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Giulia Ferrero 🌀  ⌠ I chose to live my life following the way the wind blows ⌡ ⋅ ⁓ Sailing w/luigiberlendis ♡ ☼ Now in Tonga ⋅ ✎... I desideri ti salvano ↓

∾ Dear Ocean,
every day you inspire me, you make me feel small and humble.
(.....and salty) ∾
We’re now spending some days in Nuku’Alofa, because the weather is awful.
The original plan was bringing my sis to Tongatapu and then going back to Vava’u but the conditions are too challenging.
We’re now considering to sail straight to Fiji.
I feel so sad, I really don’t wanna leave Tonga.

It looks like we’re gonna have a tasty dinner ∾
Swipe right to see the captain and his catch!!

Bora Bora ➳ Tonga (passing through Maupihaa and Niue) : at the beginning huge waves and no wind at all (♪ roooolling, roooooolling, roooooooooolling ♪) - and yesss, we broke the engine belt and took two hours and a half to replace it because the spare one was way too short *^%>~•\ Then, finally, 20-25 knots from SE-E.
We also had 20 hours up to 35-40 knots.
The annoying part is that for many reasons I could barely sleep 2/3 hours per night.
I ended up feeling a bit seasick for days.
I hate that feeling.
Anyway it was worth it, because we landed in Tonga ☼

French Polynesia, I really hope to see you again because these last months have been a blast!

Road to Tonga ➳ we’re ready to jump!
I don’t know when we will have an internet connection again.
Cheers guys!!! Fair winds and following seas everybody ∾

Crystal clear water in Tahaa : I’m in love with this anchorage!
We dropped the anchor in 5 metres and we slept like babies also because we found an app that informs us in case the anchor drags.
I finally started a new book, a sort of remake of Pride and Prejudice.
Few more days and we will say “adieu Polynesie” ☼

I expected Bora to be a super touristic place. I found out that usually there are just few boats (a little bit more now, because it’s August)
Anyway, all the tourists are confined in the resorts, experiencing nothing about the island and its beautiful lagoon.
Living aboard makes me feel lucky, especially because this is the beginning of our two weeks vacation before heading west again!! Picture taken by Gigi on Orso’s passerelle ⛵️

Healthy lunch on board : a bit of turmeric, onions, zucchini and lentils.
It’s a good day to have a good day.

Taking a break from cleaning and maintaining the boat is always a good idea.
Thank you @simonemerighetti for lending me your board!! ∾
#NorthSails #lettheseasetyoufree #GoBeyondPlastic

Story of my life when sailing and catching a fish :
step 1 → try not to fall in the water or cut myself
step 2 → clean the fish
step 3 → cut the fish to get fillets
🎣 🍴 ....let’s have dinner!!!!!

Life is good ♡

Every day watching a different sunset.
Can you imagine to live doing what you like in a place you love?
#GoBeyondPlastic #NorthSails

"So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land." -Peter Pan-

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