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Glass40K  I am a huge fan of warhammer, especially 40K and 30K and wanted to have this account to focus solely on my warhammer and the community!!

My entire army of chaos forces, iron warriors on the right and alpha legion on the left

Alpha legion headhunters are painted and ready for action!

Alpha legion rhino is complete! Stripped it of its old paint, fixed it up and repainted it. Ready to join my new alpha legion forces (more coming soon)

I don't even know what I just made, but it is a cool kit bash from leftovers of the maulerfiend #warhammer40k #ironwarriors #modelling #chaosspacemarine #darkapostle

Colour test for alpha legion what does everyone think? #warhammer40k #paintingwarhammer #alphaleigon

Forgefiend is built and started being painted for war! #warhammer40k #chaosspacemarines #ironwarriors #forgefiend

Newly put together predator ready to be painted. #warhammer40k #ironwarriors #chaosspacemarines

My iron warsmith! Took me a good amount of time to do this but was worth it. #warhammer40k #paintingwarhammer #ironwarriors

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