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Sylvia 💋  On a quest for the perfect body and soul; will I ever attain these things only time will tell, but the journey is going to be fabulous! RNY 3/13/13

As a mother our number one job in life is to take care of our children and to keep them safe... I think of being brought to a place of fleeing, of escaping with my child, of hiding my own fear and repeating to them “I will keep you safe”. I think about them being ripped from my arms and held in a cage, scared and alone. My heart breaks for these families, regardless of your political views; what is happening is just immoral, it’s cruel 😢 Vincent sits outside of the bathroom door devastated when I go in without him, I can’t even imagine him sleeping on a cot alone wondering where I went! #familiesbelongtogether

I’m starting a 3 day Ayurvedic cleanse tomorrow and they recommended making your “Kitchari” every morning for your day... I guess I should have adjusted the measurements of ingredients for post bariatric 🤣 looks like it will last me the full 3 days 🤣

Wrestling and Champagne! Yes please!!! #mitb

I should be in bed 🤦🏻‍♀️ Fully booked massage schedule tomorrow for Father’s Day and I can’t fall asleep!!! Golden milk tea and the fabulous @katehudson to the rescue 😍

My Favorite Dance Partner is back in Folklorico with me!!! The family that dances together stays together ❤️

After a full massage schedule... I’m ready for some self-care... dry bushing is my absolute favorite way to end the day... it increases circulation to the skin, results in smoother and brighter skin, improves the lymphatic system and releases toxins... And it feels amazing ❤️

Yoga modifications today included working around a toddler 🤣

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