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🔥meme apprentice🔥  19, scorpio, chicago, will ruin your life for only $10. personal account: @fragilechicagoan

but instead of a castle it's a house party in someone's dirty basement apartment

trying to be my best self ✨

in that case leave me tf alone

Ryan, 19, went to Neuqua Valley Highschool. Currently at College of DuPage. His dad wants him to be a lawyer but his dad doesn't know he sells weed :/ Ryan wants to pursue his dreams of playing the guitar and having girls like him for it. Next semester he'll transfer to DePaul just to live in Chicago, then he'll drop out after a month and join a band. Once he can't survive because he doesn't have a job he'll ask his dad for some money, and live in a place in Logan Square.


uh the family I work for has this cute ass dog so I made this meme as an excuse to show you this dog (also check out my sweet shoes)

before any of you kill me please note I'm a scorpio (sun) so this is a self drag bc I dated 2 scorpios in a row smh. if ur not a scorpio please comment on how one ruined ur life.


@ the teens that laughed at me on the street after my hair appointment, get with the fucking times WOW.

count urself dead to me sweetie 💅

I used something pink and from a popular mid 2000s movie, will you ppl pay attention and listen now? a mistake is a mistake, we all make them, but a refusal to change and a continuance of your bullshit is not just a mistake. That's just blatant. You're going in the book. 📕✍️


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