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We are perfect just the way we are. everyone. not just women. we are all perfect. inside and out. we are allowed to make changes to our bodies if we wish but those changes should be for us and not for anyone else. they should be safe and healthy and they should not be to make yourself more perfect. the fact that you have a body is perfect. no matter if that body jiggles, or has scars and strechmarks and blemishes, or hair, or cellulite. tall, short, skinny, fat, big, small; its a body and it's yours and only yours. it keeps you alive and it's just the right fit for you. that's perfect! don't be ashamed of what makes your body different. it's unique. you're unique. you're perfectly imperfectly perfect!!!


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"I am used ."
"He just used me."
"He was in relation with me so that he can use me."
So many girls after breakup say's these kind of wordings !
But the thing is how can someone use you ?
The fault was yours too.
He used you because you allowed him to use you !
Remember Your aren't a tissue paper that a guy can use you and then throw after using.
Dont let him make you a tissue paper!
Be a girl, not a tissue paper.
If he says " Ilove you baby , trust me. After getting close, i won't leave you. I'll marry you definitely." Then just say to him. We can get close after marriage. And i bet if he loves you truely he'll not force you to get into a physical relation with him. Dont let him use you. Dont allow him to get into a physical relation with you. I REPEAT BE A GIRL, NOT A TISSUE PAPER.❀ - ~(Not Every Guy Is Same)~ @sezuverma


πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ tag them...!!!

Tag them....!!!

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