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paige  hmu 4 nothing

barcelona is lit

rem-dogs beach karate school. enquire for bookings.


🌈 yeet etc

when u pumped to hang out at 9am but need to unwind with some my little pony at 4pm

bb punk me will bash u if you don’t go to the @vicmarkettattoo 25yr party and then come see @worldsickworld play at the grace darling. hell yeah. we’re on at 10.

when u try to be tough but u r standing next to actual sunshine/your spark our blaze

my homegrrrl @amandabrookstattoo tattooed my other homegrrrl @s.pyh name on me and @charlielacroix2000 took a terrible photo. that’s life i guess.

everyone complains when i do a self timer photo but they are all happy to steal it after. bunch of judases.

miserable hardcore™️

do i know anyone in brisbane? @hobbledehoyrecords fest is coming up and it’s gonna be a fun time. come hang at the show then come to @movieworldaus for mad roller coasters. ps hi movie world wanna look after a cool melbourne band @worldsickworld who are spending an extra day in qld just to visit u? 😘😘

it’s been a year of finger numbness. cheers @vegiedelights for your ‘easy open’ packaging

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