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When you fall in love with your man over a simple flower in the home made lunch he makes for you. 💓💓💓. @reddragon666

Oh FFS. Ok. One more. Lol. All about me today.

Remember that day I was a posting selfie whore? Yea me too. That was fun Now back to work.

TBT. @ollgie_forde missing you guys.

Frustrated at this one. Just can't seem to nail it on the right side. What else to put to some ideas. Maybe a striped circus tent to go with the clown girl flow...dunno. Goes up on the wall for now until I am inspired again. Suggestions welcome!

Usually paint but have been trying my hand at sketching.

Brrrrrr. When anyone complains about the summer heat in Canada I feel like Jamie Lanaster from Game of Thrones....'winter is coming'. Ugh. Enjoy it while it's here peeps.

Post delete. Post delete. Lol

My sista. Can't wait to see her this weekend when she comes to visit me with her little daughter from anotha motha.

Ok found this from a year ago on my phone. No wonder my iCloud storage is full! Time to delete delete delete! Lol.

Clearing out my phone pics and so posting those random selfies over the last while. This is my 'feeling Pocahontas' look. Lol

Date night attempts at a nice selfie couple pic...someone was feeling silly but eventually I got it. :) @reddragon666

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