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Glennon Doyle  Author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller LOVE WARRIOR and CARRY ON, WARRIOR. Founder of Together Rising.


And heeeeere we go! Tis’ the Season to set boundaries - fa la la la la... la la. La. Laaaaaaaaaaaa We can do hard things! Breathe deeply! Keep your peace, keep your Self. No Lies in, only Love out.
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Together Rising. This is all of us vs. patriarchy- which ruins our men and abuses our women.

Abby and Tish keep trying to find Tish’s signature hair style. This braid/ headband situation was Abby’s creation this morning. You know- A ‘lil Alex Morgan, a ‘lil Sydney Leroux- Tish’s faves.
I will never get tired of watching these two warriors keep falling in love with each other.

Watching this again and again. Hoping she always finds this kind of joy and that she always, always says: “Look, mom!”

Tish is Snow Queen of Naples. If I didn’t keep this strict rule- no kid bragging on social media- I’d tell you that she became Snow Queen by winning a POETRY CONTEST but, you know, the rule. Can’t say anything. Obviously, @abbywambach is secret service cause snow reigning is dangerous.

Weed can do hard things.
Look how victorious she is!!! Things were dark and hard and improbable and nevertheless, she persisted!
So shall we.
Love, G

Clear eyes full hearts can’t lose.
I love her.

Today’s Self Priority: be a good friend to my future self by doing the hard, good, true thing today.
Also!!!! Spoiler alert!!!! everything works out.
Thank you for this beautiful art...@peopleiveloved
And for posting It @xosarahjones

Just shavin’ her bonus mom’s head. As you do.
We love you @ckh22 !!! Best therapist I’ve ever had.

You guys. Look at my Sporty Spice!! My wife is golfing today for the first time in a year. Look at how happy she is. I feel like it’s the first day of school.
Me this morning: oh my god your golfing costume is so cute!
abby: thank you, baby.
Me: do you always try to match your bag?
Abby: I wish I could say I didn’t.
Katie! Thank you for taking my wife golfing so i can do what I love to do which is never ever golfing.

Holiday Hands Update... We Did It! Love Wins!

Yesterday, through @Together Rising's Holiday Hands program, you met the needs of 700 families in less than four and a half hours.
I’m still in awe. I am overwhelmed, filled up, exhausted, and mostly—grateful. Grateful for the courage of the askers and grateful for the character of the givers. Grateful that we are able to create the world we live in. Grateful that yesterday, you showed up and created a more beautiful world.
Swipe left to see some of the 700 beautiful families you showed up for yesterday! 700 families will breathe easier this holiday season. We did that together. The holidays – which are supposed to be about Love and Mercy and Grace will be about Love and Mercy and Grace for them this year.

I know how it feels to be down and lost and empty and lonely and hurting and have a stranger offer a hand. Something shifts inside of you. I’ve felt that shift in hospitals and addiction meetings and in therapist’s offices and in churches and here in this community. Always here. It’s just everything- to be seen. To be loved when you’re DOWN – just for being a human being –without earning it. It’s everything. There is nothing else.

And for the givers - isn’t it wild? We spend so much time looking at the world with our hearts broken- wishing it were different. Wishing people cared for each other. Wishing people would be kinder, live bigger, think beyond themselves. Wishing. And then one day we find ourselves jumping in and MAKING IT SO. We stop wishing and DO. We CREATE. I cannot handle the truth of this: that you MADE A BETTER WORLD for 700. Do you see that? That these 700 families will go to bed tonight in a kinder, bigger, smaller, better world than the one they woke up in yesterday? That we all will?
If you missed Holiday Hands and still want to help families over the holidays, you can give a one-time or monthly tax-deductible donation to Together Rising by clicking on the link in my bio above. We continue receiving and filling requests for holiday needs through mid-December — and we fill the needs of families all year long. Thank you!!! LOVE,
G & @together.rising

Please click the link in my bio above 👆🏼to be part of this miraculous day!
Today, people all over the world log on and release outrageous, lavish, radical love by meeting the holiday needs of total strangers. Right now, we are matching 642 Holiday Hands families with givers!

Holiday Hands is a miracle that YOU pull off every year. It is when we re-learn that small things with great love are what change the world. It’s when we PROVE what we BELIEVE: We Belong To Each Other. It’s when we show our own families what the holidays are really about.

Meeting the needs of is a miracle in itself. But it gets better. We join in Holiday Hands to be good. We show up to help others – to change another family’s life. But somewhere along the way we realize that the family that is changed is our own family.
When we act out what we want to believe - when we not only SAY LOVE WINS but we DO LOVE WINS – WE BECOME THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

Today we stop wishing for a kinder, better, more generous world and start creating one. We tap a stranger on the shoulder and say: "Hey, friend. I’d rather my kids get three holiday gifts and your kids get three holiday gifts, than my kids get six gifts and your kids get none." We let our families watch us do this. We show our children the families we’re helping.
We show our family — not just tell them – what love is. Since grace is unearned love, one way to put it in motion is to love strangers. Because character is how you treat those who can never repay you.
We need your help to pull off this miracle again! LET’S BE THE CHANGE we want to see in the world!!! Please click the link in my bio above 👆🏼to be part of this miraculous day!
G & @together.rising

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