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WWW.GLITTERSLIMES.COM  ✨WORLDWIDE shipping!!! ✨restocks every sunday @ 6pm est follow our staff @glitterslimestaff


coconut caramel confetti!
coconut caramel scented
inspo: @slime_og
i didn’t like my other video of this one so i remade it! do you prefer this style, with almost no editing or do you prefer my edited videos that cut to different scenes?

what slimes do you wanna see in tomorrow’s restock?! making some last minute additions to the restock list ✨ this is from @peachybbies 🍑

restocks will now officially be every SUNDAY @ 6 pm est/5 pm cst/3 pm pst.
now that there will only be one restock per week, it will be DOUBLE in size! this means that *hopefully* slimes won’t sell out too quick.
most new slimes, meaning slimes that were released within the last week or two, sell out within 5 minutes, while my OG slimes sell out within 10-15 minutes.
Q: any tips on purchasing?
A: be quick! set an alarm. checking out with paypal is a great way to check out quicker, and help guarantee the slimes in your cart for purchase. paypal stores shipping, billing and payment information so you don’t have to waste time typing it all in during check out.
Q: do all slimes comes with extras?
A: yes! orders for 5 or more slimes come with a large bag of extras(5-7) and orders under 5 slimes receive a bag of 1-2 extras.
Q: how long will my order take to arrive?
A: all orders usually ship within 1-4 days after purchase, and will arrive within 1-10 days after depending on your shipping choice at check out.
if you have any more questions or concerns regarding restocks comment below and i’ll try to answer as many as i can! ✨

only 50 available, link in bio 💗

conversation heart trio 💗
pink is scented strawberry candy, yellow is scented lemon squares, and blue is scented blue raspberry jolly rancher.
super soft daiso butter texture.
restocking 50 of these ONE TIME ONLY tonight @ 8 pm est! USE code VDAY18 for 10% off!

diamond heart ❣️
another throwback from last valentine’s day restock!
a thick unscented crystal clear slime with a heart charm. will be available in 3 oz’s during tonight’s restock ❤️

shirley temple 🍒
who remembers when I did this almost 2 years ago now? 😱 red part is maraschino cherry scented! comes with 2 cute cherry charms. swipe to continue the video!

pink velvet frosting 💕
similar texture to my whipped raspberry frosting slime. super smooth & velvety.
gets super fluffy the more you play with it! red velvet & buttercream frosting scented.

birthday cake rice krispie treat 🎂
a butter base with fake sprinkles & marshmallow beads. birthday cake & marshmallow scented 🎉😍

sneak peeeeek 👀🎉
horrible quality and lighting but I wanted to give u guys a glimpse of this butter/marshmallow floam! i’ve never seen anyone do this and it feels SO NICE U DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND
who can guess what i’m naming/scenting it?

mountain dew freeze 🍋
another video of this customer favvvvv. smells just like mountain dew 🤤

lemon drop 🍋 ✨
haven’t stocked this one for a few months now i think?
lemon scented

baja blast freeze 🥤
same texture & recipe as my mountain dew freeze, just scented and colored like baja blast! this will be available in my next restock on monday 2/5 @ 8 pm est!

FUNfetti milkshake 🎉
funfetti cake batter scented
finallllly made a decent cloud slime!
i’m SO obsessed with this one

avobath 🥑
didn’t like the last video of this one so here’s another!
look how fluffy it gets in only 1-2 mins 👀
scented just like the lush bath bomb which has a bright citrus lemongrass scent

one dozen roses 🌹
fresh cut roses scented.
do u prefer fishbowl or floam?

a thiccccc clear glue base. this looks so realistic and even better is SMELLS so realistic justttt like a nerds rope 🤤

salted caramel
candy hearts
grape laffy taffy
starbucks cake pop
mystery misfit
chocolate covered strawberry
baja blast freeze (8oz only)
funfetti milkshake
lemon drop (8oz only)
one dozen roses (8oz only)
rainbow chip frosting
banana cream
caramel sauce
banana berry
cotton candy sprinkles
banana laffy taffy
peanut butter cookie dough
melted valentines chocolate
blue razz laffy taffy
strawbb kiwi splash
oreo cheesecake
peaches + cream
oops! all berries
cotton candy frosting
RESTOCK @ 6 pm est tonight!

candy hearts 💕
sweet tarts scented!

melted peach hard candy 🍑
peach hard candy scented
so thicccc 💦
who guessed it right from the last post?

sneak peeeek 👀 at a new slime!
any name guesses?
(if you keep up with my restocks you’ll know the name!)

white chocolate hot cocoa🥛
super creamy & glossy base
the fake marshmallows make it so fun to squish :-)
white chocolate & hot cocoa scented
this used to be my FAVORITE drink at dunkin’ donuts when i was a kid. my mom always used to stop & get me a small one & 2 donuts before school hahaha. now that they no longer sell it, i just get a regular hot chocolate with white chocolate flavoring added in. what’s your favorite drink/coffee in the am?

sugar cane cookie 💕
what’s your favorite color slime? ✨

margarita sugar scrub 🍹
frozen margarita scented!!
i’ve tried so many different things to get my lighting to look good but this is by far the worst so don’t hate me just look @ the slime lol

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