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Nicolas Roman  Remember! Reality's an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold! Byeeee!

Things I learned at TNT. From Jackson: To be a real actor means to know how to avoid doing as much work as possible. #tntyc2017 #TNT4Life #TENT #theatrerocks #TNTisDynamite #BaytownRebound #Baetown

Things I learned at TNT. From Michael: 🎶Well they say true beauty it comes from within, But your have to be comfortable in your own skin, So I exfoliate with this exotic cream, Just look at me, I look like a dream!🎶 #tntyc2017 #TNT4Life #TENT #theatrerocks #TNTisDynamite #BaytownRebound #Baetown

I know I'm like 2 weeks late on this, but I just wanna give a quick shout out to TXState Group 16 #BestYouEverSeen for making my NSO an amazing time and helping me feel welcomed to the place I'm gonna call home for the next 4 years! See you all in the fall!

Things I learned at TNT. From Samuel: Sometimes you just gotta say "girlfriend no",but it always ends up being "girlfriend yes!" #tntyc2017 #TNT4Life #TENT #theatrerocks #TNTisDynamite #BaytownRebound #Baetown

Things I learned at TNT. From Emma: Murder is never practical, but if your scene partners aren't giving you anything, sometimes it's better to take reins of everything yourself! #tntyc2017 #TNT4Life #TENT #theatrerocks #TNTisDynamite #BaytownRebound #Baetown

Things I learned at TNT. From Ashley: Sometimes you spread a TNT meme a little too far, that it becomes an actual meme on the internet. My baaaaaad. Anyway, THE FLOOR IS NOW HOT LAVA!!! #tntyc2017 #TNT4Life #TENT #theatrerocks #TNTisDynamite #BaytownRebound #Baetown

When it's been less than a week, but the other 2/3 of Bandana Squad, Fohawk and Netflix, misses you as much as you miss them! #TNT4Life

I'm Mikayla and I like to talk about fashion

Things I learned at TNT. From Nikki, Garrett, and Sarah: Theatre makes you feel like your feet don't touch the ground and that you have wings...or that could just be Nick wanting to take you home with him every single year! #tntyc2017 #TNT4Life #TENT #theatrerocks #TNTisDynamite #BaytownRebound #Baetown

It is I, THE Nicolas Roman. I am back after being gone because of the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING 22ND ANNUAL TNT YOUTH CONFERENCE IN BAYTOWN TEXAS!!! Now many of you who have gone to TNT over the years have had the honor and delight to meet, but it wasn't always this way. I still remember how shy I was attending my first TNT in Odessa in 2013 when I was 15. I hardly talked to anyone at all, that I was surprised I received The Gilmore Spirit Award that year and now I'm a five time recipient! The secret to my success? Just friend everyone in the Playbill on Facebook right after the conference ends and harness all of the social medias! Over the years people have come to know me before I even know them and vice versa. I'll never forget Bastrop 2015, when I nearly gave two of my daughters Sarah and Kayla heart attacks when they learned they had just meet @gleeknicolas! And now here we are in 2017 just fresh out of Baytown where THE FLOOR IS NOW LAVA! Eskeetit! I am Queen of Circle Arts, and my group learned to mock the floor I walk on. I named two boys Lipids and Rambo, two girls Jumper 1 and 2 (all from Boerne coincidentally (#yikesonbikes)), learned to read Whataburger Receipts like a fortune teller, formed The Bandana Squad and helped create The Glow King! We also serenaded THE ONE, THE ONLY, THE GREAT LINDA LEE!!! Who proceeded to make all of us cry by calling us her gifts to Dennis. 😭 Going to TNT for 5 years now has shown me how much I've changed. This conference has given me the hope to keep on going, even in the darkest of times. Because I know I'll soon be with family and friends who will welcome me home again, even if only for a short while. From all the old to new comers you always make me feel like I have somewhere where I truly belong. It really does mean a lot to me when I have people shout my name in excitement. To feel that the whole world is revolving around me makes me smile, and moves me to tears. And I do hate going home and having to wait a whole year, but I feel blessed to know that no matter where we all are, we will always love one another, and that 🎶I'll be home with you🎶. #tntyc2017 #TNT4Life #TENT #theatrerocks #TNTisDynamite #BaytownRebound

He's beauty, he's grace, he's JIMMY JIMMY JIMMY! #tntyc2017 #TNT4Life #TENT #theatrerocks #TNTisDynamite #BaytownRebound #Baetown

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