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✨ stargazer  Sight of Sound - solo exhibition at the 1st Bank Center - now thru February 2017.


Any idea how much time it takes to wear the paint off of an instrument?⚡️🕰

Tal Wilkenfeld 🌪


deep as the ocean

I roll dice 🎲 that's how I determine what Im gonna do next..

It's October and a bunch of us are outside in the alley with a light rain falling and Annie Clark steps out the back door. People gather around and say how much they love St. Vincent + that her music changes lives. Some heads are asking about her setup and guitars..she's funny and far out and I'm hanging back still stunned from the show. Theres a cool mist in the air and I start in on the song 'Whats the use of Won'drin' and she's singing along. It echoes off of the brick and we have a laugh by the vine 🌿

Sitting on a barstool under the red glow of the Cruise Room and theres Jack White in a booth. I walk over and he notices my old camera.. we're talking Polaroid and about trains that used to roll into Union Station. Theres a juke box on the other side of the room and its spinning Loretta Lynn. It's got a sign above the coin slot that reads 'Music is Free' - so I ask what he thinks about free music and he says 'Lets drop a coin in and hear what comes out' 🎶

I'd been going back and forth between the crowd and stage, a challenge not for the barricades but for the plumed peacocks guarding the entrance and exit. A narrow walkway seperated the green room tents and the stacks of gear, and when I'd gotten past the birds I found two pair of boots hanging off of a roadcase. A perfect scene, sacred symmetry and just enough time to step back and click 🕸