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We’re breaking our #noscrollsunday rule to let you know that we’ll be participating on two panels tomorrow for Denver Startup Week! Claire will be at Denver Place at 10am for ”Women Bosses Share: The Business of Podcasting” and Joy will be at Woods Boss Brewing at 3:45pm for “Content Marketing for Podcasts: An Expert Panel.” Head to @denstartupweek profile for the full agenda and how to register for all the events this week!
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A reminder that following your dreams doesn’t always look like a big paycheck or winning awards or having public recognition... sometimes it looks like a small bucket of flowers. 🌸🌻🌼
Many of you know that when I (Claire) quit my corporate job at the beginning of the year, one of the things I went back to - in addition to coaching and freelance email marketing consulting - was floral design. I worked for a florist all through college and LOVED it, so it was a natural decision once I started to focus on bringing more joy into my life and job. As part of that, I decided I even wanted to try my hand at growing some flowers for local florists to use. We dug up our front yard and turned it into a micro flower farm, growing over 100 zinnia plants and over 80 dahlia bulbs. And I just delivered these beauties to a local florist this morning! It feels like magic to have watched seemingly lifeless brown tubers grow into these amazing blooms... a pretty good metaphor for bringing a dream to life, if you ask me.
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Episode 272 is here! If you couldn’t join us at @camptimeout this episode is the next best thing! Recorded live under the stars in the mountains of Colorado, we chat about our experiences at Camp and interview the amazing coaches who joined us for the weekend. Also Claire has a brush with death when a moth nearly flies in her ear ☠️ Available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or your fave podcast app!
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double unders remind me to not overthink things otherwise I end up a tangled mess 😋 #joyandclaire #girlsgonewod

OH HI 🤗 My human took me on a field trip to @redrocksco@redrocksamphitheater and it was so amazing. If you ever come to Colorado you should go here and take pictures like the one Scott took of my beautiful face 😭❤️😍 #JT #bestboy #ilovedogs🐶 #thatfacetho #joyandclaire #girlsgonewodpodcast #fallincolorado

Reminiscing about rainy spring days, wishing for a few rainy, or at least less-than-90-degrees fall days 🍂🍁Fall is my favorite season, and after this never-ending summer I’m even looking forward to a (hopefully) snowy Colorado winter... plus I’ve got a date in February with a baby girl that right now feels about 100 years away.
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Every once in a while, we like to re-introduce ourselves for the new faces (and maybe give some new info for the familiar faces too)! We’re Joy (tall, short hair) & Claire (short, longer hair), and we’ve been recording this podcast every week since June 2013. /
Joy is 41 (as of Monday! Happy late birthday!), and grew up in Mesa, AZ. She now lives in Denver with her husband, Scott, and her @ccicanine service dog, JT. She and JT work together as a behavioral health team at Kaiser. Joy is a Virgo, INFJ, her spirit animal is an eagle, and her favorite coffee drink is Sweet Bloom straight up at @saporcoffee. Her favorite GGW moments are meeting listeners in-person. /
Claire is 30, and grew up in Boulder, CO. She now lives in Longmont (about 45 min N of Denver) with her husband, Brandon, and 3-year old son, Miles. She is also 19 weeks pregnant with a baby girl, due in February. Formerly a marketing professional, she is now a part-time SAHM with about 5 side hustles. Claire is a Sagittarius, ESTP, 8 on the Enneagram (Joy doesn’t love the Enneagram test so don’t ask), her spirit animal is a bear, and her favorite coffee drink is iced lattes with coconut milk. Her favorite GGW moment is anytime someone emails to connect with her about postpartum depression, pregnancy loss, or body image. /
Thank you all for being here! Now your turn! Tell us something about you 👇👇 (your sign, Meyers Briggs, enneagram, and/or fave coffee drink?)
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Thursdays are our FAVORITE day! For over 5 years we’ve been looking forward Thursdays, because we love finding out what you guys connect to in our episodes each week. What’s your favorite GGW moment?
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Episode 271 is here! This week we are excited to be joined by Justin LoFranco, founder of @morningchalkup! From Justin’s past life working crazy hours on political campaigns in DC, to sitting at a picnic table with us at @camptimeout, we hear why Justin is passionate about communicating and connecting with the @crossfit community. We also discuss how the Morning Chalk Up broke the @crossfitgames changes, hear about the qualities that make up a true journalist, and talk about what it’s like doing burpees in the Congressional fitness center. Available on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or your fave podcast app 🎧
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Tomorrow on GGW PODCAST ➡️ Justin from the @morningchalkup 🙌🏼We had a very interesting and hilarious discussion at @camptimeout⛺️ Available tomorrow on your fav podcast app!! #girlsgonewodpodcast #morningchalkup #joyandclaire #itunespodcast #crossfitters

Where would the world be without your laugh, glitter, and giant heart? Forty one has literally NEVER looked so good, and today we all celebrate YOU!! #joyandclaire #girlsgonewod (photo by @lisahaefnerphoto for @thechestee)

Morgan from @crossfitfw stopped by for a WOD this morning!! I made everyone do 41 birthday burpees!! It’s my birthday you have to do what I say! 🎂💕🎈🎉 I love ya GGW family 🎂💕#joyandclaire #girlsgonewodpodcast

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