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Glo Tea  Original white bag herbal teas 100% All natural and organic Promotes healthy hair growth Clears skin Strengthen nails Worldwide shipping USA

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Having my first cup of this delightful tea 😊. Thank you so much @glo_tea for a very fast delivery. #glotea #tea #nails #healthy

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My @glo_tea came ☺️🌸 starting the day with a cup before my shoot, it's to early to be awake :( #model #girl #fashion #photoshoot #glo #glotea #tired #bedplease #maninamug

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Enjoying her glo☀️

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Best way to start the day 💪🏽☕️ || Trying to stay #balanced for me means AM & PM #stretch sessions to compliment all the #barre, #running & #gym time. || #getsplit #ellefitactive @elle_fit #WakeUpAndGlo @glo_tea

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Starting the week off with my combo Pak from @glo_tea love this company!!

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Starting her weekend with a glo!
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So happy my @glo_tea arrived for the weekend!! Love the hair, skin and nail formula.

While most people try and improve the appearance of their body from the outside alone, the real key to healthy skin, beautiful hair, and strong nails is building them from the inside out through good nutrition and key dietary supplements.

The skin is one of the most powerful indicators of health. Skin reacts particularly well to certain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that nourish the skin, making it appear youthful and healthy.

Did you know? At birth, the body contains a maximum level of silica that declines with age. As the body's natural level of silica declines, it exhibits the signs
attributable to aging such as dry and wrinkled skin, weakened teeth and gums, and hair loss. One of the many ingredients in glotea is silica, which improves
the condition of the hair, nails, teeth and skin.

As we get older, the source of silica in our bodies becomes exhausted, resulting in wrinkles, dry skin, dull lifeless hair, and brittle nails. Maintaining collagen
underneath the skin augments elasticity and beauty. Consuming a daily cup of glotea will provide the proper amount of silica that will maintain and promote a healthier you.

Start your Monday with a glo!☀️Our hair, skin and nail formula is designed to help your hair grow faster and stronger, reduce chipping and breaking in your nails, and create softer younger, more luminescent looking skin.

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