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Globalhagen Hostel  🏠 Come meet the world under one roof! We're located in the ❤️ of #Nørrebro, #volunteerdriven, #ecofriendly, #nonprofit & part of #Actionaid DK 🌍

Say hi to Mette @metteb69 , 19 y.o., our new volunteer and activist from Copenhagen 🇩🇰
Mette is studying global culture at KUU, where she has been involved in various social projects – she is currently helping with the fundraising campaign, aimed at establishing a media club for youth in Palestine 👫
Mette has always admired @mellemfolkeligtsamvirke and after she did a school project with MS, she decided to become a volunteer at @cafemellemrummet
Mette has been interested in photography and activism since she was a kid. She would like to work with both in the future. She would also like to travel around the world, but will definitely do it for a good cause 👐
For Mette, people are the best part of Mellemrummet. Where else could one be part of such an international community? 🌐
Thank you for your work, Mette, and a warm welcome ❤️ #meetmellemrummet #hostel #cafe #københavn #nonprofit #ecofriendly #volunteerdriven #ngohouse #travel #denmark #cph #nørrebro #tourism #backpacking #visitnørrebro #visitdenmark #ravnsborggade #wearenørrebro

We continue to educate our guests, telling them more about #sustainability and #socialactivism , which are in the center of everything we do 👐

#globalhagenfacts #socialchange #activism

Give a warm welcome to Bismarck Romero @bmarck_r from Plataforma Global @pg_elsalvador , the #development project in El Salvador we are currently supporting 👐
We invited him to Globalhagen to learn from us: we will show him how we connect to the #community , use our resources, and keep our non-profit café and hostel running ♻️
We are happy to share our experience with our partners from different parts of the world in order for them to create a #sustainable business model and be self-sufficient in the long run 👍

#socialchange #activism #changemakers

Looking for fun things to do when it's cold outside? ❄️
We have plenty of exciting events for you this week:
▪️ Tonight we have our weekly Open mic with Kaspar Herbst in @cafemellemrummet , 8-10 PM, free 😆
▪️ Tomorrow @trampolinehouse will be screening “Ocean's Eleven”, 6:30 PM, free 🎥
▪️ Wednesday AOF and Mellemrummet will host Samtalesalon om Grønne Glæder, talking about finding inspiration in #nature , 7:30-9:30 PM, 65-75 DKK 🌿
▪️ Thursday Thomas Kirk, Mads Lund and Claus Nørregaard will tell fun stories and play music during Fortællinger fra Mellemrummet/Foredrag og musik, 8-11 PM, 50 DKK 🎤
▪️ Friday Psychologists Across Borders will hold free group sessions for #volunteers from emergency non-profit organizations in Mellemrummet, 4-6 PM, free 👐
▪️ Our #weekend will be dedicated to #music 🎼 Saturday #burningmön will have Glade Möners, Gustavo Lopez aka DJ Mescal, DJ Tania Oyarzo, Soarer Music + Det Löhdiske System play for you in MellemRummet, 8 PM-2 AM, free 😎
Sunday we'll introduce our new "Sunday Sessions at Mellemrummet", 5-8 PM, free ✨
#globalhageneventcalendar #cph #nørrebro #eventscph #hygge #fun #dj

Meet our new volunteer Yasmin @yasminversi , 19 y.o., from Copenhagen 🇩🇰 Yasmin came to Mellemrummet last year with her friends and just loved the place, especially the idea of it being non-profit and run by volunteers 👐 So when she was recently trying to figure our what to do during her gap year, she decided to do something valuable and give back to the community 🙏 That's why she joined our team of volunteers this week 😍 She is looking forward to mastering her coffee skills and meeting lots of cool people 😎
Thank you for the lovely music, Yasmin 🎶  Hope you have a fulfilling year 🎯

#meetmellemrummet #hostel #copenhagen #actionaid #nonprofit #ecofriendly #volunteerdriven #ngohouse #traveling #nørrebro #tourism #backpacking #visitcopenhagen #ravnsborggade #wearenørrebro

Yesterday @mellemfolkeligtsamvirke and @globalhagenkitchen launched Political community kitchen 🙌 🍲 The #event was dedicated to the Arab Spring 🌱 Our speakers Ehab and Qais shared their personal views on the situation in the region and answered questions from the audience, we shared a delicious #meal, and watched "The Square" movie about the #protests in Egypt ✊
A big thank you to all of you who came (more than 80!!!) and supported this wonderful #initiative 🙏

#communitydinner #sharing #changemakers

Our profit goes to a specific project our volunteers choose to support on a two-year basis 👐
We are now working with Plataforma Global El Salvador, supporting their initiatives in #eco and #music activism, gender #equality and many more!
Thank you for contributing through your stay at Globalhagen Hostel ❤️ #globalhagenfacts #socialactivism #changemakers

▪️ Tonight there's the year's first Open Mic in @cafemellemrummet with #jacobtaarnhøj , 8 PM, in Danish, free entrance 🎤
▪️ Tomorrow stop by Studenterhuset for #swing dancing 💃 and have some fun on the dance floor, 7.30-11 PM, free entrance
▪️ Wednesday our new MS Community Kitchen is hosting an amazing event on the Arab Spring in MS Eatery (Fælledvej 12) 💪🏻 Come to hear the stories from the streets, watch “The Square” #movie and taste delicious Arabic inspired #food 🍲 4.30-9 PM, in English, 50 DKK
▪️ Thursday Søhesten is hosting a Live #jazz event, 8-10 PM, free entrance 🎶
▪️ Friday find some time for #creativity and drinks at Absalon 🎨 their Mal&Vin evening starts at 5 PM, 75 DKK
▪️ Saturday participate in Mellemfolkeligtsamvirke and Næstehjælperne event for a #goodcause 🙏 Make some paper hearts to support children living in poverty ❤️ We guarantee lots of hygge, coffee and sweet treats ☕ 10-4 PM, MS Eatery
▪️ This weekend visit #fleamarket Loppemarked i Remisen in Blegdamsvej 132 ♻️ It's open Sat-Sun 10-4 PM, 20 DKK, go green🌱

#globalhageneventcalendar #eventskbh #cphevents #tourism

Meet Selma @selmsterr our volunteer from Aschaffenburg, Germany 🇩🇪
Selma first came to Denmark 7 years ago as an exchange student and liked it so much, she decided to learn Danish and come back 🇩🇰 So here she is now in Cph, studying biomedicine and volunteering 🌱
Selma joined us as a live-in volunteer last year. She loves the idea of helping a non-profit and the freedom of expression our volunteers have 👐 She did a great job designing the recycling station we have in the back of the café ♻️ ➡️
Her plans for the future? She is always open to new adventures, people & countries 🌐
Selma, just don't leave us too soon ❤️ #meetmellemrummet #globalhagen #volunteer #hygge

We hope all of you enjoyed the holidays and are ready for a fresh start 💪
Globalhagen is now open and we look forward to welcoming our amazing guests in 2019 ✨

#globalhagenhostel #hostel #tourism #nørrebro

Dear Globalhagen Community,
What a wonderful year we've had together! 🎉

8020 guests stayed with us in 2018, and we’re looking forward to even more to become a part of our family in 2019 ❤️ 2018 has also been the year we visited the Action Aid platform in El Salvador @pg_elsalvador 🇸🇻We had the massive pleasure of being inspired by their hard work in fighting inequality and building strong communities to create change ✊

Thank YOU for standing with us in fighting inequality, taking part in creating change, and raising awareness on human rights! We’re looking forward to keeping the world cool in cooperation with you in 2019 ✌

Best wishes and much love,
The Globalhagen Team

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