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.• Gerda Kavaliauskaitė •.  ▫️ Lithuanian living in Shanghai ▫️My art: @gk._art ▫️Plant based 👇🏻Latest YouTube video


.• usually I post pictures pretty often, however lately I've been very busy, dealing with 1000000 things at a time and besides that I also have exams coming up this and the next week. Stress and lack of sleep haven't been treating me well, but I have one amazing thing to look forward to - I'm moving to another place and I'm going to have my own room! Yay! :D Since I moved to Shanghai, I have been living with 3 girls in one room and you can imagine how that is going... these two(ish) weeks are going to be tough, but I'm ready to accept the challenges and I'm so excited for what's coming afterwards! 📷: @katlinkruuse •.
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.• I was always a fan of HUGE cities, but now that I live in one, I miss nature so much.... also the sun... I miss seeing the sun •.
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.• 🍃🌿 again?!?! 😫😫 •.

.• 'no amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worrying can change the future' 📷: @katlinkruuse •.

.• cozy cafe + good book = great afternoon ❤️ •.

.• it has only been a month since I moved to Shanghai, however I feel like a completely different person. I've learned so much, I've become more independent, more courageous, communicating with people is not as hard as it was before, however... since I came here, I completely lost control of myself. I've been having mood swings every 10 minutes, being anxious most of the time, binge eating every day and feeling constant hate towards myself.... I'm so grateful to have many amazing friends around me, who help me to forget (and take pictures of me), who don't get tired of my bullshit and even if they do, they don't leave me alone. They inspire me not to give up and try harder. I'm grateful for the life I have and I know that I will overcome my current state and all the obstacles that I will face in the future. 加油!📷: @katlinkruuse •.

.• ☠️ •.

.• 🌴 •.

.• Hey, guys! New lookbook video is up! Check the link in my bio and have an amazing day! •.

.• view from the tiny kitchen window in our dormitory... wouldn't even call it a kitchen though... I wish cooking was more convenient here, I really miss it 😣•.

.• last weekend, as some of you could have seen on my instagram stories, for the first time in my life, I had a chance to be an art model. All I had to do was sit/stand still, when people were painting me. Even though at one point I almost fell asleep and people started laughing at me, I absolutely loved the experience! •.

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