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Rebecca Woolf  blogger: 👩🏼‍💻writer/director @pansfilm, now crowdfunding! 🎬🚺💪 Link is ⬇️ and thank you for your support!

... we are all growing up ... (new post on GGC)

⚡️new @pansfilm reward update! support indie film + girl power + girl-powered-indie-film & snag this 8x10 print all at once. ⚡️ with massive thanks to @brimpapery for the ✨ lettering and @veronikadoeslife for the ✊️ words. ❤ (link in profile! thank you for being with us!)

found this on my phone. #Bo 🌱❤🖐🏻

We did it! We made our 80% going-into-the-weekend goal! THANK YOU ALL for pledging and supporting our angel 😇 pledge drive these last 24 hours! We are VERKLEMPT! To our 960 backers -- THANK YOU, all!! We are ten days away from the finish line and nearly 82% of the way there! Thank you for your support! Onward up the mountain we go! Thank you all so incredibly much!!! @pansfilm 🙏🤜❤🤛🙏

Pans Diary Day 18: Hi, everyone! Okay! SO! We have 11 days to raise 30k which is A LOT. But also, in 18 days we have raised 70k which is a LOT LOT. (Massive thanks to our 825 backers!! We love and appreciate you so much!) Today's big news is this: EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR we receive between now and 9am tomorrow morning will be MATCHED (up to 15k) by an angel in the outfield who "believes in this project and wants it to succeed." (Hooray because we do, too! We want to make this movie soooooooo baddddddd.) For the next 24 hours, $10 becomes $20, $50 becomes $100 and so on and so on. (I know I am really good at math.) ANYWAY!!! I come to you today with praying hands... I need your help, friends. I feel like Michelle Norris on NPR during a pledge drive but that's because I am the Rebecca Woolf @pansfilm version of her right now.
If you pledge five dollars to support our film, it will be worth double by morning. For $50, get cool stuff and make it $100!
We are at 70% funding, friends!! We can EASILY make that 80% by this time tomorrow morning. I BELIEVE!! And I thank you all for helping us get there! (PS. I took this photo of Bo launching through the air last December. It's been my screensaver/ #goals/#mood ever since.) #PansFilm #imwithheroines #thankyouthankyou🙏


Alright, DAY 17! Here we go... Posting the following from today's @pansfilm @kickstarter update: ...As of today we have a NEW limited edition tee (this time for adults) and it just so happens we're launching it AT THE EXACT MOMENT we need it most -- because sometimes OWNING the part of you that's fearless is the only way to untangle yourself from the fear.
Manifest. And so. Inspired by Pans' heroine, Wynne and her handmade sharpie'd NO APOLOGIES t-shirt (spoiler alert: she wears it in MY FAVORITE SCENE IN THE MOVIE) we are offering NO APOLOGIES tees for $65. These tees will be available for until May 24th and every dollar spent on them (minus shipping!) goes straight into the production of our film. Thank you, all, for your continued support. Twelve more days and I'll go back to posting business as usual. For now, though, thank you for your patience. Thank you for recognizing why this is so important to me. Thank you for believing and supporting and elevating this project. Thank you for being a part of @pansfilm . ❤

I just #VOTED and I voted with five kids in tow because voting is power. Voting is resistance. Get out there and do it if you haven't already. And don't forget to vote #NoOnC to keep LAPD accountable for their actions. (Charter Amendment C is an attempt by the L.A. police union to further reduce the likelihood that LAPD officers will be held accountable for their bad acts by changing the make-up of the “Board of Rights”—the disciplinary review board for LAPD officers—to include only the individuals found to be the most lenient towards officers.) I also stand with my kids' public school teachers in supporting Steve Zimmer for school board. Over and out. ✊️#LAVotes

Hey, friends! Today I have another @pansfilm call to action thanks to the brilliant, generous and ever-amazing @heysydneypark! ✨🦋✨ Thanks to our now 780 backers (THANK YOU!) we are currently 2/3 of the way funded (YES!) with 13 days to go! (Ahhhhhh!) So! If you are able to do so, please consider supporting @pansfilm and bringing "BELLE" to life! 💥#imwithheroines #foundgirls #pansfilm ❤🦋

Thanks for the memories, Minneapolis. 🙏💫

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