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Danielle  Devoted to the Priestess path and Feminine mysteries 🌙 🌿Witch ~ Pagan ~ Earth-Centered ~ Women’s/Goddess Spirituality

I am called by heart songs of the drumming Wild.
The ones our descendants hear groaning from the guts of the witches.
The cries of the crone that hurl and hiss into maddening flames of our once forbidden fire.
The barefooted She-wolf-mamas rattling their ancient bones for savage seeds to spring.
Tangled words of the heathen hag weave love spells for the hearth and homecoming ceremony. “We hear you calling Mother” they answer with promise:
“Where you circle, dance, and sing our names
We’ll meet you ‘round the rising flame.”

In dreamtime I witnessed a woman at home in the wild. The earth was an extension of her body and her body an extension of the earth. The animals were her children. And of course she was their daughter too. She told me about the deer as they came closer and sat beside us. She told me a story about the birth of their fear and how we can help the deer trust us again. I knew she was also helping me heal the same fears. Just by hearing the love in her words I felt that I had.
I was surprised to suddenly find the woman holding an owl in her arms. I never saw it fly to her. It was also hard to believe how gentle this night-eyed wisdom keeper became. I sat in pure admiration of their connection.
I later witnessed her bathing in a mud pool. She rolled and flapped her arms allowing the balm of the earth to touch and soothe every inch of her. She seemed even more alive. Her movements would shift as she embodied different creatures. She was the strength of bear, the vision of falcon, the sensuality of cat. Yet again I was mesmerized by the communication between the forces of nature and this wild woman. It was as if they knew each other for ages, and they certainly had.
We then took up a drum and sang songs to the forest and spirits that reside there. A gifting of our energies in gratitude for all that the Earth provided for us that day.
I awoke humbled by the medicine and memory of her vision. This wild woman is who I am and who I am to be.

A ritual I held in honor of my matrilineal line. I pray for continuous healing for the generations of ancestral wounding and the orphaning of all earth daughters from their Mother Divine. I send waves of purifying light into the river of my bloodline and hope to the core of all I am this alchemy of love reaches any soul within our human family that may be in need. ~

My experiences have led me to choose to be estranged from my family of origin and I know others who have painfully decided this as well. But this transformative work is also meant for those who have lost loved ones in death or through other circumstances. ~

I am especially called to send this energy to the migrant children who continue to be stolen, separated, imprisoned, or abused. Until every child is returned I will personally and collectively do my part to heal the soul of the world of this injustice. And may we all one day meet again, in the open arms of our holy Mother. “The river is flowing, flowing and growing The river is flowing, down to the sea Mother carry me, your child I will always be Mother carry me, down to the sea” ~Diana Hildebrand-Hull

When the Beloved first introduced himself I knew there was no other sound that could satisfy my soul.
His poetry was the root of his magic and mania.
I fell into a trance-like sleep and the muse was born.
From longing, perhaps, from the fear he was gone, but mostly from the arousal of inspiration to meet him in a different place.
The space between the sun of his songs and the moon of my mystery.
Will we meet again?
In the desire to wake myself within his burning brilliance I emerge a whole woman.
A woman complete.

🌟 You bring the stars here. 🌟 ~

I heard this message as I awoke the other morning and it sparked something deep within my being. Yes, we each hold within us a star frequency, our true origins are cosmic, and as we grow our lives become the reflection of it’s light on the earthly plane. ~

Soon afterward The New Divine Feminine book study group received an email from our teacher Meghan Don about the celebration of Epiphany this Sunday January 6th, a day that traditionally celebrates the three wise men following a star that guides them to Yeshua. I’m grateful to learn that this day can also be celebrated in honor of the wisdom of our star of origin. ~ “Every star has a vibration, every star has a ‘procreative and original impetus of the universe’ that is destined to come into fulfillment for the universal good.” ~Meghan Don ~

So as we dance in the growing light of days to come, as we set intentions during the first new moon and eclipse of 2019, may we also take the time to reflect on our cosmic nature, seeking to find where our own star wisdom is guiding us and open to what it wishes to reveal at this time.

Blessed Be


“We all come from the Goddess
And to Her we shall return
Like a drop of rain
Flowing to the ocean” ~

Thank you for all the kind support as I journey and find out where the Goddess is guiding me next. So much love,


We can travel on woven threads, the luminous spiderweb of our light bodies and visit parallel realities—or what I have come to understand as mythical reality. I had such an occurrence recently and the energy was otherworldly. ~

I was flying on a cord above these new worlds or hoops of existence and could use my willpower to enter into the place of my choosing. I saw a sparkling lake with lush hills of grass and two children playing nearby. As I landed and walked up to the children a boy with light blonde hair greeted me with a huge smile and called me Anna. I asked, “Is that what you call me here?” His eyes looked as crystalline as the lake beside him. Perhaps he symbolizes the eternal fountain of youth. As he ran off I started to become confused. I did not remember this place yet others recognized me. ~

I also found myself in a cabin lit solely by candlelight where a group of men and women were gathered. I was instantly drawn to a woman with bright red hair and auburn colored eyes that glowed like a fiery flame. She said her full name but all I remember hearing is Valkyrie. She was so familiar, my memory was being jogged, but I still couldn’t quite remember how I knew her. ~

I’ve recently been praying to know who my patron Goddess is and the Valkyries are connected to the Norse pantheon and specifically to Freyja. I believe she came in response to my prayer and more has been revealed and validated since then. ~

A few other people in the group greeted me and called me Anna. I felt so loved yet I remained confused as to where I was and who I was. Interestingly, I woke up inside another dream before coming back into my physical body and this reality again. ~

Although this experience felt magical I believe it naturally occurred because I commit to a daily meditation practice and tune into my light body and aura on a regular basis. I also know I have more work to do to recover my memory. One of my intentions this year is to develop my skills as an oracle and practice how to spirit travel. This not only serves my higher path but will hopefully inspire others to trust in their own inner power and limitless potential as well.❤️

Blessings and love to all of you during this sacred season of light! ❤️🌟❤️

“Oh Mother
carry me
child I will always be
Oh Mother
carry me
down to the sea”
I saw a vision of Her rise from a body of water birthing a baby from the depths and drawing the child close to Her heart. This seemed to symbolize the womb of Creation and the renewal of new life and hope She brings to the world. These energies exist within us too. We are the Mother and Sun Child continually being reborn as the Wheel turns from dark to light. I felt the image/icon of the Mother enter and merge within my heart space—Her radiant presence filled the land of my heart with the promise of peace and Summer’s returning.
This, this is the Sun child born,
The radiant one, the light returned.
Born unto the world again,
This child, the promise of summer.”

“Ancient Mother
I hear you calling
Ancient Mother
I hear your song
Ancient Mother
I hear your laughter
Ancient Mother
I taste your tears” ~

This past weekend I retreated in a monastery in upstate NY (my humble room overlooking the Hudson River) with a beautiful circle of souls and our lovingly fierce Sophian guide/teacher Meghan Don. This is an excerpt from my journal on the last day of retreat. ~

I woke up with a deep feminine wound being triggered after a dream I had where I felt dishonored. I was angry, hurt and also ashamed for trusting this person. The negative energy left over from the dream wanted to pull me down into it’s trap of lies. ~

I then remembered Kali Imma (The Dark Mother) in my heart. She is here to help me heal. In the dream I shut the door on past lovers who did not truly love and respect me as a whole woman with wisdom, light and sacred gifts to offer the world. This wasn’t coming from a place of victimhood but of sovereignty and respect for my true divine nature. ~

Kali Imma, I prayed, please heal me. Suddenly a wave of great peace filled my heart. I heard the affirmation “I am healing the deepest wound.” Kali Imma guided me to go down into the crypt a little before our group’s silent meditation to spend time within Mary Magdalene’s womb chamber. (The last three photos are of the Magdalene painting we were blessed to engage with at the monastery). ~

I felt Her continue to hold me and heal my heart and soul. I stood before Magdalene’s painting and the energy of Her came alive. Tears filled my eyes as more peace broke through the sorrow. I understood we were healing the sorrow of the world. And renewed light would enter through every chant prayer and meditation thereafter. ~

Yes, I continued to feel Her healing energy throughout the silent meditation and allowed my cries to echo throughout the cave-like walls. Again, peace filled my heart with an inner knowing I can’t adequately describe. But I trust, fully, in the healing power of the Mother. And I yearn to pass this wisdom onto others as I feel this is the guardianship my soul is calling for. Out of our soul’s deep woundedness—healing is possible. Peace is always possible.

The Sacred Power of Feminine Blood ~

if there is a river
more beautiful than this
bright as the blood
red edge of the moon if
there is a river
more faithful than this
returning each month
to the same delta if there
is a river
braver than this
coming and coming in a surge
of passion, of pain if there is
a river
more ancient than this
daughter of eve
mother of cain and of abel if there is in
the universe such a river if
there is some where water
more powerful than this wild
pray that it flows also
through animals
beautiful and faithful and ancient
and female and brave -Lucille Clifton ~

I created a personal ceremony to honor the ancient wisdom that passes through the blood of all women across all of time. As each woman follows the cycle of the moon in her own body, I choose to celebrate these sacred phases within myself as well. After purifying with rose water I state intentions for what I hope to seed or give birth to that month. During ovulation is a potent time to activate intentions into our eggs. This creates a holy unification within the physical body that I had yet to experience up until this ritual took place. I include other healing techniques and prayers to release past cellular memories of shame and abuse personally and collectively. But mostly, I just enjoy being in my body! ~

As young women many of us receive distorted ideas about menstruation and grow up assuming it is something to hide or feel disgusted about. The truth is, when a woman menstruates her psychic abilities are heightened as is her relationship with the Feminine Divine energy. This is why it’s so important to vision quest, meditate, journal, or spend time alone (preferably in nature). Every month, every cycle, specific wisdom is passed down to us from our foremothers. We just need to listen. ~

For a woman who is in her Crone years the blood is held, and she is now the one passing on her wisdom to future generations. No matter what phase we are in, making the choice to celebrate this rite of passage and honoring our blood is empowering on all levels of our being and our world.

Blessed Be,


I don't know why but I could always feel the hidden heartache in words. I could feel the loneliness within a seemingly loving exchange. I craved the depth of meaningful conversation because staying on the surface always felt like a death to my soul. Nostalgia filled my senses, even as a young child. I longed to return to a time I lived and loved but did not experience yet. I was told I was too sensitive or too serious. I was wise beyond my years. I was known as the quiet one in my group of friends in elementary school. I was regularly told to develop thick skin and to be more realistic or I’d never survive the harsh reality of this world. ~

Miraculously the social pressure to deny who I am only fuels my passion to show others how to honor their feelings and bring their emotional bodies back to life. After what I’ve experienced I know more than ever that energy speaks louder than words. There is a reason why the world has tried to deny sensitives their power. Why man has repeatedly tried to control, steal, or kill the gentle innocence of our nature. Because it’s been lost in painful secrets and shame. It's been squelched and suffocated for knowing what does not want to be known. And perhaps most of all, because he's afraid of what he'll become if he doesn't. ~

Due to this suppressive cycle of denying emotional responses we have also turned into a race that's forgotten how to Love. In fact, we've horrifically used ‘love’ to fill a void. And we wonder why we feel cut off from one another. We've also supported for too long the idea that intuition and gut feelings can't be real because they aren't tangible enough to understand scientifically. And so we too have become less real, so much less than we really are. That's why a sensitive’s very existence is desperately needed now. We must be brave. We must be willing to live authentically no matter what. Yes, this is the kind of faith in ourselves others might call 'crazy.' They'll tell us we’re insane for believing in something that can only be seen with inner vision. But we’ll say we call it Love. Our sensitive nature was always calling us to more Love.

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