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Glenna Gordon  Photographer ⚡️DIAGRAM OF THE HEART, Nigeria Ever After, Kidnapping Artifacts. ✈️ Seeking out our world's edges. 📕Red Hook Editions.

House boats are perhaps both the best kinds of boats and the best kind of houses.

@lisettepoole presenting 48 DAYS at @bronxdocumentarycenter for @openshownyc. Stay tuned for her book with @redhookeditions

"I've walked all along the top."

About last night... so happy to be home and for @wienalin, who uses the same kind of moleskin that I like and keeps track of everything ❤️🔥🔪


This motorhome definitely beats my rental Honda. #newprojects #america

Last month I went to Green Bank, West Virginia on assignment for @graziauk. There's a scientific observatory there with equipment so sensitive that cell phone carriers are banned everywhere in the county. It was blissful to be offline for a few days. When I went to visit the telescope with @itsmeannasilverman, we learned I couldn't use my digital camera because of the electromagnet interference. I picked up a disposable film one at the gift shop and snapped the pic in the opening spread on our way out of Green Bank and westward bound. Worth the $10! Thanks again @graziauk

It's harder to stop and start again then it is to just keep going. I had travel plans and logistics sorted, but they had to be discarded and made anew. So it goes. Onwards to another ✈️. Exit music: The Ramones.

At times, I felt as if I were grasping at straws with my pictures, looking for anything to emotionally translate this conflict. One day, Sarah told me the story of Fatima, a young girl she had interviewed who was abducted by Boko Haram but later escaped with a few other captives. She told Sarah that traveling with the other escapees would have drawn suspicion, so on the day of their escape, they scattered into the night like “children of birds.” Thanks again to @nytmag and @pulitzercenter, and of course, @sarahtopol

The edge of a makeshift refugee camp in Monguno, a part of Northern Nigeria previously held by Boko Haram but recently retaken by the Nigerian army. There aren't enough formal camps or shelters so many people gather thatch and build small huts. Image from January 2017 on assignment for @nytmag with support from the @pulitzercenter

A sign with Boko Haram's most wanted suspects is tied up to a tree in Bama Refugee camp.

The town of Bama, the second largest city in the northeast, was the biggest urban center held by Boko Haram. When the Nigerian military retook the town, Boko Haram fled and burned many buildings down. Some still have markings, which also show Boko Haram's affiliation with ISIS. Photo from January 2017 on assignment for @nytmag

A young woman looks up at a solider who is checking her house for insurgents, weapons or other illicit goods during a cordon and search exercise after a suicide bombing on the outskirts of Maiduguri. Photo from January 2017 on assignment for @nytmag

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