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Gary Johnson  California music Brit. Also @uav_tv. Father to the most awesome boy the world has ever seen, my Hendrix...


Recovering from a broken back and #SpinalCordInjury is hard enough, but now facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills starting with $10,000 just for the ambulance ride and including the $202,000 surgery cost, it can be hard not to feel like giving up.
I’m very privileged to have some amazing friends who’ve been helping me out in so many ways.
I’m indebted to @joannapearl for going even further and setting up a #GoFundMe to try to lessen the blow.
Please don’t think I’m asking for your money, but should any of you wish to contribute, I will place a link in my bio.
Thank you all.

#HendrixRobertJohnson tries to distract me from all that I have going on by befriending a #silkychicken!
#chicken #sugarplumfarm

It’s not every day you get to see your own #skull in such detail from an #xray.
Now we’re finally moving some of the focus to my other injuries including what seemed like a broken nose, but this x-ray suggested could just be cartilage deviation. Either way I know it’s not going to be fun to fix.
#carcrash #crash #brokennose #nose #xrays #skullxray #sci #spinalcordinjury #youcanseemyfillings #mynextalbumcover

A month ago today I went through my surgery, and began the long arduous task of rehabilitation. It’s healthy for me to take time and realise how much progress I’ve actually made since it’s slowed to an absolute crawl now. Still, there’s a chance this chest brace can come off in a couple more months...so I guess I’m a third of the way towards that.
I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of those who’ve helped me immensely...some an astonishing amount...you know who you are...!
#sci #spinalcordinjury #fusion #lumbarfusion #iamtitanium #titanium

I always thought this would be years away...#HendrixRobertJohnson helps dress his Dad just a few years after I finished dressing him. Still, it’s definitely good to be out of the hospital.
#SpinalCordInjury #sci

I couldn’t be more proud of my nephew #CharleyKendall and his #HatTrick for @officialqpr #U18s this past weekend. Keep up the amazing work @c.kendall_00!

This past week or so has been the hardest of my life, especially as it very nearly was my last.
But, I’m still here...I’m broken, but refuse to be beaten. I will walk again.
Thanks to EVERYBODY who’s been supportive, keeping my spirits up, visiting or making sure the rest of my life doesn’t grind to a halt without me in it. You know who you are.
#BrokenBack #SpinalFusion #IAmTitanium #TakataAirbag

‘We can rebuild him...’##l
Not he convinced that I’m any better than I. Was before..!
$6million man. #IAmTitanium

This is my car. It’s a write off. I’ve kept it so long because Hendrix loves it so much. Unfortunately, a couple of days ago I was driving home in the rain, and was caused to hit the central reservation at around 65mph.
The next thing I know I’m explaining to the emergency services that I have excruciating pain in my lumbar region, and that I don’t seem to be able to walk as they extract me from the vehicle.
I’ve now been in hospital for two days, and after MRIs and CT scans, my injuries make more sense. My Lumber1 vertebrae is 70% crushed and along with bulging discs either side, I have a significant contusion on my nerve stem.
At noon today, I will be entering surgery to have some titanium rods and screws fuse five of my vertebrae, in an effort to release the immediate pressure on my nerves and allow them to heal.
I KNOW I am going to walk again.
I can buy more cars.
I am trying not to let this situation get me down, but honestly that part is hardest for me.
The support I have received from those who knew immediately has been beyond anything I could ever have expected. I’m very lucky to have such friends, especially while family is over 5,000 miles away.
The surgery will take about five hours...please spare a thought for me around noon today (PST).
This has been the hardest post I’ve ever had to write...but my main reason for doing so, and sharing such personal information is for motivation for me, so I can look back someday and see how far I have come.
....and don’t worry, I’ll be sure not to see a ‘like’ of this post as anyone being happy this happened!

Practically swimming in #Ferraris on a phenomenal @westcoastexoticcars #FerrariFriday. Great job @nicksstuff2017, and thanks for the invitation @brentruiz_! I still have a load of shots to go through, but at least here you can swipe through a few for now.
Thanks also to @gentlmndrvr @r35hunter @jeff_tessa @donturbos @daniel_j_burke @jk_veloster @0to60_exotics and more...for some crazy but epic improvised shoot.
#458Italia #458 #458speciale #458italiaspeciale #suderia #scuderiaferrari #WestCoastExoticCars #longshadow #longshadowranchwinery

A great @westcoastexoticcars day out for #FerrariFriday. I just now have to wade through the 760 shots I took today..! Thanks for the invitation @brentruiz_!
#Ferrari #Scuderia #ScuderiaFerrari #458 #458Italia #Ferrari458 #Ferrari458Italia

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