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Installing some much needed shelves... I'll probably hang my boards up on those rails somehow...

Here are the toppers I painted for our wedding sitting nicely on the wedding cake. We thought we had lost them the day after but we found them in a box of stuff that was left over at the venue, unfortunately somebody tried to wash them and a lot of the paint came off, but now they look kind of antiqued so It's all good. Thanks to @sweetnessandlightphotography for the awesome photo!

First day at the new studio. I did some work from home on Luna... Still haven't set it up to my liking. I have to install shelves on the wall behind me, put up my idea boards, put up my lights, maybe get some plants in here etc. I also want to turn the wall to my left into a giant chalk board. All these projects will have move forward slowly though because at the moment I need to get to work. I pretty much threw my back out getting those flat files in last week 😐. More to come 😬. #newstudio

Unwieldy curls... Story of my life. #curlylife

Coffee at the Red House. Pacific Grove, CA.

Cruel outhouse... Moss Landing, CA.

Amazing panel tonight with four amazing women in film, animation and games. That's Brenda Chapman, Cameo Wood, Deanna Marsigliese @dmarsigliese and my fellow Funomenaut Robin Hunicke @hunicke . This was a perfect kickoff for the Bay Area International Children's Film Festival. Many thanks to my friend Jim Capobianco for inviting us to be a part of it.

Slowly moving in to the new space.

Tanjung is the GREATEST!! Believe you him... πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ #sketch #development

While I am a big fan of having windows, I went with this space because it has high ceilings and this skylight which diffuses everything very nicely. I'm planning on adding a few things to the space to make it my own. It's roughly 183 square feet much bigger than what I have now, especially the ceilings which are 10' high on one end and about 15 on the other (it slants up). Very affordable and I'm surrounded by other artists. The landlord is patching up the walls and giving them a fresh coat of paint tomorrow.

Got the keys to a new space today! It's a bit shabby, but still inspiring. Unfortunately those flat files aren't mine, but I will get to keep the shelves... After giving it some thought, I decided to find a space outside of home for my studio. This decision of course has to do a bit with the "exciting news" coming your way. It has also become apparent that my Wife and I would like to stay in our house longer than we previously planned. Moving my studio out of the house will free up a room that could be used for guests or perhaps even a new member? NO that's not the exciting news! Regardless, life changes are happening and things are moving forward! πŸ‘πŸΌ

Sketch... actually haven't drawn for myself for a while, but that is all about to change. Exciting news on the horizon. I'll share the details soon enough. #staytuned

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