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Nicolas Roman  Everything in life is only For Now

Things I learned at TNT. From Texas All-Stars: The most important part of improv is abuse. Improv-A-Ganza #tntyc2016 #TNT4Life #TENT #theatrerocks #TNTisDynamite #BaytownBound #BVTatTNT #skythelimit #AnnaCarr #shesokay #Baetown #tntyc2017

Things I learned at TNT. From Ohlook Company of Ohlook Performing Arts Center: Sometimes we want to escape the world we feel trapped in. Not everything and everyone around us is beautiful, and often makes us long for more than what we have. But then the world begins to change and you start to lose control of what you had, that you find yourself longing to go back. And when everything's been said and done you're left to decide what can be fixed and what you need to leave behind. Heathers 101 #tntyc2016 #TNT4Life #TENT #theatrerocks #TNTisDynamite #BaytownBound #BVTatTNT #skythelimit #AnnaCarr #shesokay #Baetown #tntyc2017

When your ever expanding TNT Fan Club makes you into a meme. Bet @omgjennay hasn't received this kind of honor #GleekNicolas

Things I learned at TNT. From Barron's Brigade of Bastrop Opera House: We should always remember the past, live in the present, and look to the future. Where you come from and where you are headed helps shape the person you will become. The world around you may seem small, but if you stop to look around and really listen to the voices in the wind, you'll find there's something there you never noticed before. Spoon River Anthology
#tntyc2016 #TNT4Life #TENT #theatrerocks #TNTisDynamite #BaytownBound #BVTatTNT #skythelimit #AnnaCarr #shesokay #Baetown #tntyc2017

Things I learned at TNT. From BCT Teen Troupe of Boerne Community Theatre: To live and be stuck in the same old routines over and over again is not living! You might as well be some kind of human like structure that hardly moves and reflects what we want to be! We take for granted the little things like walking, eating, robbing, driving a race car...maybe not all things, but most. It's not until we find what makes us human that we can find what we really want out of life. After Hours #tntyc2016 #TNT4Life #TENT #theatrerocks #TNTisDynamite #BaytownBound #BVTatTNT #skythelimit #AnnaCarr #shesokay #Baetown #tntyc2017

When you realized you didn't post any pictures during The Wizard of Oz, and that's unacceptable considering you almost died from Fuchi's Jitterbug choreography every night! #TheresNoPlaceLikeTROUPE

Things I learned at TNT. From ImprovEd Shakespeare Company of ImprovEd Arts: There is strength within all of us to speak up and stand up for what we believe in, even when the world tries to silence us. To be brave and bold in a world that tries to suppress those that it does not understand is basically a death wish. But it is those that do face death and go further into the abyss that leave a path for those they never get to meet. Witchcraft In Their Lips #tntyc2016 #TNT4Life #TENT #theatrerocks #TNTisDynamite #BaytownBound #BVTatTNT #skythelimit #AnnaCarr #shesokay #Baetown #tntyc2017

HELLO!!! Everyone out there in social media land! Today Brazos Valley TROUPE has a fundraiser going on with the Pizza Hut next to the Bryan Target from opening till closing to help raise money for our TNT Youth Conference trip this June! If you wanna help out just save this flyer to your phone and mention us when placing your order for carry out or delivery! #TNT4Life #TENT #theatrerocks #TNTisDynamite #BaytownBound #BVTatTNT #tntyc2017

Hey everybody out there in social media land! We are currently having a profit share at Willie's on University Drive to help raise money for our trip to TNT this June and I would very much appreciate it if you all came out and helped us out! Hope to see you there 😃

Things I learned at TNT. From Young Actors Guild of McKinney Repertory Theatre: The troubles of today are a countless many and we often look to the past for help and answers, and usually all we find out is how much more messed up people were back then. Like seriously! Gods and Goddesses were always fighting and trying to find dead loved ones in hell! Most people now a days can't even keep their composure when their nonfat skinny dairy free triple mocha caramel frappe is out of stock! Moral of the story stay with one person, never try to revive the dead (even through song), and if someone says "Let's go on an adventure!", DON'T! The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza #tntyc2016 #TNT4Life #TENT #theatrerocks #TNTisDynamite #BaytownBound #BVTatTNT #skythelimit #AnnaCarr #shesokay #Baetown #tntyc2017

Hey everybody out there in social media land! Guess what? This Friday Brazos Valley TROUPE is heading down the yellow brick road and opening the gates to proudly present The Wizard of Oz!!! We will have 8 incredible shows with a truly amazing cast and crew of around 50 people! Shows run April 21st-23rd and April 28th-30th with showtimes at 7:30 pm for Fri. and Sat., and 3:00 pm for Sat. and Sun. Buy your tickets at the door or online at So come on down and follow us somewhere over the rainbow!!!!! #TheresNoPlaceLikeTROUPE

Things I learned at TNT. From Jr. Art Park Players of Art Park Players: The value of something often comes from how much use you can get out of it before it becomes obsolete. As soon as something runs out its use it's easy to discard of it and get another just like it or better. It's easy to do this because most things do not hold a higher value to us, but when they do and we don't take notice we're often found fighting between what we want and what others want as well. Property Rites #tntyc2016 #TNT4Life #TENT #theatrerocks #TNTisDynamite #BaytownBound #BVTatTNT #skythelimit #AnnaCarr #shesokay #Baetown #tntyc2017

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