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Most people don’t know this but I work overnights. When I tell people this they assume I’m a nurse 👩🏽‍⚕️. So last night I made a whole Insta story of what it’s like at my “day” at work. Watch it at @washpostlife. (P.S. we are hiring two reporters on my team!) 📷 @motus_compos

Anyone who knows me (or viewed one of my Instastories) knows I love happy hour. My phone case even says Rosé all Day. Some people may think I go to happy hours to just drink, but I go to network! Today on my blog I talk about how going to happy hours helped me land my current job and how they can help you elevate your career.
The link is in my bio! 📷 @crystalaegeanb

I believe we all can win but sometimes our coworkers try to prevent that from happening. They’ll try to take credit for your work or they might bad mouth you 😒. It’s never okay. I just wrote a blog post on how to deal with a shady coworker. The link is in my bio.
Remember you will never make yourself successful by tearing others down ✨. 📷 @crystalaegeanb

I got my internship at NBC News after I started talking to a guy at the ice cream truck. He ended up working for NBC & offered me a tour of the newsroom. I told the internship coordinator I was looking for a fall internship & a few weeks later I started. Check out my newest YouTube video on how I landed all my dream internships (including CNN). The link is in my bio.
Remember to stay focused and keep eating ice cream 🍦. 📷 @caffeinechaser

I didn’t have straight A’s in high school or play a sport. And my test scores definitely weren’t amazing. But I got over $50,000 in college scholarships and graduated debt-free. On my YouTube channel, I share my top surefire tips on how to get scholarships. 📹 These tips are for upcoming high school graduates AND current college students. The link is in my bio. Let me know if it’s helpful! 📷 @motus_compos

For many reasons, twentysomethings are encouraged to be a jack of all trades. But if you try to master everything, you’ll actually never master anything. Today on my blog I talk about the career mistakes a lot of young professionals make. The link is in my bio. Let me know your thoughts! 📷 @motus_compos

Sometimes you have to separate yourself to reattach yourself. It took me awhile to adjust to this new (crazy) work schedule and find balance again. But I’m back creating more dope content for Girl with Drive. Do you’ll ever need to take breaks to recharge yourself? 📷 @motus_compos

Today I wrote about the NYC Strippers Strike. I've been working on the story all week and I'm really proud by how it turned out. It was fascinating talking to the dancers in the industry.

And I'm so happy I finally got to put Cardi B in a story! Click on the link in my bio to read it.

So far I've meal prepped 6 meals for the week, steam cleaned my floors and practiced some calligraphy because I'm determined to have my holiday cards on fleek this year. 💁🏽 Have a happy and productive week everyone!

Really excited because tomorrow night I'll be speaking on a panel for a pre #ONA conference event called Landing the Job: Interviewing, Negotiating and Connecting in the Digital World.

It'll be at American University starting at 7pm! I'm ready to talk to some ambitious college journalists! Message me for details 💻

So so excited to be in NOLA this week for the National Association of Black Journalists Convention. I'll be speaking at my first journalism panel! And after I'll be gaining 10 pounds eating gumbo.

All I do is go to work, workout and keep my fridge fully stocked with rosè. I have finally found balance in life 🙌🏽.

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