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glen E. friedman Ⓥ  If you are inspired by the work, find my books & take it to another level, as it's REALLY meant to be seen. 👁👁 All photography © glen E. friedman

TOUGHER THAN LEATHER poster for the Run-DMC movie directed by just graduated NYU Film student Rick Rubin, the movie is a classic blaxploitation flick of the late 60's early 70's, but this was made in poor taste in the late 80's 😉 and got caught up in various legal battles with the horrible folks at Profile records (the label Run-DMC were on, never DEF JAM as so many believe) holding up the use of Run-DMC's music... The film is funny to watch but true B class if that, if your a huge fan of the era you gotta see it. Not at all polished like Krush Groove or the like, but it has its moments worthwhile, Beastie Boys and JunkYard band also make appearances... This poster is made up of two different photos of mine or one they cut up to stagger they guys. Anyway, its a cool souvenir to have from the movie, i also had a bit part "roof top thug" as did everyone who was down with the Rush Productions DEF JAM posse at the time... All good fun, just not the best film 😉. @kingDMC . #GoldenEra #hiphop #rundmc #rap #JMJ #jammasterjay #inspiration #GetTheNewBook #myrules #hollis @revwon #OldSchool #suckerMCs #rundmc #DMC #DarrylMac #GoldenEra #RUSH @unclerush #humor #studentfilm #Bmovie #

NECROS circa 1981 at the Infamous MUDD CLUB in Downtown NYC. they were from Maumee, Ohio and were one of THE defining bands from the Mid-west with Negative Approach (who also played this show along with The Meatmen), Die Kreuzen, the Effigies, Zero Boys and a few others you should look up. This is the two page spread they earned in my original MY RULES photozine , Barry Hensler the singer also wrote one of the ingenuous editorials in the back, along side H.R., Biafra, Dukowski, Morris, Barile, MacKaye and Tim Kerr (for Biscuit of the Big Boys)... Cory Rusk on Bass here, ran Touch and Go records, Todd the drummer was the best skater in the group and Andy the guitarist was a great guy from what i remember. They were really good friends with the MISFITS and they were one of the early hardcore groups to use the artwork of Brian “PUSHEAD” Schroeder, way before Metallica and Aerosmith 😈 anyway i was always partial to the song “IQ32” #Punk #Ohio #Midwest #Hardcore #TouchandGo #IQ32 #Necros notice the Beastie Boys sticker on Barry’s ankle! I remember one time i went with them out to Glenn Danzig’s house in Lodi NJ and we watched the movie THE BROOD (on a TV Set off of VHS tape) in Glenn’s basement cave (probably still his parents house at the time, pretty sure) I’m not into horror at all, but if there was ever a crew to watch a horror movie with i’d say seeing it with Glenn and the Necros was one for the story book.

TONY ALVA in SkateBoarder Magazine. I made this photo in 1977. It was the opening page in a cool spread of “poems” photo section ... But as T.A. Wrote in his one and only letter to SkateBoarder after seeing this issue “Too bad no credits for Glen” this photo and a few others in this article were credited to the editor Warren Bolster, surely by accident, but for a 15 year old I was sooo bummed. Cool thing besides the style in this photograph was the spraying dust grinds of the edge of the pool and T.A.’s two different color shoes, very early Nike blazers i guess, the company was still kinda new. This square pool was in the back yard of actor Hal Linden who played BARNEY MILLER on the classic mid 70’s sitcom. #NoPermission #BackYardBargeSession #BackYardPool #style #DogTown #ALVA #Skateboarding #SkateBoarderMagazine #MisCredit #OG #NIKE #Blazers #1977 #inspiration #SkateProse #SkatePoetry #poolSkating #NoTileObsession 🤣 this photo also later appeared in FUCK YOU HEROES and part of the cover collage on MY RULES (but not inside the book) ... you can (should) go to iTunes and watch the SkateBoarder magazine documentary that was just released last week or two ago, it’s very cool look at SkateBoarding’s Original Bible, i highly recommend it.

My gold record award for the greatest hip hop album of all time (yes i got the platinum one too, but this came first) this was a turning point for many. PUBLIC ENEMY “IT TAKES A NATION OF MILLIONS TO HOLD US BACK” the posters Def Jam and CBS made to promote this album were all over the subways and city, a smaller remake of the original street snipe is out there for sale now i believe and it made an appearance in the new BLACK PANTHER movie... and if you read around you will find out that while i am very happy to have my photograph on the cover, i wished they had used one of my others... but you can see those in my books 👊🏽✌🏽✊🏽 #PE #DefJam #HipHop #GroundBreaking #ThingsWouldNeverBeTheSame #BlackSteel #NightOfTheLivingBaseheads #ProphetsOfRage #SheWatchChannelZero #PublicEnemy #Rap #StrongIsland

MINOR THREAT spread from my MY RULES “Photozine” that i self published in 1982... always meant as a one time thing, sold 8,000 copies in the first year or two, and another two thousand in the years to follow. it was a pretty big deal back then, the numbers were big too, no other zine had ever sold that many at that time. i shipped them all over the world and sometimes you can still find an original one on EBay. These photos look as they were made at the 9:30 club in DC, and the Barn in California.
#MinorThreat #Integrity #inspiration #Punk #PunkRock #MinorThreat #StraightEdge #InMyEyes #ScreamingAtAWall #Attitude #KickAss #harDCore @dischordrecords #WashingtonDC

David Hackett circa 1984 down in Orange County. This photograph was used as a center spread in THRASHER magazine and even had a graphic representation made into a best selling T-Shirt. This shit was hot and still is!Everything you hear about DH may not be true, but the man has been through a lot of adversity and come through it all, not to mention doing the LOOP in his 40’s and still skating hard as nails to this day. I don’t know if anyone was ever more stoked to get into the SHoF than Dave. He was also the MC of the event for a number of years, and took a year or two off to work the crowd behind the scenes to assure this day would come, so here he is “Dreams do come true!” 🤣 Even though it shoulda been Wally Inouye this year (and i know DH agrees) I’m happy for him and his family. Congrats DH! I know he loves this image and is gonna use the hell out it, with my blessings! #skateboarding #Skateboardinghalloffame #malibu #palisades #poolskating #slasher #Thrasher #oldSchool #gnarlyCoping #SometimesHardWorkPaysOff #style

RUN-DMC-JMJ Hollis Queens 1985 - getting this photograph on the cover of “Bam Magazine” was huge back then, BAM was a big California regional magazine that was mostly all about rockNroll, so to have a big part in making this happen for them was very gratifying and a great step towards greater acceptance of the form, of Hip Hop. Look at that cover! The issue was PACKED with Hip Hop and my photographs exposing the culture to an entirely new audience. The dominoes were about to fall 😉✊🏽 #HipHop #KnowYourRoots #RunDMC #DefJam #LLCoolJ #BeastieBoys #BAM #Rap #IceT #RickRubin #inspiration #CultureShift

JELLO BIAFRA (Dead Kennedys era c. 1980) and HENRY ROLLINS (Black Flag era c. 1982) - this is the last spread in my 1982 MY RULES photozine. Both these guys obvious rulers and inspiration to countless numbers of punks and people of all ages and persuasions. Two huge inspirations to me personally over the years as well. Do your self a favor and go listen to “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables” and “DAMAGED” today, kick your ass into the week and inside out forever really. #punkrock #hardcorepunk #harDCore #OG #knowYourRoots #inspiration #integrity #BlackFlag #Rollins #Biafra #Jello #DKs #DeadKennedys #MYRULES #FuckYouHeroes both of these images appear in the new MY RULES book too. Btw. In case you didn’t know the book is completely different from the original ‘zine but some of the same images are in the book, printed 100x better, in fact both of these photos were also in FUCK YOU HEROES and the Jello photo is color! #film #35mm #KodaChrome #TriX

This is a photograph of ME because today is my birthday 😉 i was 14 when this photograph was taken by Hugh Holland at Arthur Lake’s pool in Santa Monica. This was in November of 1976, so just a month or so after i had made the photograph that would become my first ever published work. Breaking my shoulder was a bit of a defining moment for me, i wasn’t that good of a skater so i began to start using the camera more, i was good at that. When you swipe to the left the first picture you will see is one i may have made earlier in that day, or another day all together, of Arthur Lake bailing... the image after that one is taken by Hugh where you can also see me to the right in the background and get a better sense of where i am in the first photograph, and in the last you just see me in the background and get a sense of how i really was just a kid. #SkateBoarding #Photography #CuttingMyTeeth #DogTown #SantaMonica #Inspired #Integrity #PoolSkating #vertical #MyRules #FuckYouHeroes #SkateBoarderMagazine #DontTakeAPictureOfMe #14 #BrokenArm #OG This photograph appears at the beginning of my story in the MY RULES book, thanks @hughholland for re-discovering this image in his archive just a few years ago.

SLICK RICK - One of the most influential MC’s of all time!
“The Great Adventures of Slick Rick” One of my classic album covers, not only did i make the photos, but the whole album title and font design were also my ideas. We did this on the roof of my old building just before X-mas 1988. My original idea was to take him to Times Square to work the photography. But Rick didn't want to shoot on the street, he was concerned about his own safety with all his jewelry, unless i had body guards with us, and that wasn't my style so we just did it up on my roof on 22nd street, and i came up with this new idea of him sneaking around the city via roof tops, in one of his “Great Adventures”. In this image looking up town, most notably with the Metropolitan Life building in its art-deco style, beautiful and the closest in the background. One of the few times i used a 6x7 camera. There are other things about this cover we could talk about, but i'll leave that to another outlet, interview or public talk.
#theRuler #SlickRick #hiphop #OldSchool #defJam #newyorkcity #adventure #childrensstory #mcRickyD #skyline #inspiration #classicHipHop

BAD BRAINS spread from my MY RULES “Photozine” that i self published in 1982... always meant as a one time thing, sold out of 8,000 copies in the first year or two, and another two thousand in the years to follow. it was a pretty big deal back then, the numbers were big too, no other zine had ever sold that many at that time. i shipped them all over the world and sometimes you can still find an original one on EBay. These photos look as they were all taken at CBGB’s , Dr. Know (Gary), H.R. , Earl, and Darryl... major.
#BADBRAINS #inspiration #Punk #PunkRock #HardCorePunk #SailinOn #RightBrigade #PMA #FVK #FearlessVampireKillers #BlackDots #AtTheMovies #PositveMentalAttitude #Attitude #KickAss #CBGB #NewYork #WashingtonDC

BRAD BOWMAN another inductee for the Skateboarding Hall of Fame this year. This early photo circa 1977 i made of BB up at the Oxnard, Endless Wave, Skatepark snakerun on what looks like a Val Surf PPP board with his G&S, Tracker, and OG SkateBoarder magazine stickers thrown on for camouflage. Brad was a great solid skater who i made some great published photos with over the years at several different skateparks including Cherry Hill and Marina. I remember once seeing Brad at a punk show at the Whisky circa 1979 or more likely 1980 and he was trying to be funny and ripped the “bum flap” off that i was wearing, he was trying to be cool and tough... i was really pissed 😡 so a few minutes later i saw him inside and just punched him smack in the face, knocked him down! before i could even smile and bask in the glory of the shot, one of the bouncers grabbed me from behind and dragged me to the back door and threw me into the alley like it was a fucking movie (that never happened to me before or since!) The bouncer Paul, i believe his name was, knew me, but he couldn’t let me get away with that... at least it got me outta harms way, cause Bowman probably coulda got me back pretty bad 🤣 #Skateboarding #NewWaver #Val #Sims #GandS #skateboardinghalloffame #EndlessWave #TrackerTrucks #TunnelRocks #ValSurf #Norcon #GodSquad Next time we saw each other it was just water under the bridge, even steven, i recently was reminded of a cool back cover SIMS ad they did with one of my photos of BB, posterized crazy psychedelic , Tom Sims did that, he was a mad genius. Congratulations BB, well deserved!

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