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G L E SS Y • M A G A L I N G ♏  An unabridged assortment of narcissistic self-portraits in subtly varying poses | perky & quirky 📍Los Angeles, California 💌

chic happens | 📸: @eyesofbryz

everytime u look at me, i know | 📸: @eyesofbryz

i want something just like this | 📸: @eyesofbryz

cold as ice, but in the right hands she melts | 📸: @zackarimiller

like a lightning bolt to my heart you woke me up | 📸:

if we go down then we go down together | 📸: @exit_the_minute

sweetest distraction | 📸: @jielden

you've gotta crave it and chase it | 📸:

we get carried away at the end of the day | 📸:

i get chills when i'm with you | 📸:

you lead the way out of this fever into a peace of mind | 📸: @jaythelim

the only boundaries are the ones we put on ourselves | 📸: @jaythelim

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