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@erikahneger loves golf because it gives her the opportunity to travel all across the world and meet amazing people. Golf is such a challenging sport but with hard work, there’s no greater feeling in the world than playing a great round. She will always be working to get her game to the next level #girlsunderpar

@brooke_aviatrix coach is trying to get her to move to Queensland, and train every day. They had a discussion yesterday about “potential”. Every golfer goes through stages of self-doubt and abilities and she asked if she should slow her swing down. All he said was “it’s like those Ferrari’s that you buy, but you have to do a two week training course in Italy to understand its power. That’s you right now, that’s where you’re at.” #girlsunderpar

@the.real.ashley.smith loves golf because she can play with her family and friends or on her own. It’s also a sport she can continue to play throughout life. #girlsunderpar

@dalyas77 loves #golf because it allows her to combine her passions - photography 📸, the outdoors 🏔, and meeting new people 👭...what more can a girl ask for😍🏌️‍♀️#girlsunderpar

One of our girls has been selected to compete to be on the Maxim cover! ⚫️🔵🔴⚪️
This is huge! Head to her profile for the link to vote!

@jmeee_7 loves golf because it’s a new challenge with every shot and because of all the beautiful courses you get to play. #girlsunderpar

@knjulian’s ex-husband suggested they play together since it’s something they could do forever. She loved that. After they got divorced, she kept with it, and it really helped her get out of her own head as she worked through that situation. It’s a way for her to get outside, clear her head, and just feel totally happy. Plus SO MANY DUDES love to golf! So it gets her a lot of golf dates, and who wouldn’t love that?! #girlsunderpar

@chelsea.slacum loves golf because it allows you to take a healthy mental break from the hustle of everyday life and focus on the here and now 🏌️‍♀️#girlsunderpar

According to @justanothergolfbabe not just golf, but ALL sports bring together people who might otherwise never have had the pleasure of learning with/from each other, winning (or losing) together, or even meeting one another.
Everybody wants to be part of something, and golf is one of those things where everyone is welcome. I like that.
In fact, I like it so much I quit my job and launched my own company in the golf industry! #girlsunderpar

@golfenguillen loves golf because it is a constant reminder that no matter how great you hit a shot, you could have always hit a 10 yards longer or hit it at a better angle, you still have to hold your head up high and keep going. It’s not over until the ball is in the hole. Golf is a constant reminder that you always have room to improve yourself. #girlsunderpar

The countdown to summer is on for @sadiedewintondavies. Who else is tuning in their swing again? #girlsunderpar

A tale of two photos from @ellaay_carlson
1. A girl loving life
2. A girl who just 3 putted


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