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S A R A H ⚜️ ساره  💥Blogger💥 🇸🇩 Dubai | UAE 🇸🇦 Saudi 📧📬

Lil too Over Obsessed 🙇‍♀️

Obsessing Over this beauty by @toryburch ""Absolu"" 💋💋

Love Love Love this Stuff 💜

Luxurious ❣

@nuxemiddleeast 💥

I have memories attached to PERFUMES 💜

This is one of them 💥
@montblanc 💕

Some Mascara Love Maybe!?

Gift Ideas by @mikyajy are incredible ❤

I love how they smells 👌

Affordable yet beautiful ❤

This includes:
👐Body Lotion
👐Body Mist
👐shower Gel

Lets juss talk about all these "Beauty Boxes" and find out which one is the best maybe!?
📣i have paid for none all were PR samples📣

Dun judge me im honest 🔊

@glamboxme thats the first ever box i was subscribe too last Dec 2016, there are hit and miss init.. not all everything every month is great.. but some of them were definitely great boxes.. its worth subscribing 100% you definitely get to try sum great stuff ❤

@basharacare i have recieved the first box this month, I'm honestly extremely happy.. so many different beauty brands under one roof.. i was asked to picked 2 full sizes.. worth each penny highly recommended ❤

@mylittlepleasures_uae i have recieved 2 boxes till now... honestly what a beautiful box from the packaging to every single details.. with the products init.. i juss love love this box.. the concept is amazing.. you get to try full sizes products from brands like ( Mac & Smashbox) its beautiful its girlie.. 200% recommended ❤

@cyclelogicalsme i have recieved one till now.. it was actually 2 full sizes products init like Face Wash & Hand Creme .. i wish there was more.. other stuff like tini mini samples were more.. its ok box not that great juss my thought ❤

Which one would you pick!? 🤗

Speak Truth 👩‍⚖👩‍🏫

I was legit excited to get my hands on these amazing looking CLAY MASK by @lorealskin 💞

I tried all 3 yesterday one after the another, i loveed the results honestly 😍

Super easy to use they dry very quickly leaving the skin super clean and amazing 😍🤗
I will be using them more often and update about the results 😋

The Black Charcoal Mask
The Red is the Algae Mask
The green is the Eucalyptus Mask

The best i liked out of all was Red one 😍 thou all 3 are great 😋

You need to try these guys amazing stuff!! It says on the pack 10 uses but honestly i can use more there's alot of product init 📣

Im honestly Happy ❤

Do you ever use filters to get that white SMILE while taking pictures!??
Now can you use @crestarabia 3D whitening kit to get that #nofiltersmile just in 3 days all stains removed completely should be use twice in a week 🤗

Excited 🔊

Exclusively by @mylittlepleasures_uae June Box 🙋🏿

My expression on "JaneIredale" is splendidly eloquent to the fact that they have Skincare Benefit in makeup line 😍😍
Gorgeous 😍😍
@janeiredale 💕

I couldn't resist had to post😍

Love this highlighter 😍

Dry skin people can mix in with their foundation.. honestly the best.. it's less its beautiful 😍😍
Incredible Product 🌟

@kikomilano 💥

Mask Me 😎😎
love these 😍😍
Ive used couple of them before, i have already used 2 out outa these.. these will make your skin instant soft, very hydrating you feel fresh!
It has something init that gives kinda that relaxing cooling effect and i love that..
I dont usually wash my face after the mask and leave the serum thats inside the mask to kinda soak in the skin overnight..
However these are great not just affordable one definate reason, but they are worth each penny!
⛔️you need to use a Sun Protection after these sheet masks as they are collagen based and that's makes the skin super sensitive to SUN🌝⛔️
Easy to use, 15 mins hardly 🙋‍♀️💃
Enriched with Vitamins 🙋‍♀️
Cruelty Free 🙅🏿
Made In Korea 🙋🏿
@theskinrepublic 🌟⭐️
Available at @lifestylegulf 💥

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