longer versions of Prose and Poetry and loves to ponder his thoughts over Human conditions as well. His work talks about Evil, Helplessness, Desolation, The vastidity of universe and all the other mysteries.

He draws inspiration to write from people, yes, people on how they act in their weakest moments and triumph in their strongest and puts them out beautifully for everyone to read.

Liam hasn't authored a book yet, however, we're really curious to know what he has to say. Here's some questions Liam answered for us:

GPC: Where are you currently based?

Liam: Alberta, Canada

GPC: When you're not writing, what do you do?

Liam: I enjoy playing music, piano in particular. If I’m not doing that, I’m reading, with my friends, or dreaming.

GPC: What are you currently reading?

Liam: Paradise Lost by John Milton

GPC: Your favourite poet?

Liam: Dante Alighieri

GPC: Tell us something very interesting about yourself?

Liam: I’m a mystery child. Adopted from Kazakhstan at the age of two, I have no idea who my birth parents are. My Canadian mother and I did recently, and her lineage came up with over 536 results. Mine came up with six, all distant cousins.

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[Bio] @rigogarseajr: Rigo Garsea Jr, 23, is a Mexican-American writer, Author and a Musician currently based in The Bay Area, California. To Rigo, writing as an art form has a special place in his life. He started writing at the age 16, and has recently authored a book named, "Youniverse", a collection of poetry and prose that uncovers Rigo's struggles with identity, depression, Heartbreak and Healing, all in one place. This is something we highly recommend.
"Poetry is such a beautiful thing! One can have rhythm, rhymes, and stanzas while another can be absent of all of those yet still have the same impact on you", says Rigo on why he prefers to write and we couldn't agree more. Rigo's work has depth and it embarks readers on to a journey of self-discovery and a sense of identity. He strictly believes Poetry will continue to live irregardless of time - and this is the essence of his work.

Rigo is peculiar in finding inspiration too, "It sounds vague but the inspiration is out there in the world—sometimes hiding in a coffee shop with strangers and other times out in the open with the sunrise with loved ones", quoted Rigo and we believe these very lines may just open gates of someone going through a word block. Yes, inspiration can come in many forms.

Here's some quick questions we asked Rigo:

GPC: What's your ideal place to write?

Rigo: I have no ideal place to write, whenever the inspiration hits I’m ready to write.

GPC: When you're not writing, what do you do?

Rigo: I play music. I go hiking. I watch movies. I go on spontaneous adventures to new places. I cook. I sing.

GPC: What are you currently reading?

Rigo: I’m currently reading, The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz!

GPC: Your favourite poet?

Rigo: Tupac Shakur

GPC: Tell us something very interesting about yourself?

Rigo: Since I’ve been a kid I’ve always felt that I was going to do something that would change the world. I’m still not exactly sure what that something is but writing is definitely part of how I’m gonna change the world.

And we believe it's possible. Don't forget to give Rego a follow and grab a copy of his book. ❤️

[Bio] @rihan_h_mustapha: Rihan Mustapha, the 37-year Arabian writer is an ESL instructor by day and a poetess by night. She has published two books so far and what's beautiful about her books is the fact that these were published as tributes to Rihan's late father and a friend. We truly cannot express how touched we are - now you know why they say, fall in love with a writer and you will remain.

Rihan was introduced to writing by a close friend of hers when she accidentally stumbled up on a poem written the friend in 2013. Rihan's immediate reaction was, "You wrote this! Love it! I want to write too", marking the beginning of this journey with words. Inspired by life, today, Rihan writes short poems on Love, Heartbreak, Morals, Friendships and more. Rihan enjoys writing and loves to experiment with her words, "I've always liked my words to be arranged in a special way on Greeting cards, Friendly notes, Invites and the like", she said.

Rihan grew up far away from her Homeland, amidst the mixture of cultures and this has played a huge role in her life. "It has played a big role in shaping 'Me' and what I am today", says Rihan talking about her personal life.

Rihan is a humanitarian, a coffee-addict and is currently based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Here's a few more questions Rihan answered for us:

GPC: When you're not writing what do you do?

Rihan: My ideal place to write is at a small table in my kitchen when there’s no one around as it’s more convient for me to make fresh coffee whenever I want.

GPC: When you're not writing, what do you do?

R: I don’t have a routine, but I do what I feel ‘like doing’, such as reading, watching movies and TV shows, going out with friends, learning a new language, and so on.

GPC: What are you currently reading?

R: A draft of a novel my friend wrote and hopefully it will see light very soon.

GPC: Your favourite poet?

R: I don’t have a favorite poet. I like reading words that I can feel regardless who wrote them. The lis of my favorite and dear modern poets is endless. Some of which are Ryan Christiano, Jeremy George, Kenneth Bryant, Maxwell Ryder and Ahmad Alkhatat.

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[Bio] @gigis_thoughts_: Georgia Kombakis is a 47 year old poet who was born and raised in beautiful Greece up until the age of 16 when she got married and moved to the US, currently residing in Maine. Georgia started writing poetry in quite the interesting way; a dare with herself after her eldest daughter introduced her to the world of rhymes and rhythms - we have to fervently thank her daughter for introducing such a talent to the world in October 2017!
Georgia's poems don't exactly focus on one particular topic instead they capture the essence of life with all its roller coasters of emotions, heartbreaks, love and sensuality. Gigi's inspiration isn't restricted to one thing, she can easily turn an image, song, past experience or even a word prompt into a beautiful piece of literary art - in two languages; English or Greek to reach an even wider audience however she hasn't published any books yet and doesn't plan on doing so anywhere in the near future, but who knows maybe someday!
She considers herself an open minded woman, who still holds onto remnants of good old fashioned values and believes in the mystical power of setting your mind to a goal, working hard and persisting with a smile on your face no matter what life hurls at you in order to reach utmost success.
Georgia loves to call her friends sunshine, and she's pretty quick at making friends. (; Here are interesting some questions Georgia answered for us:
Q: When you're not writing, what do you do?

Georgia: I’m a pizzeria owner. I’m the typical Greek mom of three beautiful kids that likes to make people happy by feeding them. In my free time I like to beat my husband in backgammon,(which doesn’t happen very often), nature walks, bike rides and visiting my happy place, the beach.

Q: What are you currently reading?

Georgia: I always had a short attention span , so I was not a reader growing up. I prefer short stories or poems.

Q: Your favourite poet?

Georgia: Pablo Neruda and Rumi really touch my heart, but I love the writings of Greek poets also like Sappho, Yiannis Ritsos, Cavafy and the romantic poet Odysseas Elytis.

Story by @artsyscribbler

Don't miss!! ❤️

[Bio] @iamtheweirdpoet: Nichomachus aka the weird poet is 23-years old and our first featured writer hailing from Philippines. This law student from Legazpi city was always fond of reading old classics by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe and Jose Rizal, heavily inspired, took up writing at an early age of 11. However, during high school, Nichomachus stopped writing discouraged by a rejection to join the school paper. "A close friend of mine told me they didn't want me in the paper because I wasn't good enough. I was hurt and stopped writing", in his words. We know writing never leaves us; Nichomachus found himself writing during his college while pursuing Philosophy. This phase was different for him, he took up writing to heal from anxiety and pressure from studies, past relationships, mental health and family. His work today is beautifully constructed prose and poetry on love, loss and self worth.

Nichomachus's first book, "The things that haunt me at night", was written to cope with his disturbing childhood memories. The book is available for free on his website. Follow the link in our story to grab a copy!

He loves to put down his thoughts on paper anywhere quiet and peaceful, at a beach or a library and adores @langleav's work. "I study 8 hours a day, go to college at 5 in the evening until 9 and mostly write at 11 or 1 in the morning", he quoted while sharing his routine.

Fun facts:

Did you know Nichomachus is the name of a famous Greek Mathematician?

Nichomachus is a philosophy major.

He told us he could move his ears without moving his eyebrows and we are stuck wondering. ;) ..
Don't miss his work!

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[Bio] @poetry_falcon: Tivian, the Canadian poet was deeply inspired to write by the Welsh poet and writer, Dylan Thomas. Remember the epic poem, "Do not go gentle into that good night" from the movie, Interstellar? Yes, the same Dylan Thomas. Tivian makes sure to spice up his work with a touch of his observations. "I am keen observer and sees the world in a different spectrum. Poetry is my channel of expressing those observations", in his own words. Tivian strictly likes to be anonymous and describes the writer within himself as his alter ego. It helps him dive deep into his raw thoughts while safeguarding himself from the societal norms. We feel you, Tivian.

Tivian's work is a combination of unique perspectives and a charming set of rhymes embedded into his poems. We're featuring one of such poems today. His writing revolve around a wide plethora of topics including Personal development, Pschology, Philosophy, Masculinity, Feminism, Politics and Life in general. He hasn't authored any books yet, but let's hope Tivian's alter ego takes a form.

Tivian draws inspiration from life and the fellow creatives around him. "Everyone who expresses their passion and creativity without fear is my inspiration ", says Tivian talking about his inspiration - we love his idealogy!

Here are some questions Tivian answered for us about himself:

Q: What's your ideal place to write?

Tivian: My ideal place to write is in a bus travelling home looking at times through the window

Q: When you're not writing, what do you do?

Tivian: Read random articles on Wikipedia

Q: Your favorite poet?

Tivian: Robert Frost

Q: Tell us something very interesting about yourself?

Tivian: I am a decent cook and a singer..And I pretty good at working on spreadsheets

Don't forget to check his work out. ❤️

[Bio] @chaosandclarity_ : Abbie Holthaus is a 27 years old American writer - based in Saint Cloud, Minnesota -  with big dreams, and an even bigger heart; Abbie is currently working on her nursing degree with a dream of becoming a travel nurse to help people and experience life - hitting two birds with one stone? Definitely.

Abbie's writings surely hold a strong point in their sentimental sense, particularly because they reflect very personal experiences, and the emotions and hardships that come in tow with depression and anxiety - Abbie's poetry helped her cope with the majority of the rough patches she faced in life, and on her quest of sharing her poetry online, she surely has a beautiful sole purpose behind; hoping to reach to people who are fighting their own battles as well. Abbie's love for poetry didn't spurt all of a sudden, in fact she shared a passion for writing since a very young tender age, having experimented with writing stories, poems and even songs! However, her indulgence in poetry was like no other, quote " The flow and overall emotions involved with Poetry have always kept me intrigued." Acting upon her fascination - she read a plethora of poetry books and found her inspiration scattered between the lines and stanzas.

Abbie is a nature lover, who often finds inspiration in it, but her utmost favourite writing spot is in the comfort of her own bed with the exception of sudden inspirational strikes that demand an easy to reach pencil and paper or a note on her phone to jot down in!
Abbie, beside being a full-time nursing program student, tries to balance between her part-time job at the city hospital, and spending time with her family and loved one. She hasn't published any books yet, but the idea is definitely in her future plans.

Here's some a couple of quick questions we asked Abbie:

Q: Your favourite Poet?
Abbie: I would have to say Rupi Kaur.

Q: Tell us something very interesting about you?
Abbie: I'm very empathetic, I can see a person's facial expressions and mannerisms and quickly be able to understand how they are feeling.

Story by @artsyscribbler

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[Bio] @cleowade: Cleo Wade, the 28-year-old African-American artist, speaker, and poet based in New York, has been a stylist and editor-at-large for Voyage D’Etude before her writing career. She jots down empowering poems, affirmations and mantras in a simple, positive and honest way and speaks for women, people of color, and the LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) about love, acceptance, peace, and equality. She regularly contributes to and has been featured by magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and People. She has been named one of America’s 50 Most Influential Women by Marie Claire and “Millennial Oprah” by New York Magazine, and amassed a loyal followership in social media.

Her first book, “Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for a better Life” was launched in March 2018.

Cleo Wade bases her art on the idea that art should serve all people. She is inspired by people, she confides, as “there is so much beauty in our humanity, even in the painful spaces." Don't miss!! ❤

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[Bio] @lagsray: Lagna Ray, the 35-year old writer hails from the place of rich heritage, colors and festivals, India. Finding inspiration in situations and individuals, Lagna has been writing since 2011. While talking about her inspiration to write, Lagna responded, "Poetry is my catharsis to the turbulence within, to the emotions I feel, to the love and life I have lead and continue to live." Lagna strictly prefers to be anonymous and don't let out too much of herself on social media, however, we've managed to know Lagna is an Academician, and has a Master's, M.Phil and a PhD in sociology, amazing!

We've sweat a little while diving deep into her work, Lagna predominantly writes Erotica, poetry and prose on Melancholy and Love. Her work mainly consists of short and longer versions of prose. .
Lagna hasn't authored any books yet but we're sure Lagna plans to put her work together pretty soon.

Here are some quick questions Lagna answered for us:

Q: What's your ideal place to write?

Lagna: Time and place is irrelevant, it's always the feelings that propels me to write

Q: When you're not writing, what do you do?

Lagna: I learn new words... Words are my weakness

Q: What are you currently reading?

Lagna: Girl with a dragon tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Q: Who's your favorite poet?

Lagna: Anais Nin

Go check Lagna's work and ours, at @globalpoetcult. ❤️

[Bio] @honour.speaks: Onur is a 39 year old poet and shares diverse heritages; born in London to an English father and Turkish mother, he was raised in a multi-lingual environment, he is currently is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Onur first discovered his passion for poetry through everyday speech poetic language, only in 2016 did he begin writing his first pieces of poetry, and we all owe it to one of his friends who encouraged him to start an instagram poetry account much against his reluctance since Onur is a fiercely private person. His poems mostly revolve around love, romance and relationships as well as some Sufi inspired motivational verses, it seems that Onur really knows how to tug on our heartstrings.
Onur's mainly inspired by his muse, and favourite poets including Rumi, Khalil Gibran, John Keats, Pablo Neruda and multiple Sufi writers. Onur hasn't published any books yet regardless of his follower's requests because he believes that he 'simply cannot ask people to pay to see bits of his soul,' and we believe that this is absolutely beautiful in every sense, to all his fans - it's a tech world, instagram should definitely suffice!

Since Onur considers poetry as a strict hobby, in his everyday life, he is a History professor, teaching the history of Mesopotamia and Ancient Anatolia, he obtained his PhD a year after starting poetry, that is in 2017.

When asked for an interesting fact about him, he replied 'I’ve lived, worked and studied in cities like New York, Paris and Milan. I speak five languages but write poetry primarily in English,  which is my native language.
Don't miss his work. ❤️ .
Story by @artsyscribbler
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