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Glitter  Plus size fashion, fitness + travel. Blogger, vlogger + sassy pants storyteller. NYC based. Youtube: GlitterandLazers 💌: contact@glitterandlazers.com


Geneva, Paris, London.... I’m coming for you. Ps if you live around Lausanne and happen to be free for dinner Sunday night, DM me. I’m on my own until Monday and it might be fun to get to know someone new.

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I’ve lost weight recently. The loss happened naturally. It wasn’t planned. I didn’t diet. It just was my body naturally reacting to a new environment and my changing needs. I have struggled with this change A LOT. When you live life publicly as a fat girl and are attacked daily for simply wearing a smile instead pushing whatever diet the world thinks you should be on, “weight loss” begins to have this weird negative connotation. But now I’ve lost weight, I’ve felt conflicted. I’ve seen people cheer me on. I’ve also see people still shame me for not working out or eating too much- statements ironic now that I am unexplainably losing weight. It took me awhile to realise that my incredible amount of self-evaluation as a result of a change of a few numbers on the scale is the exact problem. This energy centred around my weight and it’s fluctuation was taking focus away from who I really was. And that folks is how they get you. They take the precious time we should devote to making ourselves the best we can and instead push us to evaluate waistlines- our own and the strangers around us. So they can sell us things. Things we don’t want. Things we only need because someone found a way speak to beautiful women in a way that makes them feel ugly.
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For those of you asking, these jeans are from @macys. I also want you to know that the tag on the back pocket read “bringing sexy back.” Justin, you really did. Here’s some sexy back for you all.
#booty #sexyback #plussize #curvy

Guys I just want you to know that in this picture @justintimberlake is touching my ass. He’s all over this bodacious booty and thick thighs. Pressed all up against this curvy body.....Ok his jeans are. But believe me, I am counting this as achieving my 12 year old boy bands self’s Nsync dreams and my current self’s secret salacious fantasies. Now if only JTT and Devon Sawa also made clothing lines so I could have the trifecta of teenage bedroom fantasies come true. Fun Fact: JTT once signed my shoe. I met him at a wrestling tournament (yeah weird, I know) and chose my k Swiss lace ups as the perfect place for his signature. With every step I took his lob bob was with me. Zachary ty Bryant was also with him, but let’s be real here, JTT > TY BRY any day.
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There are only so many hours in the day. Make sure you’re investing them in the right places. Make sure the minutes you spend turn into progress. Progress in your happiness. Progress in your success. Progress in your growth. Life is too short to continue to put your precious time into things that push you back, make you feel unworthy or stress you out. If you’re not growing, get going.... onto to something that makes you better.

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Data’s face in this photo make me so happy I just couldn’t help but share it. If only we all could face moving more with a face like this- full of enthusiasm and pure joy.
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I’m still at work. Pray for me. Or chant mantras for me. Or better yet send me cupcakes. I could really go for a good cupcake right now. Especially if it was served by a shirtless sex god enamoured with strong willed women who would just play with my hair and massage my back as I edit. Also, it would be ok if @edsheeran just happened to show up to preform his new song about how lovely I am. Hell, he could hair stroke as well. Well, at least until that old man shows up with balloons and giant check telling me I’ve won that publishing clearing house contest I entered at age 11 with such certainty. I mean, if a girls got to have dreams.... I’m going to be over here dreaming big.... and editing.... and being the last one in the office.
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Thinking thoughts as big as my sleeves today. Outfit details via link in my bio.
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Is it weird that I like my dog more than any human I’ve ever met? Data is the best. He’s emotional, compassionate and cuddly. Someday I hope to meet someone who makes me as happy as he does.
#rescue #truth #ootd #plussize

I had a big epiphany this weekend. Sometimes I run away from good things, because I’m afraid they won’t continue to be good. In my brain I think, “if I leave now, I’m in control and I can mentally process the loss because I made the decision.” But in my heart, I am losing opportunities for good things to become great. Because I’m afraid. Because I hate feeling out of control. Because relying on other people is scary and hard and unpredictable. But it also can be special, magical and empowering. I’m learning to let go of my own fear and it’s creating new experiences I am so grateful for. It’s truly is never too late to change your habits. Growing up doesn’t have to stop when you’re grown up. 😉

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I’ve mentioned before my birthday curse, where somehow always on my birthday, I end up having to travel. This year I thought I had broken the curse. NOPE. This year I’ll be headed to Europe. It’s sounds glamorous but it will be 3-4 countries in about 5 days, which is far from sexy. It’s exhausting. Ok it is kind of cool. And I will 100% get to eat Swiss chocolate, French cheese and drink British booze(I fixed it) , so not all bad. I am also going to make @bodyposipanda go out and get crunk with me in her home country.
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Sometimes people say really terrible, disgusting things to me. In the beginning it was more shocking- how could people say these things? What had I done to deserve such cruel words? But as time has gone on I’ve seen my perception change. Instead I now look at this commentary and I think “what has happened to this person to make them feel comfortable writing such terrible things publicly?” At first I didn’t think much of the change, but time had taught me that I’ve finally begun to grasp that someone else’s angry and destructive words aren’t a reflection of me, they’re the reflection of the person that uses them. It’s a hard lesson to learn, and sometimes even I forget. However, if someone’s tries to use their words to break you- remember they’ve already broken themselves by saying them. How you react, whether you feel weaker or lesser than because of them is your choice. Choose well.
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