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GLADYS|NUNEZ  Believe in yourself & you will be Unstoppable! 💙 ⚓ 💒👫💉💪

Day Three of 80DO: Cardio Core!

No joke the hardest 45 mins ever!! Lord help me for I do not know what I have gotten myself into!

Anyone know a of a tanning bed in the Cutler Bay area?? I am so white, Lawdddd! I know the sun is free but I work inside and my weekends are go go go!
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Day Two Bootay!! Another 60min workout.. wholy guacamole!! Ouch!! Definitely going to feel it tomorrow but mama wants a tight butt! Lol

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Day One of 80DO.

Man did I miss my workouts but 60 mins of total body cardio was EXCRUCIATING! Have to admit it feels good now.. maybe just a little bit! Not too late to join our challenge group! Message below!

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So yesterday came and went and all day I tried to find the words to express how I felt. The more I thought about it the more I just wanted to cry so I avoided it all together. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling guilty for not posting. Truth is, it still hurts. January 8 and March 1 are specific dates but everyday I feel your absence. I try to block the thoughts most days because truthfully, I still cannot believe your gone! Not a day goes by that I don’t think what if.

Happy Birthday Day Little Bro! 32... I still cannot believe your not here kicking life’s butt with me! YOU ARE SO MISSED! It’s just not the same without you.


Week 5, Day 1, Chapter 3!! Next challenge group begins February 25th! Limited spots, message me today for more details and to get your 14 day free trial today!

Tag your friends, let’s do it together! First 3 challengers to sign up will be receiving a special gift from me!

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Week 4:
Day 23 & 24:

Staying consistent is the key! So what you fell off a couple days with nutrition, you have the tools and resources to jump back in it. Change your mind and your body will transform.

Any other time I would of called it quits and said I already messed up and quit! Not this time, I slipped and its my fault I dont have more results to how but I have this week and two more weeks left of THIS program!

As for my journey, it is never ending!! Have way through week 4. Today’s workout we decided in our No Snooze Group to do the weighted Strong 2.0 HOLY MARY MOTHER OF JOSEPH!! THat ish was HARD! No joke,I wanted to puke several times. But it got doneeeee!

Join me on this endless journey. Message below or dm and let’s get you plugged in!

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Day 18 of forever!! I am on a mission and never backing down! Full throttle, wide open, never looking back.

33 feels GREAT!! 💪🏼 #BbCoach #MomOnAMission #Motivate #Inspire #Empower #ConquerYourMind #TransformYourLife #DoingBigThings #LoveAndBeLoved #GoalDigger #StrongIsSexy #MakingMoves #RiseUp

Aubrey and Mason need your help.. WELL let me be honest. Mommy needs your help, they each brought a box of chocolates home that need to go asap!! Now accepting orders!! $1 each. Please help a mom on a mission out. T.I.A!

Thought of the day 💭
If not you, then WHO?

If not now, WHEN?

Let that soak a moment 👊🏼

Transformation Tuesday or Transparent Tuesday?!! Hmmm.. You see strong.. I see struggle to feel strong.

You see cute pics... I see a girl fighting through her insecurities.

You see beast.. I see years of excuses I am trying to let go of.

You see daily workouts.. I see the 3 alarms I have set to get my butt up.

You see motivation.. I see struggle to maintain focused.

The point is no matter what you see on social media; there is always struggles, pain, obstacles, trails and hard times. That person is not a beast over night.. it takes time, a mindset shift and a tribe of ppl to help that person become that beast.

I get told daily how “proud they are, keep up the good work, your such an inspiration.” It wasn’t until recently that I started to look in the mirror and say “you got this!” More often then not it’s I lost 7lbs but still got this fat or that, or still got these dang stretch marks. This is a journey and part of this journey is accepting the person you are and seeing the beauty behind each stretch mark, each insecurity. Part of this journey is finding the real you that has been there all along but has made excuses to why you let yourself go.

It has been 6 years since I had my “baby” and doesn’t look like I will be having a mommy make over anytime soon and I am ok with that. I am happy with my progress thus far and will continue to fight to reach my goals, once tenth of a lb at a time. Lol.

If your struggling inside with your self image, with self esteem issues, with never being good enough... YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Been there and slowly finding my way out!

Learn to respect yourself and make others do the same! Never water yourself down or lose yourself in hopes to please others. Stay true to yourself and work on the person in the mirror, from the inside out!

A month ago I would have never been this vulnerable but today bc of my NoSnoozeCrew and the bad boss babes.. I have courage, I am a fighter, and I believe in the process!

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