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This guy was trespassing on our driveway and side yard. I know they're harmless and good to have around (for eating insects, scorpions, etc) I would've been SO stoked to see him on the trail as I love capturing and observing critters in their "natural" habit but I'm not looking to cohabit with any of them! Nonetheless, he is freakishly fascinating! I'm hoping this is a "he" and not a she because I dont want a family of them taking up residence in my yard. Although, I do suspect a couple of holes I found, could be his/her burrow. Perhaps, time will tell! Since the wide open dessert is nearby, I'm hoping it was just an accidental detour of some sort!
FUN FACTS▪Did you know??
Male tarantulas spend the majority of their life searching for a mate. In the Fall, during mating season, male tarantulas can migrate up to 50 miles in their search. Once he locates a female, he must be cautious. Even if they mate, he has to make a quick departure because she may make him her next meal! If he does escape, he will only live a few months after matting, whereas females can live up to 25 years.
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