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S A R A H ⚜️ ساره  🇸🇩 Dubai | UAE 🌟 🇸🇦 Saudi 🌟 📧

These "Matte Pigment Gloss" are beautiful by @lagirlcosmetics 🌟

I have used by far these and the famous concealers by this brand and both are honestly quite great 💕

Non streaky , non patchy , non drying the formula is great on lips 👄 beautiful coverage and long lasting also they are non transferable so another plus 💄💄
Available at @desertcartuae 💋

A V E N E 🔥

So I knew this brand exist I've seen couple of times in the @bootsmiddleeast pharmacies , but never have had the opportunity to try it . until I was given by @glamboxme to try these 🙇🏽‍♀️🤗
The most gentle and fresh gel Cleanser ☘️
I am loving it👌👍
if you're oily to sensitive skin you must try these 👍 they are super safe plus won't irritate your skin 👐

I use it as a makeup remover and cleanse my face after I apply makeup and it does the perfect job.. I'm extremely glad 😇 and the Micellar Water is bomb picks almost every little dirt from the face I promise 👌 I'm oily so I need this kind of stuff what so ever as to kinda keep my pores close 👐👐
This is definitely one high end luxury brand with great quality products 💘

@aveneusa 💕

M A Y B E L L I N E 💕

My current favorite from the drugstore and affordable 🙋🏿
I dint liked the original Formula of FITME it was way too oily on me, but I love this one.. it's light very much build-able beautiful matte finish.. last long like approx 6 hours good.. after that I don't know as I haven't worn🙇🏽‍♀️
Honestly im not too sure of the PORES 🙅🏿but you can use a great Primer beneath I used the @smashboxcosmeticsme one you can use any👐
Highly recommended if you're OILY person like me it's great for summer specially if you need bit of foundation and not too much 💕

@maybelline 💘

S T E V E M A D D E N 🔥


Bathe & Body 👐
supercalifragilistic 🙇🏽‍♀️🙇🏽‍♀️
@lauramercier 💘

Finally May @cyclelogicalsme Box 👐

I honestly was super surprised to see so many stuff in one box ☺️
May Box consist of:
☘️ @neutrogena Pink GrapeFruit Daily Scrub
☘️ Purifying Detox Scrub
☘️ @farmhousefresh Shea Butter Hand Creme & Body Milk with sweet almond
🍀 @rfhairspauae 30% voucher
🍀 @munchboxdubai Energy Balls
🍀 @naturesbounty Mud Mask & Strawberry Scrub
🍀 20% off
🍀 @detoxdelightdubai 10% off
🍀 @papabubble_dubai Sweet treat

This was really my first time trying them' and I am honestly very pleased to see so many new products to try.. some of them are my favorites like DermaE ☺️😉
Definitely worth looking 👍

It's Summer Time 🌞🌝
🍀Hands down the best Self Tan product I've used till date smells delicious too 😋

100% Organic 🙋🏿
No Toxins or Parabens 🙅🏿
No Fake Tan Smell 🙇🏽‍♀️
Streak Free 🙋🏿
Moisturizing ☝🏿
🌾It's Zero Transfer and extremely easy to apply.. I have being using the "Self Tan Lotion" for past 6 months or more and I love it 👍 it's more of a beautiful bronze color to your skin🙆🏼
yes I'm "Asian"and we can use Self Tanning Products ✋🏿specially if you love that bronze glowy skin without getting in to SUN 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
🎋Secondly it just gives that sun kissed glow to your skin without getting messy or streaky or patchy whatsoever.. Absolutely Fuss Free at home juss 5 mins application & you're done 👍
💯% Cruelty Free 🙅🏿❌‼️
I'm so excited now to try the "Dry Oil" and "Self Tan Oil" they smell so so good 😍😋
🌱You guys have to have one of their products and see for yourself how good they are 👐

BottegaVerde New "SPENDIDA" collection now available across GCC 💕
Protects Against Daily Pollution 👐

Anti- Aging problems solved 👐

Some sheet Mask by @theskinrepublic 💕

I have used the foot one before from them and it was a winner.. as I could literally see the dead skin coming off.. you have to have one of those foot ones and see the magic I swear by it 👌
👉🏿 These basically are for Healhty and younger looking skin.. giving you that brightening effect with loads of Fruits enzymes in it which eliminate dry , dull and rough skin cells basically all the dirt and unwanted stuff 🌱🍀👐
I'm excited to give them a try and see how good they work on my OILY skin 👐👍
Made In Korea 🙋🏿

@roberto_cavalli 💕
@justcavalli_official 💕

M A R C J A C O B S 🔥

Lovin' itt 💕

A D I D A S 🔥

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