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Grace 🌿  cute things, babies and soz about the food pics 🎀 📷 snapchat: glitzcarousels 👄 twitter: glitzcarousels 💻

You know when it’s Christmas and you need EVERYTHING to smell like it? 💗 I bought this shampoo and conditioner a couple of weeks ago but I’ve been saving it for December because it just smells so christmassy and magical 😍 I’d never tried any of the OGX hair products before but after using this little duo, I definitely want to try more. It’s made brushing my hair after a bath 10x easier and that’s a hard challenge with my accidental dreads 👸🏼 what’s your fav brand of shampoo and conditioner? Any underrated brands that don’t get much of a mention? I love trying new things!

Arthur’s looking at his chocolate lovingly because he’s absolutely appalled that he only gets to have one a day. The amount of times I’ve got this advent calendar shoved in my face while he’s shouting “CHOC CHOC CHOC” is unbelievable and he’s only had it for 3 days 😩 We’ve broken out the Christmas pj’s today too since the big day is SO close now! 🎅🏼 has everyone finished their Christmas shopping? I’ve still got a few bits to go but I’m nearly there 💁🏼‍♀️

Soz, it’s a late one from me because I’ve been battling a tired and tantrum-y child all day 😩 we went to my grandad’s today to help him decorate the tree & have a roast dinner. His neighbour made this fresh sponge cake for us - it was bloody gorge 🤤 It was a lovely day but the floor had more tinsel and decorations on it than the actual tree thanks to three lively little toddlers! ❤️ How’s your Sunday been? 23 days til Christmas and I CANNOT BLOODY WAIT 🎅🏼

OMG IT’S OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS MONTH 😍🎅🏼 Started using these little festive beauties to clean my house and honestly, I’m just living and breathing Christmas right now. For some reason I was expecting Festive Fireside to smell like chocolate and marshmallows but it smells like orange and some sort of warm spice. Probs just saw the packaging was brown and assumed chocolate 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m gonna be posting every single day on insta for the whooole month and I also want to start using stories loads more and do sort of vlog type thiiiings. BTW, who’s excited for all the vlogmas vids because I can’t bloody wait?! MY FAVOURITE TIME OF THE YEAR 🎄✨

Did anyone else take advantage of the Glossybox 10 products for £10 deal on Black Friday?! I’m not really one for beauty boxes anymore but I just couldn’t pass it up even though I only got 9 products instead of 10 😏 I’d pretty much use everything in this box and they’re all things I’d never normally pick if I saw them in a shop! Not gonna lie, I’m mainly excited to use the Victoria Secret sheet mask 😍 what’s your favourite beauty box? 💗✨

I know I’ve been gone forever but HI! I’M BACK! 👋🏼 I recently got sent this gorge body wash from Imperial Leather and I’m in LOVE! This is something I will repurchase over and over again. The scent is so gorgeous and lasts for ages. I usually just pop mine in the bath and also use it for shaving my legs because it’s foamy and doesn’t irritate my skin like most shaving foams do. Have you tried it yet?! So happy to be back posting again and I can’t wait to see all your festive feeds 💗🎅🏼 #ilworldofwonder

had another unintentional break from instagram this time because i decided to put my phone in a pool of water and a phone with a dodgy screen + water = disaster. my boyfriend reassures me it just needs a new screen because of the water damage which i hope is the case because i really love my phone 😭 i’m using my boyfriend’s old iphone SE at the moment and it just ain’t the same 😔 MOVING ON, has anyone tried these bonfire logs yet? i found them in asda and omg they might be my fav limited edition cake bar ever. cadbury’s just always gets it right doesn’t it?! 💜🍫🎇

IT’S WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY! ✨ my anxiety used to be a lot worse than it is today but I’ve learnt to really control it. What helped me most when I was struggling wasn’t the people around me, sleeping more, eating healthier or taking time out for myself but SOCIAL MEDIA! Every single time I posted on Twitter about a panic attack or how anxious I was there were tons of replies and direct messages from people that suffered like me too. None of my friends had ever experienced anxiety and to be honest, I didn’t fully know what it was either. To have all these people in my phone talking to me about their experiences just made me feel so much less alone and once I realised it wasn’t just me that had these massive meltdowns, I instantly felt ten times better 💗 I know it’s difficult to reach out but don’t ever feel like you have to suffer silently! Your mental health is so important and just speaking about how you feel will make you feel so much better 💫

These cakes are basically everything I love in a box: chocolate, festivity, the colour pink, marshmallows & loads of sugar 💗 I’d rank this as 2nd place in my mr kipling cakes ratings behind the one and only, beloved frosty fancy 💫 if you could only eat ONE mr kipling cake for the rest of your life, which one would you choose? 🍰 btw not an ad, just really love cake 🙋🏼‍♀️

Got the worst period pains known to man (I say this every month 💁🏼‍♀️) which means I’ve basically done nothing today. I need to clean my house and then later on, I might treat myself to a roasting hot bubble bath using this unicorn bath bomb 🦄 I know this sounds pathetic but does anyone else have a competition with themselves and add loads of hot water and see how long you can stand it without adding a bit of cold water in or am I the only weirdo here? 🤷🏼‍♀️💗

I swear I have the cutest little nieces in all the land 🌏 9 weeks old today and Immy and Indi are getting bigger by the day 💪🏼 little miracles 👯‍♀️💗

For the next three months, you’ll just find me switching between these two beauties and the occasional red lip y’know for spesh events 💋 me and Arth had a 2 hour nap together earlier and even though I knew I was going to end up afternoon dozing, I had that ‘what’s my name, where do I live again and what day is it’ kinda panic when I woke up. Just praying I don’t mess up my sleeping pattern and that I’ll still sleep tonight 😴 what’s your favourite lip product for the autumnal months?! 🍂🧡

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