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The countdown to summer is on for @sadiedewintondavies. Who else is tuning in their swing again? #girlsunderpar

A tale of two photos from @ellaay_carlson
1. A girl loving life
2. A girl who just 3 putted


@baileychambleegc’s entrance into golf was completely accidental. She played nearly every other sport (basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, swimming, track, dance, cheerleading) competitively growing up and thought golf was too slow-paced.

After playing on the varsity basketball team as a freshman in high school, the pain in both her knees was too much to bear. After a visit to the doctor, she was diagnosed with a rare degenerative cartilage disorder affecting both her knees. Doctors advised she give up the sports that required repeated trauma to her knees - i.e. running, jumping, pivoting - for long-term health and happiness.

She had knee surgeries at ages 14, 15 and 19 to reattach pieces of cartilage that had broken loose and to clean up scar tissue that had developed. After the surgery at 15, her father (a plus handicap in his youth) taught her to play golf. By her senior season in high school, she was offered a full ride (part athletic, part academic) to play Division-1 golf at Old Dominion University.
Fast-forward more than a decade later, and golf is the very fabric of her life, weaved into her very being. It taught her the meaning of hard work, integrity, perseverance and puts life into perspective - no matter what trouble you think you're in, you can always recover if you keep the right attitude. Golf has taken her to the most beautiful places around the world; introduced her to her husband and best friends; has provided her with a rewarding career; and is a lifelong game she can play with family.

It is genteel yet grueling. It allows you to be alone with your thoughts or surrounded by friends. It is something you can do for yourself or share with others. As a woman, it provides a level playing field against men.

Golf is a good walk and she is spoiled every time she gets to tee it up. #girlsunderpar

@jenny_kimm started playing golf in high school then played off and on ever since. “It's a very addicting and frustrating sport” #girlsunderpar

Golf started for @madison_blaire_seay around the age of 15. She had played basketball her entire life until high school started and wanted to try something different. Golf seemed like that “different”. She immediately fell in love with the game. What drew her into absolutely loving this game was the challenge of it. Everything about golf is different whether it being the course or the shot. She feels like she really found out a lot about herself as a person playing this game. Not only that, but she has gained so much from it. She’s traveled all over the country and been so blessed to have met so many different people through this game. Golf has been such an inspiration in her life ❤️ #girlsunderpar

For @april_leonard Golf has grown to a game that she loves! It allows her to travel and see beautiful places and meet beautiful people, She’s very blessed to be able to play. #girlsunderpar

You may recognise @kristinashalhoup from her weather segment in the Pacific Northwest but she’s a keen golfer as well! Her Dad got her started with it😊 he works in the golf business so she took the game up when she was a tiny kid! Her dad, brother, and her all play, and her mom just loves to walk the course,so it's definitely a family thing. #girlsunderpar

The dragon has been burning up the course 🐉 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 #girlsunderpar

@mo_brittt loves golf because it is a game of imperfection. It has taught her so much about herself, and that she can always improve her game. It takes not only physical strength, but mental strength to perform well, and that is the best kind of challenge. Golf has given her so many opportunities, and she is so fortunate to get to play this game. #girlsunderpar

Thanks for all of the #girlsunderpar love this year and congrats to my #2017bestnine. See you in #2018 with more great content xx. DM me if you want to share your story ♥️

@sadiedewintondavies loves how you can play a sport with great people for a full day and want to do it over and over again 😊 #girlsunderpar

@lulu.oo.1 has only played golf for 3 months and she loves it. It's a good opportunity to relax and focus on yourself and your goals. She was never that confident but golf shows her what she’s capable of and keeps her motivated. #girlsunderpar

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