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When's the last time you felt like a kid again? I love going to the park and sitting on the swing and embracing the child within me. Even yesterday I went shopping and I went to the kids stationary section and felt all the feels. I left so so happy. Tap in to your childlike self. It helps - I promise. 🎉

There are lessons for us at every turn. Are you willing to see them?

I love that our souls choose other souls to journey with in this physical realm. My sister is definitely one of my soul mates. Here's to many more crazy adventures. Love ya sis ❤️

I've been all aboard the manifesting train lately. Do you want me to share a manifesting challenge? What would you like it to manifest?

Easier said than done? Just take some time to do absolutely nothing and just rest your mind. Things with begin to appear in your mind. You will feel a deep sense of pulling towards something. Listen. Follow through. It's all there for you. ✌️

This is exactly how I see each of you. My brothers and my sisters. I love you all deeply and I'm so grateful that our paths have crossed. ❤️✨

I have a mantra for all of us: "I am living my best life". Use it as often as you can. When someone asks how you are, respond with the mantra. When you get up to grab a glass of water, say your mantra. Feel the energy of those words. Feel how free you are to live your best life. You are free. You always have been. You always will be. Keep living your best life. ✌️✨

If you haven't been following along with my 30-Day Radical Self-Love Challenge (on my IG Stories), I highly recommend that you do. We help the world by helping ourselves. Don't mistake this as an excuse to be ignorant to the injustices that happen in the world. But know that your first and foremost job is to love yourself fully and completely and once you begin to overflow with love, let that love spill out into the world. Stand for love. Stand for self-love. Stand for world love. Love isn't part of the journey. Love is the journey. ❤️

Our ego tries to complicate things. But our spirit is simple. When you find yourself over analysing - come back to your true self and watch how easily the anxious feelings dissolve. I love you.

I like to be real with you all. Last night was not a good night for me. And I don't like using those connotations because I know how powerful my words are but let me explain. I could not fall asleep. I tried so hard. That was probably my first mistake. I actively tried every tactic to fall asleep. I counted sheep. I focused on 1 sheep. I made myself as tired as possible. I changed my clothes. I changed my pillow. I did everything. But I could not fall asleep. And it's because I had something on my mind... "I hate myself". And I kept repeating it over and over again. This destructive thought led to anxiety, tears, overwhelm, more tiredness, analysis, fear, regret. I felt angry at myself. And when I tell you why I was feeling this way, it will seem so trivial to most of you. Every time I have a "cheat meal" (and I use those words lightly because everything in moderation is ok and shouldn't be considered good or bad) but for me a cheat meal is when my body reacts in a way that doesn't feel good. The sugar and the increased fat content makes me very swollen and sore and I feel like I've put on so much weight. A weight that doesn't feel comfortable to me. And then the cycle begins - "I hate myself" > destructive patterns such as strict dieting, lack of sleep, isolation (for an introvert it can become really bad) > over exercising , etc. Because I'm a mindset coach, I know how to break this pattern. I know I have to go to the source. I need to understand what led to the thought which led to the beliefs which led to the patterns that make me feel bad. I didn't listen to my intuition. I didn't nourish my body with food that it loves. I didn't practice self-love. I allowed my ego to takeover. And right now I feel physical, mentally and emotionally sore. And I know what I have to do to bounce back. But I share this with you so that you see that we are all real people who experience real cycles and real crashes. And it's ok. It's not my fault. It's no ones fault. I have already forgiven myself. BUT it's my responsibility to change the pattern, to change the beliefs, to change the words. And do you know how I finally fell asleep at 5am...? I said "I love myself"...

Yesterday I had my birth chart read by a beautiful friend who has just completed her course. It was so interesting to begin to understand why I behave in a certain way and why I feel certain things. One thing that came from my reading was that I am completely supported. I always have resources, people, power, intelligence, ideas flowing to me. In fact they ARE me. I don't have to try hard, I just have to allow. But what I don't have come through me as naturally is my outlet. I need to actively work at implementing my ideas - taking action. I also need to surround myself with water and wood (I'm the biggest fan of the beach and nature) in order to help me with my release which will help my cycle flow. I'm sharing this small story so that you understand that we all have areas in our life which feel harder, but all it means is that you may have to work slightly harder to help it flow. You get to decide if your goals will happen someday down the track when the time is right OR if they will start to happen right now because you're making the time right. No one is coming to save you. You are in complete control. And I want today to be your Day One! And let's just say you completely screw it all up (impossible because everything is a learning experience but for the sake of this story, let's say you completely bomb out), then tomorrow will be Day One again. You are loved. You are supported. You have everything you need. I will not die with regrets. I will live my full life. I will do everything I desire to do. I am comfortable facing my fear. I am willing to do the work and take action. Feed your mind these powerful thoughts and live as though they are your religion. I love you. I see you. I am you. ❤️✨🔥

"What should I do Geeeeee?!" Whatever's good for your soul boo. Taking this advice today (and everyday) and bursting at the seams because I see my vision clearer than I've ever seen it before. Because I am truly honouring what my soul has been screaming for so long. It doesn't matter how old you are, where you're starting from or how far away it may seem, everything you're dreaming about is just your blueprint- start now. God's got your back. I promise ✨✌️

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