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GIRRLSCOUT  weirdo + creator of the Face Shit™ bag ‘n other things contact: lakewood, WA ☾ @deejaybm #dibs shop + blog ↡

I spy a corgi.

You’ve got your face shit™️ and it’s time to face your shit today. Whatever you’re putting off, get it done. Whatever you’re avoiding, do it. This is your sign. 🗯
Makeup bags available ⇢
Thanks for the photo @leh.tea 🖤
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date your best friend. 💛 @deejaybm I love you so.

finally breaking out all those fall colors. 🕷🕸

Let’s make some pigtail buns. 🐷
All you need is:
✖️ 4 tiny elastics, preferably 2 different sizes
✖️ a paddle or teasing brush
That’s it. Super easy. Don’t worry, this also works great for those who don’t have such thick hair. But if you need more thickness, try adding waves beforehand (like i did) or add some @designmehair puff.Me volume spray. It really helps give it that extra unff and hold. Enjoy! 😚
🎶 I write sins and stressed out - tøp + panic! mashup via @youtube
necklaces: @pebbyforevee // tank + blazer: @forever21
hair color: cosmic sunshine by @arcticfoxhaircolor use code GIRRLSCOUT for 10% off
#girrlscout #hairtutorial #pigtailbuns #undercut

I have an iced coffee addiction. This isn’t new. So when I started working out regularly, I knew a sugar loaded caramel iced latte every morning wasn’t gonna do me any good working towards my goals... and so I researched the interwebz and found @drinkclick 🙌🏼⚡️
Now, I literally look forward to my morning coffee after a ride. I get my iced coffee kick + protein + BCAA’s all in one.
I’m not being paid to post this, I genuinely love it. It’s been a part of my routine for many months. 🙏🏼
They’ve graciously provided me with a code for you guys to try it. Scoop some and get 10% off with the code ‘Girrlscout10’

bury me in this hoodie, ok? 🍂🍁
get 10% off with the code ‘GIRRLSCOUT10’

always cold club™️ ❄️☕️😆
📷 @maddymix

my happy place. 🌙😌 we’re still slowly decorating and adding shit. i’m loving how it’s turning out.
what are some of your favorite home goods small businesses?

June vs. September ⚡️ 4 months.
It’s been a crazy ride so far, and other than traveling throwing off my groove there for a bit, I’ve stuck to around 4-5 rides a week + just now started incorporating weights into my routine. I feel so much stronger and confident. I don’t own a scale because fuck numbers, I just go off how I feel. I think that’s what’s most important. I’m not following a strict diet, I still have pizza and cook pasta sometimes but I do my best to make healthier choices whenever I can. 🥗🥑🥦🥕
All you gotta do is show up. The hardest thing was starting; making that decision like “Okay, today is day one..” because I’ve had 500 Day Ones. It’s okay. You just have to find what works. Trial and error is your friend. Ever since I got my @onepeloton bike, I’ve been excited about showing up and motivated to improve myself every day. It’s pretty fucking cool the things you can accomplish when you finally find something that works for you. I hope this inspires anyone looking for a sign. Let this be it. 💫💪🏼
Also, I had to flip the first photo, so don’t come for me about my tattoos being different. 😆 Happy Monday you guys, go kick some ass.
Edit: Please know this post is mainly about demeanor and confidence gained rather than focusing on pounds. I understand my pants are worn different from the first photo. I took this mornings photo with zero intention on comparing it, I just saw how confident I looked and felt like sharing.

slowly transitioning into halloween mode. baby steps. 🦇🦇🦇

I like to make it painfully obvious what my favorite color is.

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