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girlsnstilettos  Just doing my own thing 💃🏼🇺🇸 5’2”-cuz so many people ask Fit over 40

Today I’m hibernating! It’s so cold, I don’t want to leave the house, and I’m not. Lol This morning I did a great home workout, and have plenty to do around the house. Have a nice Monday y’all!
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What I wish I could wear outside today! I broke out my pretty cowgirl boots this morning, and I love the smell of leather 🥰The temps where I live are currently -6 degrees with the windchill, and it will be falling to -15 to -25 in the next 24 hours 🥶 I hope y’all stay warm today if you’re part of the Arctic blast we’re getting in the 🇺🇸 There are a couple awesome NFL playoff games today, I can’t wait to see who will meet for the Superbowl! 🏈

When it comes to lingerie, I like the basics, black, white, and red. But I also love pretty colors! Blues, pinks, purples too. They aren’t as common, but I think they are cute and fun to wear. Today I got out this purple lacy number (pasties over nipples for those who are wondering. Lol) It’s a snowy Saturday here, but I’m glad we aren’t getting a ton of snow like a lot of people are 😜

TGIF! January is more than halfway over.....I’m thinking positive 😆 Do y’all have vaca plans in the next few months? If so, where are you going?

The photos of me in the red bodysuit I took this morning after my leg & glute day at the gym 💪
I’ve made this into a bit of a throwback Thursday, adding photos (sorry for the poor quality, polaroids from many years ago) of my horse who nearly killed me at the age of 14. Something spooked her, she reared up very high and since I almost always rode bareback, I slid off her back. She then lost her balance fell on top of me. My right leg was bent out, and when she landed on me, it severely dislocated my right hip, broke three ribs, and other injuries. I was in the hospital for two weeks, couldn’t walk for another three months, and my hip has never been the same. It’s not stable like my left hip, so I’ve learned what to do and not do over the years not to aggravate it too much. All the Dr.s and nurses said I was very lucky it didn’t kill me or had internal injuries. This is so true, things can always be worse! We adapt and move forward, focusing on what we can do, not what we can’t do 🙌
I pretty much saved my horse when my dad bought her for me after the divorce. He didn’t want to spend much money, so I ended up with an unbroken, malnourished two year old. I had to break her myself at the age of 14, with no experience. Back then, I knew I wanted a unique name, not like the common names used, so I looked up Greek Mythology and named her Rhesus (of Thrace). I must have seen the white horse in a painting which was stolen from him. That’s what I named her, Rhesus😊

The sunshine is gone today, and the weather channel is tracking a potentially huge snow storm for this weekend hitting much of the Midwest and Northeast. I’m about to go buy some salt and limber up for snow shoveling 😂😅 Yes, I do all my own show shoveling. I don’t have a mile long driveway thankfully, but what I do have to shovel is a lot of work....great exercise at least. I could hire someone, but because I can do it, I do it 💪 Plus, I’m too impatient to wait around for someone to do it, cause they usually have tons of houses to do, and it can take them a very long time to make it over. Nope, I’ll clear the way myself and burn a lot of calories while I do it 😉

Happy Sunday y’all! It’s a gorgeous, sunny day here. Perfect for playing around with me taking me own photos. Who’s watching the NFL playoffs today, and if you are, who are you rooting for? 🏈.

Who loves garter belts? They take some skill getting the back ones attached to the right spot on the stockings, I hope you guys realize that! 😂 The beautiful sun is shining today and that’s my favorite time to play around with DIY photography. It does take a lot of practice to get decent photos when you are doing it all yourself. Being the model’, the photographer, knowing the angles, good lighting, etc. I’ve been so out of practice, but am slowly getting back into it again. Have a great weekend everyone!

Who isn’t thinking about Spring and warmer weather if you live in the cold!? It’s another day with the temps in the teens......brrrrrrr 🥶 The best way for me to deal with these months is by staying consistent with my workouts. It helps me deal with it better both physically, and mentally. It’s true, you’ll never regret a workout, especially when Winter is done 🙌

It’s a flannel kind of day, waiting for my car to be ready. Day two of a repair. It wouldn’t be as bad if it were warm out and I’d want to be outside. Currently trapped in my house 😜

I’m practicing DIY photography today, after a great workout at the gym. It’s a gloomy & rainy day here, which makes good lighting for photos very challenging. Does anyone else find January and February the hardest months to get through? Especially if you live in a colder climate. I don’t want hot all year long (been there, done that) Just not super long and cold Winters! 🥶 Four seasons are fine, as long as Winter is short 👍

Happy Sunday Y’all. I spend most of my time in the kitchen, and that’s where I keep my laptop too. For myself, I keep cooking simple. That’s how I prefer eating most of the time anyway 👍💪

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