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Giulia Ferrero 🌀  ⌠ I chose to live my life following the way the wind blows ⌡ ⋅ ⁓ Sailing w/luigiberlendis ♡ ☼ Now in French Polynesia ⋅ ✎... I desideri ti salvano ↓

Every day watching a different sunset.
Can you imagine to live doing what you like in a place you love?
#GoBeyondPlastic #NorthSails

"So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land." -Peter Pan-

🌊I always used to be active and fit, but sailing changed completely my body. I’m a bit more thin, but I realised I am much stronger. I can climb, lift weights, pull sheets.
I’m faster than I used to be and way more resistant.
I go to bed very early and this gives me a lot of energies.
...Life is exhausting if you do it right!!
#northsails #GoBeyondPlastic #lettheseasetyoufree

Young, wild, free, sailing around the world.
We’re so lucky to have each other. 👧🏼❤️👦🏼 + 🌊⛵️💨

This is my happy place, the place where dreaming about our next destination.
Since I have started sailing from Europe heading west, I have received far more than I expected.
Nature and people inspire me every day.

Thank you @north_sails for being part of this trip 🌊⛵️💨
#northsails #lettheseasetyoufree #GoBeyondPlastic

Everyday is #WorldOceansDay.
Every time I walk on a beach I can see a lot of plastic laying on the ground and it’s so sad.
Gigi and I always try to collect it and remove it as much as possible.
It would be awesome to live a “plastic-free” kind of life.
It’s a long way but everybody could start by going reusable, trying to avoid single use plastic.
Care about our beautiful world and especially about our ocean 🌊⛵️💨 #GoBeyondPlastic #lettheseasetyoufree #northsails @north_sails

Oceanic peace.
Main + engine, on our way from Rangiroa to Tahiti.
170 nm

Sailor, windsurfer, and now I can say I’m a diver 🧜🏻‍♀️
......sometimes it happens I remember I’m a girl too 🎀 (even if I don’t wear any makeup, I don’t brush my hair and that one is the only dress I have with me)

I SEA U !!!!! 🤟🏻
I always thought about me like an “above the surface” kind of person, but during these days in Tuamotu I changed my mind and realised there’s a completely different world below it.
I spotted whitetip, blacktip and grey sharks🦈, lots of turtles, napoleons, barracudas, moray eels, and many many many fish.
Thanks to Alex (the best instructor ever!!!) and The 6 Passengers Diving Center for these amazing days in Rangiroa 🌊🌺🌴
I just want to keep staying close to anything that makes me glad I’m alive!!! 🧜🏻‍♀️💙
Next stop : Tahiti 🌊⛵️💨 (170nm)

Last light, golden hour.
I’m living the dream of sailing the South Pacific


Travel does the heart good, even if I’m a bit jet lagged and super tired.
These next five months are gonna be a blast 💥🙌🏻🔥

French Polynesia 🌺, here we go.
I was supposed to join Gigi in Tahiti, but it looks like my plans changed again. He’s not there yet, so we’re gonna meet in Fakarava (Tuamotu) in 6 days.
Does anybody know some good spots around FP where we could surf/kite/windsurf?
I’m quite a beginner in both surf and kite; instead, I really would like to find a school to rent the windsurf equipment.
Please leave a comment or DM me!
Thank you very much🙏🏻😘
Can’t wait to see my boyfriend/best friend/lover/teacher/Captain again. #liveaboardlife

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