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Dana Katherine Scully  She owes all her successes to thin mint Girl Scout cookies and romanticized violence.


/ I'm still living.

/ Come, bore me with your shameless lies and false adorations. Feed my insecurities, and shattered what's left of my identity. Oh please, do me the favor and take me out of my misery.

Met the man I've loved all along and threatened to play much him in the dick soon after. @TeamCoco is truly a home away from home; the shoes on couch policy is non existent and that's the way I like it. 'Mama has to get comfortable when I get in my zone. Also, I sat next to "Beth The Nation Monument". It was great, not many people get to hug a hunky Irish.

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Two thumbs up for my local Barnes & Nobles; my face is all over the joint. Totally not because I don't have another pose.

If anyone knew me, they knew what these three black brackets meant to me: Life, Death, and Rebirth. Life, being the life I was given— to live it to the fullest and without reagents. To find the good in all that is shitty, even if I do run out of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. 'To build relationships in my lifetime, and to develop them into something beautiful. Death, being the many, many, many times I've cheated death (yes, that was a Final Destination reference). And, to not fear this stage of life because it simply means that my purpose has been served; people always give this negative connotation to Death as of it were the Black Plague. But, no, it's just a cycle that all people go through and we all have to come to accept that— I have. And Rebirth, this is where I feel like Jean Grey most; I've lived my life, I killed myself, and now I've resurrected and become a god. In all seriousness, I've come to terms with the fact that our weaknesses are our greatest strength and to reform, and to, essentially, Rebirth these into positive thoughts, and that will be so much more healing and therapeutic in the end.

Long story short: three bracelets from my local Target serve as my daily ritual.

I'm digging the whole "I'm a published author" look. Totally, feeling like a kid at Christmas— only with a dash of anxiety and slice of terror. First stop complete, time to move along on the crazy train.

Undertaker was always my favorite growing up, and when I first got the chance to meet him— he was pretty damn intimidating. But, come to find out the Deadman is quite the cool guy. The only encounter I could truly remember was when I showed him one of my amateur contortionist tricks— which you really have to get into. Once I showed him, he seemed genuinely freaked out; his faced oozed "What the hell is wrong with you?" and I'm very proud to say that little 'ole me scared the Undertaker. However, I was surprised when I heard that he finally retired year— but, everybody knows that he can't be killed. I'll never forget the feeling when I heard the gong echo and the lights go out— its truly something no one could forget. Thank you, 'Taker.

Catch me like a Pokémon on A.V. Club Live! It's pretty rare to see me on camera nowadays, so take advantage of the fact that I've gotten out of bed and actually put on pants today. So, technically that makes me a rare Pokémon. Anyway! We'll be discussing my chemical dependency on coffee and what happens once I'm deprived of it. 'Oh! and we'll be talking about my 'not erotic filled' book that will be released tomorrow. Tune in, or not. I'd really like to get back into bed if you don't mind.

It only feels like yesterday when this lovely unicorn of a person snuck into my locker-room back in my sparkplug days. Now, she's the Raw Woman's Champion, and I couldn't be any happier— I couldn't be prouder of all of the woman on both the Raw and SmackDown Live! rosters. Way to hug your way to a title Bayley— continue to make Mama proud!

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