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Glenn Ross ➰  Now showing : Iceland Saga 🇮🇸

I'm on the edge of a cliff looking over the port and the pulse of its history flashes in my mind like a flip book turning with each rush of the wind 🇮🇸

To the land and people
I give my final breath
A life that has no equal
for legends born in death 🇮🇸


lay down your arms 🇮🇸

galdur hraunsvettvangur 🇮🇸

The Berserkjahraun lava field is over 4,000 years old and at the center of the Eyrbyggia Saga.
In the 10th century, there was a farmer who had two Berserker laborers from Sweden - both were powerful and aggressive, highly valued by the overlord. As the story goes, one fell in love with the farmer’s daughter and asked to marry her. The farmer did not approve but was too frightened to tell the Berserker he couldn't have her hand. Distraught and unsure of what to do, the farmer begged the counsel of a local chieftain who suggested he allow the marriage if the Berserker could first complete an impossible task: forge a road through the lava field. The farmer proposed this and the Berserker agreed, setting off straight away to work on the road with his compatriot. They went 'berserk' on the field, hurling everything in their path to clear the way. They finished in no time, and the farmer was pleased but worried his daughter would run away with the Beserker - so he invited the two inside to rest in a special sauna he had built for the occasion. They rested, and only to be trapped inside. The famer had finished them off - using his new road to cart and bury them in the lava fields.
Many wonder if this tale is a myth, but modern archeological excavation at the site has found the remains of two large men 🇮🇸

ancient lava field 🇮🇸

Jökulsárlón lagoon 🇮🇸

Jökulsárlón lagoon 🇮🇸

Jökulsárlón lagoon 🇮🇸

how do you see the world? 🇮🇸

The oldest wood-frame house in Iceland is this one, built in the 1830's by a merchant and fisherman named Arni Thorlacius. Throughout its life the building has been a home to families and a general store, and is now a museum that shows what life was like in another time.
When I was outside Norska Husið I felt that I was being watched. The museum was shuttered, so there shouldn't have been a soul around - but the gaze was present enough that I stepped back and looked up to the attic window where I saw something move.
That night I met a local and asked about the house - he said that when he was a boy his family lived there as refugees after escaping the volcanic eruption of Eldfell. He swore that things would move on their own, doors, toys, dishes..and the last memory he has of the place is when he tried to enter the attic only to be chased out of the house by a tall grey fog 🇮🇸

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