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Glenn Yong 容启航  With God all things are possible Managed by @LNXglobal_official 🎬 Work Enquiries: Ask me anything!👇

谢谢韵红姐 @shinmindailynews 抽出宝贵时间做这份报道!非常荣幸与兴奋能够成为南星大哥旗下的艺人并期待接下来演艺生涯路程。我们一定会非常用心把每一个作品展现出来、也会记得南星大哥的指导与5个教条。请期待我们接下来的作品! ✌️#LNXGlobalArtistes

Extremely grateful to 韵红姐 for this article on @shinmindailynews ! It’s really a privilege to be under the guidance of NanXing 大哥 and we’re excited for the journey ahead. We’ll keep the 5 things that 大哥 shared with us in our heart! From now on, it’s all hard work and we’re gonna learn as much as we can!!! ✌️#LNXGlobalArtistes

New haircut for an upcoming drama that I’m privileged to be a part of!
I’m excited but kinda anxious as well because mandarin isn’t exactly the language I’m most comfortable with. The euphoria I felt the first time I received my script was AMAZING, but as I began to read and study it, reality hits me hard too. This is probably the first time I’ve read so many Chinese characters in my life, and that’s not something that I’m exactly proud of because I’m struggling in recognising the Chinese characters.

TBH I was contemplating if I should post this, but yeah I’ll be real and share how I really feel. If you see me IRL, let’s converse in mandarin so that we can learn and improve together!✌️

Thank you @RWSentosa for inviting us to the Gala Premier of Musical Taru last night! Such a beautiful story of a mother’s love for her child and it’s filled with amazing songs sung by the talented casts! 👌
#RWSMusicalTaru #恐龙复活音乐剧 #LNXGlobalArtistes

Was such a blast attending the first ever @tiktok.singapore event! Finally got to see the amazing team behind the Tiktok and meet so many other amazing and talented tiktokers!!
So much to learn from everyone else and it’s nice to see all of y’all! 😉

#tiktokpartysg #tiktok #tiktoksg

#TB to doing a shoot only @samtchwn could come up with. 🤷🏻‍♂️
OH and that’s an actual representation of how I looked like in front of my laptop screen the past 1 week while I’m rushing for my assignments and studying for my Uni exam. 😪😪😪



PS: I’ve never really celebrated Deepavali before, so if any of my indian friends are seeing this, I’m up for an invite!! 😂✌️

Things you do when you still have no Girlfriend 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

PS: I’m way past ppl telling me it’s cringe, just take it with a pinch of salt and enjoy laughing at this. 😉

PSPS: Hope this help brighten your #MondayBlues! Have a great Monday y’all.

hi 😛

Hope I’ll still be able to smile like this after running the largest relay race in Southeast Asia. 😂🙃
Teaming up with my TALL friends (@kaichung92 @yizhongg @bjmtyj) for the #ASICSRelay this year in hopes that they’ll cover more ‘distance’ as they run HAHA.

More information on the relay can be found at @asicssg !! See you guys there! 😉 #IMoveSINGAPORE #asicssg

Should I go back to black? 🤔

#TBT to my first ever commercial shoot and I’m so glad to be able to do it with these people and the amazing crew members!
Do watch out for this #Marigold commercial online!! 😁✌️

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