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Janz J 💋  My life with Emma Gisela 💗 A picture is a poem without words ⭐️SHOE COLLECTOR ⭐️DREAMER ⭐️ #MFGNYC SC 👻: iamglamourdoll

I may not be the best at this thing called motherhood but I try my best ..everyday I learn something new ..everyday I worry and ask myself if I'm doing it right ? How can I be better ? Is she going to be smart and bright? Am I leading her down the right path? How can I make today count ? I sometimes need more patience (a lot more !) but everyday we keep going and everyday we try new things new tactics new approaches because MOM LIFE is about that .... it's about exploring because just like she's exploring a new world, so am I from a different view a tiny little view where everything is amazing and a new adventure ..sometimes things don't work out and your approach sucks and you can have a screaming toddler in seconds but not everyday is a goods day's about starting all over everyday and giving it your all ... @emmagisela_


Once in a lifetime you meet someone who changes everything...

Hello everyone .. I would like to address my blog and all the tons and tons of dms on my social media platforms...they have not gone unnoticed and I am not trying to ignore or go back on my words when I said I would share all the info on my surgery and all other topics like motherhood, glam life, makeup etc ..ive been working really hard on finishing my site ..I do not want to inform through ig where writing space is limited and I truly want to give you my full experiences ..if you know me you know I am very meticulous and when I'm going to do something I like to do it the very best I can ..i can be a perfectionist and even have a great fear of failure because of how much pressure I put on myself ... my website will consist of a blog where I would write about me my life and my thoughts ..information on certain topics ... a store where I will sell items on consignment and items curated by the likes of me ...please bare with me I promise I'm finishing up ..look out for my website launch date I will announce soon ❤️ @theglitzandglamz ---- logo done by @allcitygraphix

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms 🌺

GLAMOUR is a state of mind 💋 dress by @gabrielalunna_

Maria Valentina ❤️ @mariavalentinaaa

Yesterday we celebrated my little sisters quinceañera... your going from a little girl to a young adult and I am so proud of the person your becoming you are the epitome of a great sister, daughter and friend !!! You are an exemplary human and I'm so proud I can call you my baby sis !! I know your going so far in life your dedication to education and your strive to excel can only make me more proud of you ! I love you Valentina my little princess 💗💗💗

::SWIPE FOR MORE ➡️::The many faces of Emma Gisela ..she's so sweet ..she's silly ..she has an attitude just like she's fiesty ...she cries and throws tantrums ..but most of all she's funny ..such a hilarious little girl .. she's my perfection !! the world sees what I want it to see, of the most important people in my life .. I pick and choose what I want to share .. but please don't mistake me for a fool and think you know me and my life or think that because I share on social media you are entitled to know everything about me ...again please understand I choose to let you all in ...💗💗💗💗

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