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Lugo  🏈✈️🇲🇽📱©🏋🏽‍♂️😸⚾️

Good Monday morning sharing my 1 egg and 3 egg white scramble w peppers and onion w this fiery fruit hotsauce - didn’t think it would bring much heat but it’s deceivingly spicy and good #hotsauce

Nada - enjoy your day! Sometimes you need One !

Nice box Bruce says - #siamesecat #cat

On our way off the ship in Roatán my first order of business was to get a baleada this place was just a kitchen a door and a white board menu w a little table and chair but the baleada was fantastic #baleadas #roatan

From our trip this summer arriving in Roatán Honduras - pretty place

Ok here is my #tbt the guy on the right was 245 or 250 and the guy on the left is me now around 180ish same hat and as you can see it’s BIG my head even shrunk 🤣

Hey it’s Rocky ! Looking handsome today - #cats

I know posting food is so passé but I can’t remember where I initially saw this simple dish posted . Ground turkey/bell peppers/and kale simple quick and healthy - 💪🏽#healthyfood but it was good

@chaosandpain got my #cannibalferox & #cannibalinferno I hope I make it out of the gym alive

Here’s a nice #TBT this is Bruce Wayne aka Boo-ee we offered to foster him and when we got him he was in dreadful shape we weren’t sure if he’d make it but he did and we ended up keeping him - look at him now on the right so healthy and handsome #siamesecat #cats @ay_beautiful_flower did a great job w him

In the office last week - for the first time in over a month since working remotely . Wish my hair wasn’t disappearing 🤫

This was our little shuttle into the heart of Costa Maya Mex - another great time. Stopped at this spot to get some carnitas and a somehow there was a Michelada involved #mexico

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