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Gisele Bethea💐  Artist | Grishko World Spokesperson | American Ballet Theater

I just cant stop smiling :))))) Hey! Here is a link to whoever wants an announcement!💓💓💓

Officially engaged to my best friend, what a life we’re going to live together.💕💕💕

Powell never disappoints 💛 Grateful girl right here #hottestkidsintown #bcsunburns #notourboatinthebackground

Tutu Tuesday courtesy of Grishko World 💕

Happy Mother’s day to all of the influential women in my life. You have taught me what it is to be courageous, kind, and who I want to grow to be. And most importantly to the woman who gave me everything, my very own momma. I love you with my whole heart 💕

Work hard to achieve your dreams, don’t let discouragement or mistakes delay you— Elaine S. Dalton #improvinthestudio #achieveyourdreams #grishkoworld #grishkoworldballerina #lovefiercely

Happy Thursday Everyone! I have written a bit more than usual today, so feel free to read if you like or don’t. ☺️❤️ To me, my life is made by the small things. Meeting new people and showing kindness. I feel so incredibly happy and good when I can help other people to feel loved and happy. A new goal I am trying implement is showing complete humility and love. Sometimes, I notice myself becoming consumed with one thing I seem to define myself by or view as the most important part of me. General examples could be, work rank, what other people think of me, social status, or perhaps the question, “Am I currently successful and, what does that say about me?” I find myself believing I have failed or am disappointing those around me. What builds me up is turning the question. “Would I say this about someone who is in my shoes?” I guess, I am trying to have more perspective and remember that what I do is an expression of a moment in time, and not who I am. But I wish to express love, and authenticity. Even when it might not feel comfortable. Many people believe there is weakness in showing self compassion and love. But may I object and call that Bull. We are happier when we feel at peace with ourselves. And in my experience, stronger in self respect and understanding. More capable and confident in effective decision making. And dare I say proud. I feel proud to be me when I remember the truth about what matters. And so, I am finding, the more I connect with other people and direct my attention to others, the easier it is to see true self meaning and to detach from labels that can become a sort of false identity. Because, to me it reminds me how much I appreciate others and all the many things about them. I don’t define others by superficial things and so It seems unfair to hold myself to that misguided standard. I am Gisele and I am made up of many things and none of that value comes from judgments, or labels. It comes from inside. I am grateful for those who continue to remind me of that and I love you and believe the same of you. If there is anything you feel you can take from this, know that you have the born right to be happy and to be accepted and loved.

Valentines Day in @grishkoworld pink💗 📷: @benjamin_majors #happyvalentinesday #showlove

When we feel we are struggling remember that through this life we are molded by God. 📷: @benjamin_majors #liftupyourheart #couragedear

If there’s a Goliath in front of you, that means there’s a David inside of you—Carlos A. Rodriguez. 📷: @benjamin_majors #perspective #lookatlifethrougheyesofstrength

With God on our side, we can not fail — Thomas S Monson 📷: @benjamin_majors #playingwithringsoflight #faithnotfear #prophet #love #serve

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