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you talkin bout me?

New finger foliage thanks to the super lovely @ratzntatz on the appropriate Friday the 13th 🕯🕷 Can’t wait until they’re healed!

reminders on a rainy day 🎨🌈

Wanderlust 🏔

We’ve both grown so much 🌿

Naomi Klein wrote this book over a decade ago, but, it is just as relevant, if not more so, today.
At what cost is humanity paying the price for creating a corporate run world where everything is branded? Where human rights are swept under the rug and environmental responsibility is just a PR game to protect corporate entities.
It’s a tale of how far corporations will go to be on top of the capitalist chain where money rules all.
No logo: No space. No choice. No jobs is a must read today as it ever was. Looking forward to reading her new book. #currentlyreading #nologo

couldn’t stop petting this stag horn sumac

Little bot in the grotto



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