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Gladys Porter Zoo  Located in Brownsville, Texas. A tropical oasis ~1,600 animals.


Did you know pangolins are the most illegally trafficked mammal in the world?

Over the last ten years, millions of pangolins have been illegally poached and traded as bushmeat for consumption in Africa and Asia. In addition, their scales have been used in traditional folk medicines, despite having no therapeutic properties.

With a primary goal of conservation through understanding, zoos like the Gladys Porter Zoo work to support scientific, education and conservation efforts that are dedicated to protecting these endangered animals.

Visit www.PangolinConservation.org for more info on what YOU can do to save pangolins.

Photo credit: @joelsartore Joel Sartore

Happy Valentine’s Day! Our enrichment continues until 3:00 p.m. It’s not too late to join us!

Where are you taking your valentine on Valentine’s Day? How about bringing them to the Gladys Porter Zoo to watch our animals receive Valentine’s Day treats from their keepers.
Plus, enter to win this adorable gorilla gift basket, complete with a 3' red gorilla, heart w/ chocolates and gpz giraffe mug w/ goodies for your loved one. All you have to do is post a pic on Instagram of our animals and their valentines treats using the hashtag #iLoveGPZ
One winner will be randomly selected at 3p.m. on February 14th.

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Black Howler Monkey (Alouatta pigra) males are black; females are brown. In the wild, Howler monkeys live in "troops" and each troop has its own territory. They can be found in southern Brazil, Paraguay, eastern Bolivia, and northern Argentina.
You can see our two Howler monkeys in Small World section of the Zoo.

Photo: Tracey Colista Fandre

#GPZAnimals #Monkeys #NewWorldMonkey

Cuban crocodiles (Crocodylus rhombifer) basking and posing!
#TwoForTuesday #gpzanimals #crocodiles

Photo: Natalie Zaftig Lindholm

Who says mermaids aren't real?! Only at the Gladys Porter Zoo can you catch a glimpse of these mysterious creatures. Our Gulf Coast Mermaids will be making an appearance this Sunday, January 14th from 2:30 p.m. - 3 p.m. in the Russell Aquatic Center.
Get your tails down here and say hello to them!

A surprise this morning in the Herpetarium! One of our beautiful blue tree monitors has laid 3 eggs!
This is the same female visitors see on a daily basis inside the Herpetarium. With luck, these eggs will hatch in about 6-8 months time.

Photo Credit: Clint Guadiana

The Gladys Porter Zoo announced the results of their name search for the newest baby giraffe. After a two-week voting period and 1,125 votes from Valley residents as well as Gladys Porter Zoo fans around the nation, the baby boy giraffe has been officially named J.C. The name is in memory of Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Gladys Porter Zoo Associate Curator. It won with over 54 percent of the vote. Other names which were finalists included Jabari, Hasani, Zane, Khari, Al G. and Casey.
It was a landslide victory for the official name, with the other name options garnering 13% or less of the votes. “I remember Juan Carlos started working at the Zoo for a summer program when he was a teenager. Then, he left for a while only to return in 2001 when I hired him to work with our primate collection. He eventually worked his way up to become Associate Curator and was completing a degree in Business. He was one of our homegrown heroes. Juan Carlos was a dedicated employee that you could always depend on. He will be missed.” said Jerry Stones, Facilities Director. Zoo staff members, docents and volunteers provided the initial suggestions for the names, which were narrowed down to seven finalists.
The Gladys Porter Zoo welcomed the male baby giraffe to the animal collection on April 28th. After months behind-the-scenes being cared for by zoo keepers, our latest giraffe calf joined his tower to be integrated. The baby giraffe began its public appearances recently and is now available for viewing every day of the week. Baby J.C. is currently integrating into the group of seven giraffe that are in the public exhibit and is adjusting well.
Photo Credit: Jim Campbell

Want to learn more about what’s going on at the Gladys Porter Zoo? Check out our PR Coordinator, @charlie_abrego on @cbs4riograndevalley every other Thursday and on @krgvnews every Friday!

Two Chimpanzees + Gift wrap = Double trouble ;-) Photo: Patricia Scanlan
#GPZAnimalEnrichment #GPZAnimals #Chimpanzees

Meet Lalo, the giraffe! Listen to his full story on our Facebook page 😁

Happy #WorldLionDay!

Jamil, the majestic, 7 year old African lion, was ready for his close-up today! Although, we're sure this king of the jungle feels as if everyday is his day.
Lions are currently listed as a vulnerable species by the IUCN Red List and their population in the wild is continuing to decline. Human activity is one of their biggest threats. This includes habitat loss due to agriculture and human settlement, as well as trophy hunting.

Kids Appreciation Day- August 6th from Noon to 4 P.m. The first 1,000 kids to make a passport will receive a goodie bag with school supplies! Plus, they'll be games, activities and giveaways for everyone to enjoy! You can pick up coupons for Kids Appreciation Day at any Brownsville HEB location!

Check out our website for more information on Summer Safari camps/classes and the last public Starlight Safari of the summer, happening this Saturday, July 22nd. Plus, watch the full video on our Facebook page to learn more about our Egyptian fruit bats. 🦇

Happy #SharkAwarenessDay! While we may not have sharks here at the Gladys Porter Zoo, we have some of the shark's relatives, stingrays! Cow-nose stingrays to be exact. Here's a little close-up look at feeding time🦈 AZA-accredited Zoos and Aquariums are working to save #sharks and #rays. Over these past 5 years, the AZA community invested over $15.7 million towards shark and ray conservation. #SavingSpecies

Searching for the perfect gift for Valentine's Day? Consider a box of Seroogy's Chocolates. For each SAFE box sold, a percentage of the proceeds supports AZA SAFE: Saving Animals From Extinction. You'll get free shipping when you use the promo code SAFE2017. Link in bio.

#FinallyFriday and our #orangutans are ready for the weekend!!
Thank you Natalie Lindholm for sending your excellent photo!! #gpzanimals #gladysporterzoo #primates

Hey #PokemonGo players! The #GladysPorterZoo has 7 #PokeStops for you to stock up on supplies! Plus, you'll find plenty of #Pokemon along the way.

Making the weekend s t r e t c h!
Thanks for sending your photo, Natalie Lindholm! #gladysporterzoo #brownsvillezoo #gpzanimals #giraffes

It's a "just dip your tail in the water" kind of day.
Photo: Natalie Lindholm. #crocodile #philippinecrocodile #gpzanimals #brownsvillezoo #gladysporterzoo

#Lionfish at The Russell #Aquatic and Ecology Center at #gladysporterzoo. Coral Christmas tree by Mark Mota and Karla Mendez. Gpz #gpzanimals #fish #aquarium

Baby East African Crowned Crane
#babyEastAfricanCrownedCrane #GrayCrownedCrane #gpzanimals #birds #crownedcrane #babybirds

Photo: Natalie Lindholm

Happy #MermaidMonday Friends! Have you ever wondered how the inside of the tanks in the aquatics center are cleaned? Now you know! #aquatics #monday #mermaids #gladysporterzoo #cleaningglass

Photos: Amanda Peña, #GPZAquatics

Happy #Monday friends! Our beautiful Grace is today's calendar girl in @joelsartore #PhotoArk desk calendar. Grace is a #Moluccan #cockatoo. #cockatoos #pinkbirds #PrettyInPink #gpzanimals #gladysporterzoo
Thank you once again @mrs_zoo for sending another great photo!

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