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Global Kids  Global Kids empowers students to take action on critical issues facing their communities and our world.


Reasons to #run4gk! GK Alum Anthony Neciosup is a sophomore at New York University. Read below what Anthony has to say about how GK continues to impact him, even at college today. "The support from Global Kids did not end at my high school graduation ceremony. I was led by brilliant educators that were also role models because many of them went to college while overcoming obstacles. To me, their continued guidance and support was what I needed to reaffirm that with resilience you can achieve your goals."

Last week, some very lucky students at McKinley Tech HS got a visit from President Obama! One of the students, MarQia (she's all the way to the left), in the room is in our Global Kids-DC program.
We asked MarQia about the day and this is what she had to say: "Meeting President Obama was a blessing for me. I was not expecting it at all because we were under the impression that we were just meeting Chancellor Wilson. When he came, time went still for me. I was meeting history itself. We talked about several topics, such as college, STEM education, DACA, etc. It wasn't weird because of his chill atmosphere. I will never forget that day and not just because he's 'Obama', but he because is so genuine about the work that he did and still does for this country. This was definitely a key moment in my life." #bettermakeroom #reachhigher

Brianna Johnson graduated high school in 2016 and is now a sophomore at Binghamton University. See below to read how GK impacted her life. Participate in the GK5K on 10/14 to support our College and Career Readiness Program! 5k.globalkids.org. "Not going to college was never an option for me. I grew up in an underrepresented area and I knew that I needed to "make it out.” However, I didn't always know how to get to where I wanted to be. I was introduced to Global Kids and they welcomed me into their safe space opening my eyes to the possibility of more. I embraced the learning experience that ultimately turned my life around. Where I come from it is common to accept that things are just the way they are and become complacent. Thankfully, Global Kids challenged me to open my eyes and introduce me to the power of my voice. It was here that I learned to advocate for not only myself but others in an impactful way. Global Kids opened doors for me that many people who look like me have to fight twice as hard for and the chances of me reaching my long-term goals have significantly increased. Global Kids was an opportunity that led to other opportunities that I will always be thankful for. This powerful organization encouraged me to want more and to be more for myself." #run4gk #bettermakeroom #reachhigher

Here's a friendly reminder to vote today in NYC's primary election! #nycvotes

GK staff hearing from Global Kids' Executive Director Evie at our start of the school year staff orientation. #backtoschoolnyc πŸ““πŸ“šπŸŽ

Looking forward to an amazing year at all our high schools, middle schools and #communityschools! #BacktoSchoolNYC πŸŽπŸ““

Annie Willis graduated from high school in 2015 and now attends Baruch College. Read what Annie has to say about how GK impacted her. Register for the GK5K to support more students like Annie! 5k.globalkids.org "As a first generation college student, college applications were intimidating. I often had to compete for time in the guidance counselor office, being one out hundreds of students. I was fortunate enough to have Global Kids be my holistic support system. The staffers guided me through every step of the college application process. I can still remember leaving a Global Kids financial aid workshop feeling confident in my ability to pursue higher education without the burden of student loans. Global Kids made college exploration available by taking me to out of state college tours. Global Kids not only gave me guidance in the application process, but also with leadership skills which assisted my smooth transition into college.

Being exposed to international issues, becoming a youth Global Kids board member, traveling to Bosnia, and working on numerous human rights campaigns has influenced my choice to study public affairs and law. GK has played such a critical role in my life-- I will forever be grateful." #run4gk #gkallday #bettermakeroom #reachhigher

Global Kids will always support our #Dreamers.

As we gear up for our GK5K Run/Walk/Push that will support our College and Career Readiness Program, we will be featuring some of our Global Kids alumni. They'll talk about how GK helped them succeed in college and beyond. Stay tuned! #run4gk #bettermakeroom

The GK5K is less than two months away! Now is the time to register and start fundraising. All the proceeds from the run go towards our College and Career Readiness Program. Go to the link on our bio to register. #run4gk #funrun #runforacause #flushingmeadows πŸ†

Global Kids at Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists finished up a great College and Career Readiness Week. The students visited the offices of @hkstrategies for a career panel and lunch. They made signs for their school garden and discussed careers with staff at Kelly Street Garden. On top of all that, they worked in their college essays and learned about the college application process. Thanks to @capitalone for making college and career weeks like this one possible!

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