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Glenna Gordon  Photographer ⚡️DIAGRAM OF THE HEART, Nigeria Ever After, Kidnapping Artifacts. ✈️ Seeking our world's edges. 📕Red Hook Editions.


Apocalypse living room.

Happy 2018, from the intersection of SUNBURST & SUNFLOWER. Here's to fighting the good fight in one more loop around the sun.

Cactus > Any other flower.

NYC. Nigeria. Las Vegas. Ecuador. A fraction of my travels in this deeply challenging year filled with more opportunity than I ever could have imagined. Grateful for the lessons, the moments of exuberance, and the chance at another circle around the sun. Peace out 2017 ✌️

The Girls Came Back - at a Price. Today in @wsj. Please read Drew Hinshaw and Joe Parkinson's amazing blow by blow of how one person emerged from the chaos of the chase to negotiate with Boko Haram for the release of the girls, with plenty of intrigue, foreign interests, and false starts along the way. •

In the best of worlds, this opens to perhaps talks with Boko Haram. In the worst, the group is newly empowered by the windfall of cash. Maybe both things are true. •

The more graphic pix didn't make the paper, but here at the end of this slideshow because in addition to some schoolgirls, these are the very real stakes for the victims of bombings, abductees with less political cache, and everyone in the region. •

WARNING: POST CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGERY. The afternoon I arrived in Maidiguri, I planned to go to Muna Garage, an area on the east side of Maidiguri near the outskirts. It's home to many informal settlements of displaced persons and is a frequent site of suicide bombings because it is one of the first points of entry into the city and there aren't many check points to get there. I was delayed that afternoon, and decided I didn't have enough time before sundown and my security curfew. At 6 pm that night, there was a four person suicide bombing that killed several dozen people in Muna Garage. I went the next morning and saw the carnage, and thought about how many more suicide bombings Boko Haram can conduct now with the $3 million they got for the Chibok girls. Pix for @wsj. Link in profile.

Last month, I flew to Nigeria to photograph a story about the negotiations for the Chibok Girls, some of the world's most famous political prisoners and Nigeria's most precious abductees. I photographed some of their school books and uniforms back in 2014, and I was glad for the opportunity to learn more about what happened to them. Unsurprisingly, the viral media phenomenon wasn't enough to get the girls out, but certainly contributed political pressure to ensure their eventual release. The stakes are high when passing off millions of dollars to a terrorist group like Boko Haram, and I left Nigeria with no clear answers. Please read @drew.hinshaw and @joeparkinson 's incredibly well-reported piece for @wsj. Link in profile.

And then there were harps and albino peacocks during a brownstone experimental music performance.

December 6.

I am many months late to posting this, but I'm deeply honored to have been a finalist for the @eugenesmithfund for the work I did in Northern Nigeria for @nytmag with @sarahtopol and the incredible support of the @pulitzercenter. It's disappointing that of the ten finalists, the two fellowship winners, and the one grand prize winner, that I'm the only woman in the bunch (@womenphotograph). Here's hoping more ladies get it next year. And in the meantime, thanks again to @kathyryan1 and @amykellner, whose support and confidence mean the world to me. A few pix here from the award booklet and my project, and see more of this work on glennagordon.com and please read @sarahtopol'a heartbreaking piece - I've not seen any other writing on Boko Haram like it.

This morning, @alanschin @pvanagtmael , Jason Eskenazi and I sat down for our annual @redhookeditions meeting. We started by laying all the books out - we are very proud of all the work our authors have done so far and are looking forward to a stellar 2018 line up, continuing to grow as a collective.

"Through small holes in the wall, they could see people walking on the docks. The Guatemalans recognized a port called Acajutla. An hour passed, then four, then eight. When the narrow beams of light that had shone through the holes in the hangar wall faded, they felt the Boutwell move. The boat’s engines roared, and a guard threw open the doors: The sun was setting, and the men were back at sea. For 30 minutes, an hour maybe, they sat in silence, watching the water and the sky become dark, their minds turning to their families. That night, Arcentales and Castillo, the Guatemalan fisherman, both cried, their chests heaving as the other men looked out at the sea."• In February of this year, I traveled to Ecuador with @sethfw and @dondestalamona on assignment for @nytmag for a story about fisherman who are small players in a larger drug war but get caught on international waters and detained by the US Coast Guard in floating prisons. •

Seth's deep investigative work shines in this piece - he met with men in prisons in America and we visited their homes and the families left behind in Ecuador. He also looks at the legal framework and financial incentives involved in this devastating situation. •
For the opening shot of this story, Carolina and I got up long before dawn and traveled to the edge of open waters, where the Ecuadorian and Colombian waters meet and legal obligations begin to change, to catch the very first light. •

Thanks as always to @nytmag @kathyryan1 and Christine Walsh @handheldproductions for giving me the chance to illustrate this important story. Link in bio.

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