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@big_ronnn @leightonrice @lorne.e from the weekend great company great friends 1 love kids x

4th back exercise in doing deadlifts for a change usually start with them so felt good too still get up 4 plates for 5x6 reps and 2x 2 on 5 plates getting that power back up for still a little sketchy! But fucks given 0

Me and the stag @chrisj.hawkins last night before we hit up Cardiff.... great night great company happy stag do son was a pleasure too be there πŸ’ͺ

Yes I'm back fuckers!
Just seen my boy @nathan_smart1 in @officialmofgym and decided to pull.our pants down for the boysoooos! Looking sharp kidda definitely be watching you compete next hollaring some bare shit at you from the crowd! Bit cunt ..... physique my arse πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’₯ Peptides flowing back in for myself now and loving it get at @ukpeptides for all you 98% purity peptides tested and proven at that purity. #ukpeptides

Throw back too looking like a super hero in Spain

How a deadlift should be executed in my opinion.
If you can't control the negative part of the rep within reason how can you expect to get strong only training one phase of the movement ?
Explode up control down simples. Form police my form is a little off havent deadlifted in a few months so suck a dick

Me and the old man going up in class if car..... I've got a while too catch him yet lmao
My BMW 330d Msport
His Jaguar XK 5L V8 petrol beast!

Stand strong and sack off all the negative people in your life. Live like a lion!
Shot captured by @alexwightmanphotography with his sexual camera button fingering skills!

Physique gains and recovery all fuelled by @ukpeptides biggest and best supplier of the best quality purest peptides in Europe! See www.uk-peptides.com for all orders and Www.world-of-peptides.com for how too use easy understanding descriptions of all peptides and what they do!

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Peptides the thing I now swear by and will never be without in my training lifetime obviously coming for the best tried and tested suppliers of peptides in Europe @ukpeptides Peptides

Ok so going to answer the most frequently asked questions as I now have 5 minutes too sit down and type!
Question *1 what do peptides mainly do?
- Increased muscle growth
- Increased fat loss
- Better sleep
- Better skin
- Skin splitting pumps
- Recovery speed increased -looking like a sexual mother f***er!

Question 2 * What do I take personally?

My courses vary so my body doesn't get subject too the same main GHRH or ghrp every time but at the moment this is what I'm running;

On waking: - 200mcg Hexarelin
- 100mcg CJC W/O DAC

1 hour after meal 3/ 1 hour before meal 4 (must wait an hour after eating before injecting the peptides stated for the peptide too take full effect eating eating In this time frame may blunt the effects of the peptide)
- 200mcg Hexarelin
- 100mcg CJC W/O DAC

Pre workout:
- 100mcg IGF LR3 -intramuscular injection split bi-laterally into the muscle group trained.

Post workout:
- 200mcg MGF -localised growth and aided recovery split bi-laterally like the igf1-lr3

Pre bed:
- 200mcg Ipamorelin
- 100mcg CJC W/O DAC - 1hour after my last meal and i tend to only make that meal mainly with protein not carbs or fat.

Monday and Thursday: 1000mcg TB500 (injury recovery and general repair) absolutely fantastic peptide as I've said before many times one of the two (the other being BPC157) that healed two torn rotator cuff tendons and a medial delt middle fiber tear in 6 weeks!!!! 6 fucking weeks!!! Notes: - eating within at least an hour of taking a GHRP or a GHRH can blunt the natural pulses of HGH - Take consistently, just like diet and training it has to be consistent for you to see results.
I'm also using synthelamin (vitamin b 12 injections) and synthetine (injectable L-carnatine) from www.synthetek.com brilliant company and speedy fast delivery. And @cardiffsportsnutrition supplying me with the huma pro brilliant product at a very good price lots of goodies too thanks marc appreciate bud! πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

Coming back too see this on the drive makes me smile aye

Lads lads Lads! Boys on a boat !

Lush day yesterday for foxys birthday boat trip in London with The crew doe lush weather good conversation plenty of wobble tidy!

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