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I got the apartment!!! I'm officially a New Yorker now. That bit of stress is gonezo. I just spent the last 30 minutes rearranging hotel room furniture to get this shot and a few others. The light was too uniquely beautiful. I know that this image will in no way perform as well as a light happy shot, but I find images like these so much more compelling. This image tells a story. This images captures all the mixed emotions I'm feeling about this big move perfectly. As a story teller, this image is like a rare novel in a sea of short stories. I appreciate that and I hope you do too.
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Let's all cross our fingers and toes and legs and arms and all the things that I get the apartment I applied for. In the meantime I'll be eating ice cream, drinking rose and exploring the city while I await my fate.
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Hey dudes and dudettes a lot is happening in my life. I'm packing. I'm moving. I'm trying to find an apartment. I am trying to keep sane. I am dealing with loss. I am coping with stress. So I'm going to check out for awhile to focus on getting shit done and de-stressing. I had hoped miami would be that trip, but unfortunately due to the online assholes anonymous virtual meet up on my pages, it was a bit more stressful then planned. Until I return I leave you with this reminder- sometimes being selfish and looking after you is the best choice for everyone involved. Our souls are like bank accounts, you have to make deposits to support your withdrawals. ✌🏻 #happiness #selfcare #plussize #positivevibes #moving #packing #illbeback

Fat. This is one word that has been thrown onto me like a sheet in attempts to mask all the things I truly am. I am fat, yes but my story does not end there. My legacy is not my waist line. My tale is not told in my curves. My life is the sum of my experiences, thoughts and actions. Some try to erase the fundamental bits of who I am and replace it with a single adjective. Fat. Reduced to a word I can be controlled. Reduced to a word I can be feared. Reduced to a word I can be ignored. But I am not just word. I am not just fat. No matter how hard people fight to tokenise my unique presence, I will be pushing just as hard back. People are not adjectives. We are not tokens. We are hearts, souls and minds. To whomever has felt defined by word in place of their true identity, continue to fight. Fight to be seen. Fight to be heard. Fight to be more than just the handful of words a stranger has placed on you. You are so much more than that.

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Dance break while packing. Or rather procrastinating while packing.
Song; "I like me better" by @lauvsongs
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This is one of the truest photos of me ever taken. No matter how fierce I look, I will always manage to somehow spill my first cocktail all over me. It's not even because I'm drunk. I'm just a super klutz. I'm like salacious Barbie with an agility problem. I'm a fat kardasian with no balance skills. Im a sex pot with chronic case of the spills. I'm a pageant queen who for the life of her cannot balance a book on her head while drinking a mojito. If I can spill it and it's over 3% proof, I will.... and I will look damn good doing it. Because ain't no spot of liquor going to rain on my pink parade when I'm serving body ody ody. Thanks to @bodyposipanda for capturing my truth and @yourstruelymelly for encouraging me to share it.
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Working out has been one of the greatest gifts in my life, but I never would have gotten to where I am with out the professionals who advised me and educated me on how to care and prepare my body for movement. Recently, I've seen a slew of health and wellness seminars aimed at plus women.
While I am all for these events, I am disappointed that many of them have chosen not to include and emphasize the importance of licensed professionals when getting active. Our bodies are so unique that the journey is not one size fits all. Additionally, no matter how often or how hard I work out my personal experience will never be equal to a certification program or degree. So, I'd like to encourage you to seek advice from people who have the training and experience to help along your journey. It's important we give these women the spotlight so we all can learn more about how to care, challenge and strengthen our bodies. For yoga, I love @mynameisjessamyn, @nolatrees and @biggalyoga. All three are ytt verified, have plus bodies and are just lovely people. For yoga and wellness retreats I recommend @diannebondyyoga and @raicesyoga. Dianne is a force and I've had several friends come back changed from her retreats. Jendars has an intense passion for working with all body types and ages and her retreats blend community and culture into the experience. For dance, I recommend @prettybigmovement and @amandalacount. PBM is the first plus dance troupe. Amanda is a star in the making and as a teenager is already teaching classes nationally. For endurance, running, and general fitness I recommend @leah_bpathletes. Leah is a triple threat: she's a has extensive training in psychology, several training and fitness certifications and is committed to body positivity. For training I reccomend @louisegreen_bigfitgirl who is a plus trainer, athlete and columnist for Self Magazine. Let's celebrate these women and learn from their hard work. Also, id be more than happy to help any of you organize a plus size fitness workshop. Lastly, please share any other professional bad ass lady trainers/coaches you know of down below.

Even the most babely of unicorn experiences must come to end. Miami thanks for bringing 3 friends together in such a vibrant way. We've laughed, we've cried, we've chased away creepers, and we've solidified a digital friendship physically. Also thanks to @bodyposipanda and @yourstruelymelly for putting up with my truly type a photo demands with this group picture. Unicorns forever- adding color, sass and happiness to the world in need.
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Carpe freakin diem. It's a tough world. In a society where even the thinnest of thin can find their rolls and focus on their cellulite... how's a big girl supposed to ignore them. The fact is, she doesn't. She owns them. She recognizes them as a part of who she is. We need less images that shame these folds, crease and bumps on our body. The images that celebrate accepting them as something akin to winning the noble peace prize. What if we just stopped attaching shame to them. What if we stopped trying to make sure everyone knew they existed. What if we stopped hunching and pinching and squeezing to show it, and our acceptance of it, off. What if instead we just fucking lived, in whatever shape our body takes to be alive?

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I can't believe today is my last day with these girls...
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This day has me upside down in the most hilarious of ways. I am currently cuddling @datasworld buck naked because @yourstruelymelly accidentally lit her swimsuit on fire with a blow dryer. I was in the shower when the alarm went bananas and left puppers in quite the state of disarray. So given my dog mom duties come before all, I am delaying the sexy nighttime look creation process to cuddle the fear out of a fur ball. I swear I can't even make up my life, but I wouldn't change it for the world.
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